Cop (outfit)

This article refers to police uniforms. For police forces in the Grand Theft Auto series, see police.
Tommy Vercetti wearing the Cop in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

The Cop refers to recurring player outfits in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas fashioned as local police uniforms.


GTA Vice City

The Cop outfit in GTA Vice City is based on police uniforms of the Vice City Police Department, including a light brown shirt over a white T-shirt with a police badge and patches, brown pants with light brown stripes and a utility belt, and brown shoes. The uniform does not include additional police equipment seen on standard VCPD police officers, lacking a pistol on the holster as well as pouches; in addition, the pistol holster on the Cop is located on the right side, as opposed to holsters placed on the left on regular VCPD officers.

The Cop has an added perk that allows the player to freely venture into certain areas that would normally trigger the game to give the player a wanted level or prompt armed NPCs in the vicinity to open fire at the player. This includes the inner interiors of the Washington Beach Police Station, as well as the Fort Baxter Air Base. It should be noted, however, that whatever crimes committed within these areas, including vehicle theft, will attract police attention regardless, and the outfit does not give the player immunity from crimes committed elsewhere, nor does it grant immunity from soldiers at Fort Baxter Air Base attacking the player if provoked. Also, wearing the outfit when entering the management area of El Banco Corrupto Grande does not prevent the player from acquiring a four-star wanted level. Like other outfits in the game, changing into the outfit removes up to a two-star wanted level, even if the player is already wearing the outfit.

The Cop is first featured in "Cop Land", when the player character is instructed to obtain police uniforms for himself and Lance Vance to infiltrate a cordoned store under the player's protection and reactivate a bomb inside. Once the mission is complete, the clothing pickup for the Cop is made available within the locker area of the Washington Beach police station (to the left of the main lobby).

The Cop can also be optionally worn again during "No Escape?" as a disguise to enter the police station without drawing attention; however, instead of walking to a clothing pickup, the player is instructed to walk into the locker room's showers to wear it.

GTA San Andreas

Carl Johnson wearing the Cop in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The Cop outfit in GTA San Andreas is designed as the standard police uniform of the Los Santos Police Department, featuring a black shirt over a white shirt with a police badge and patches, black pants with a utility belt, and black shoes. The uniform does not include additional police equipment seen on standard LSPD police officers, lacking a pistol on the holster as well as additional pouches as the Cop only has two on the left side. The clothing model for the Cop is also identical to the Medic Uniform. As are other "Special" outfits, the player's watch, eyewear, necklace, and hat are still visible while donning the Cop, as the Cop is simply added over the player's top, pants and shoes, if any.

Like the Cop in GTA Vice City, the Cop is GTA San Andreas allows the player to venture into the interiors of police stations without incurring a wanted level and hostility from law enforcement in the vicinity. However, this effect does not apply to military bases (Easter Basin Naval Base and Area 69), and, strangely, garage areas of police stations. This might be because the police discourage stealing vehicles from impound garages. Dissimilar to GTA Vice City, changing into the outfit does not remove any wanted level.

The Cop is an unlockable reward that is only added to the player's wardrobe once the player raises the player character's relationship with Barbara Schternvart, a sheriff, to 100%.

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