Angel Bell

Angel Bell
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Angel Bell


Gender Gender::Female
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Main Affiliations Prattle (employer)
Occupation News reporter

Angel Bell is a character in the HD Universe who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Amanda Bell is, in 2013, a news reporter for Prattle.

News articles

Chad and Shanice call it quis.

After By the Book

Pop music super producer Chad Mulligan, famed as much for his lavish lifestyle, luxury car collection and outlandish ego as his musical innovations is being divorced by his wife Shanice, in a move that will surprise no one. Allegations of cheating have dogged Chad after he was caught in flagrante in the studio with pop starlet Lacey Jonas last year. Shanice who married Chad in 2008 was said to be livid as she could not stand the starlet's work. Chad's career in recent years has fallen on hard times as he has become more well known for his lifestyle than his musical output. Many pop acts including the Brothers Blue, Samantha Muldoon and Softly Softly Catchy Monkey have worked with him but the hits haved dried up. Now with a messy divorce ahead, his lawyers will be worried. Chad owns a collection of rare cars, along with two boats, eight homes, some exotic pets, a troupe of performing dwarfs, a ski lodge, an art collection, a wine collection, a watch collection and a collection of collections.

Poppy pops a few, gets behind wheels.

After Paparazzo - The Meltdown

Wasted behind the wheel? Is Poppy Mitchell a young girl spiraling dangerously out of control? We certainly hope so. Police arrested her for drunk driving earlier after a high-speed chase through the busy streets of Los Santos. For a self-proclaimed teetotal virgin, Poppy sure has done a lot of screwing and drinking this week. First an “entirely innocent” sex tape at the Gentry Manor Hotel, now an alcohol-fueled rampage through Vinewood. All-American girl, turned All-American sly, turned All-American nutjob. Don't worry, it's a well-trodden path, Poppy, and we'll hold your hand the whole way through it.