Paparazzo - The Sex Tape

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Paparazzo - The Sex Tape
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
Objective Agree to take photographs Poppy Mitchell having sex with Justin at the Gentry Manor Hotel for Beverly Felton.
Location West Vinewood, Los Santos
Fail Abandon Beverly Felton
Get caught by hotel security
Fail to keep the camera focused on Poppy Mitchell during the chase
Unlocks Paparazzo - The Partnership
Unlocked by Paparazzo

Paparazzo - The Sex Tape is a Strangers and Freaks mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by paparazzo Beverly Felton from an entrance to the Gentry Manor Hotel on Glory Way in West Vinewood, Los Santos.


Franklin Clinton meets paparazzo Beverly Felton on Glory Way in West Vinewood, having been asked to do so, with Beverly explaining that they are going to be taking photographs of Poppy Mitchell having sex. Franklin states that Poppy is "America's newest sweetheart" and does not believe Beverly but agrees to accompany him after being promised that it would be a big money shot. The two walk down the street and enter the hotel from a different entrance on West Eclipse Blvd. The two then quietly walk behind Maria, one of the hotels employees, as she talks to her child over the phone. They then turn down a different path and walk by a pool and, after walking around the corner, see Justin and Poppy Mitchell having anal sex.

Beverly hands his camera to Franklin, explaining that she knows him and promises to keep a look out while Franklin is to film the footage. Franklin then zooms in on the pair with the camera picking up Poppy admitting that she is only a virgin for the media and that she always washes herself, meaning that is does not count. She then explains that she does not plan to release a sex tape for three years, unless she is told to do so by her agent, Justin tells Poppy that he loves her and wants their relationship to go places, to be the "cutest teen couple", with Poppy admitting that they are only teenagers for marketing purposes. Shortly afterwards, Justin and Poppy notice Franklin recording them with Beverly running away after being spotted by security.

Franklin and Beverly run away, jumping down to the Glory Way entrance, before getting into Beverly's car and driving away, with Beverly driving. They then notice that Poppy and Justin are following them with Beverly telling Franklin to conitnue to filming the two. During the chase, Poppy states that they were exercising her quads and that they were practicing for a scene. Beverly, having driven around northern Los Santos with the two following them, decides to cut through a construction site where Justin loses control upon enter the site, flipping the car. Poppy attempts to follow Beverly but has to swerve to avoid crashing into a concrete pillar causing her to crash into some concrete pipes. Beverly drives out of the construction site and parks the car on the next road, explaining that if Franklin does not want to earn the money photographing and filming the celebrities, he won't meet him again.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Quick Dip Jump into the swimming pool while following Beverly.
Money Shot Achieve full facial recognition while being chased by Poppy Mitchell.

Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos
Five minutes and 22 seconds in