Lacey Jonas

Lacey Jonas
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Lacey Jonas
Aliases Emacy Jonas
Gender Gender::Female
Nationality American
Home Whispymound Dr in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos
Vehicles Surano
Occupation Actress
Voiced by Bridget Burke

Lacey Jonas is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a random character in Grand Theft Auto V. She is voiced by Bridget Burke.

Character history

Lacey Jonas is, in 2013, an actress described as an "All-American romcom starlet" on the "Sightseeing and Celebrity" section of the GTA V website and is the rival of Poppy Mitchell. She has exiled herself from her parents, spent millions of dollars in an attempt to lose her regional accent and developed anorexia. She believes that she is 'fat' and blames it on the French fries. According to Jonas, she would only suck on the French fries and spit them into a bucket, but she claims that even doing that would equate to 100 calories. The media satirise her over this, dubbing her 'Emacey Jonas' (a play on 'emaciated') and joke 'give that girl a sandwich'.

In 2010 her gynecologist published a book that went on to become the best selling book for both fiction and non-fiction for the year. She claims that one photograph of her can fetch a six-digit figure from media outlets, that she has so many fans she could "fill the entire country of Africa", and that one fan sent her their own penis in box. A news article by Prattle suggests that she has had an affair with music producer Chad Mulligan. In late 2013 she is hiding down an alleyway off Vinewood Blvd in Downtown Vinewood and asks for the help of Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa or Trevor Philips. She will ask the protagonist to drive her home and to lose, not kill, the pursuing paparazzi. When the protagonist loses the paparazzi, they drive her to her home on Whispymound Dr in Vinewood Hills complaining about being famous on the way.

Mission appearance


Legal case

In December 2013 rumours began that Lindsay Lohan was to sue Rockstar Games for "using her image" for Lacey Jonas without her permission. This lawsuit was filed in July 2014[1] with Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games later stating that they believed the lawsuit to be for publicity.[2]



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