Aspatria - Bedford Point Expressway

The Aspatria-Bedford Point expressway, as viewed to the south.

The Aspatria - Bedford Point Expressway is a fourth-lane freeway located on the west side of Staunton Island on Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It passes through the districts of Aspatria, Belleville Park and Bedford Point. Internal file names suggests that this road is based on the New York City´s Franklin D. Roosevelt East River Drive.

Exits and Entrances

The highway runs from the southwestern part of Aspatria, west of Belleville Park and part of Bedford Point. There are four exits/entrances in total.

1. South Aspatria/Bedford Point

The route from north to south of Staunton island starts at the southwest side of Aspatria, near the waterfront park, passing under the road connecting the Shoreside Lift Bridge by which also goes under. The first entry as well as one that is later in the west (southbound, but if it would be Bedford South Point north Aspatria serious now, would be to the east) is a two-lane road facing the Belleville Park, where no cars (on both exits/entrances is the same design but with a different location). The other way is located south of the neighborhood (Belleville park), while the share of travel to Bedford Point which is where the journey ends of the road, there are no more roads.

2. South Bedford Point/Aspatria

The route from south to north of Staunton Island is the same only now beginning from Bedford Point to Aspatria.