B Dup's Apartment

B Dup's apartment door inside an apartment block in Ganton.

B Dup's Apartment is the home of Mark "B Dup" Wayne located in Ganton, Los Santos. It was B Dup's former residence before he moved to his new home in Ballas territory after the Grove Street Families were disbanded in the mission Green Sabre. The apartment interior is seen during the mission Cleaning the Hood and the hallway is seeing in both Cleaning the Hood and Beat Down on B Dup. The apartment is not normally accessible but can be accessed through the use of cheats or modifications.

The apartment itself is rather small, as Carl Johnson is almost as tall as the ceiling. Random things from clothes to Burger Shot items is seen on the floor. There are posters everywhere and a little bed, the kitchen is also rather small. Outside the apartment graffiti is seen like OG X-Ballas SV and GSF.