Beat Down on B Dup

Beat Down on B Dup
Carl Johnson angrily throws Sweet's girlfriend out for attempting to convince him to smoke crack
Carl Johnson angrily throws Sweet's girlfriend out for attempting to convince him to smoke crack

Carl Johnson angrily throws Sweet's girlfriend out for attempting to convince him to smoke crack
Game GTA San Andreas
For Sweet
Target Glen Park
Location Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas
Reward Respect
Unlocks Grove 4 Life
Unlocked by Home Coming

Beat Down on B Dup is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, accessed independently by protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson under the inspiration of freshly paroled deuteragonist and Grove Street Families leader Sean "Sweet" Johnson, from The Johnson House, Ganton, Los Santos.


Carl drops by his own house and sees Sweet about to smoke crack under the influence of a crack whore. Drugs have destroyed the Grove Street Families, as he says, leaving him under the impression that it wouldn't matter if he were ruined as well. Carl convinces Sweet not to do it and the crack whore tells him that he will have to deal with ex-Grove drug dealer Mark "B-Dup" Wayne. Infuriated, Carl throws the crack whore out, saying he'll deal with him right now. Carl and Sweet head over to Dup's house in Ganton.

A basehead sitting besides the door informs them that Dup no longer lives there and has moved to Glen Park, which is once again Kilo Tray Ballas territory. Carl and Sweet head to Glen Park, start a gang war and successfully take it over. They then kill Dup's guards and head inside.

Upon entering Dup's house, they find Dup, who claims that he was threatened and had no choice and claims that the order came from gang defaulter Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris, now paranoid about competition and hidden away. Dup says that only Smoke's trusted lieutenants know where he's hiding. After Sweet threatens to kill him anyway, Dup calls his "crackslave" Barry "Big Bear" Thorne and orders him to kill both Sweet and Carl. Bear angrily tells Dup that he's tired of feeding on drugs like a mistreated servant and punches Dup. He asks Carl if he can rejoin the Grove Street Families. They agree and Sweet then takes Bear to rehab in a white Infernus while Glen Park now belongs to Grove Street.


(Sweet is inside The Johnson House with a crack whore.)

Crack Whore: Just a little bit of party. I heard you was down. So I gotta gift from B Dup.

Sweet: Come on now, I can't do that.

Crack Whore: C'mon, Sweet, come on - make sure you enjoy this. This is a rich man's high. All the players are doing it. I know you're gonna enjoy this. It takes the pain away...

Sweet: Oh, yeah?

(Sweet nearly lights a drug pipe as Carl arrives.)

CJ: Oh, what the hell you doin'?!

Sweet: (throws it to the table) Shit. Man, everything is 'caine, 'caine, 'caine. Man, I just wanna see what's so good.

CJ: What's wrong with you, man?

Sweet: Man, this shit already destroyed the whole 'hood. I... I might as well let it destroy me, too.

CJ: Man, you don't need that shit, Sweet.

Sweet: What do you know about this? THIS is what it boils down to now.

Crack Whore: Come on, Sweet. Toke the smoke.

CJ: (pushes away the crack whore) Hey, man, that shit'll steal your heart. You can't see that? This bitch talks nice to you and this is what you do?

Sweet: Aw, fuck this!

Crack Whore: You're going to have to deal with B Dup.

CJ: What? B DUP? (roughly brushes the crack whore out of the house) We can handle that shit right now. Get your ass outta here. Bitch!

(Sweet and Carl are on the way towards B Dup's house.)

CJ: What were you thinking back there, bro?

Sweet: I'm tired, man, I'm real tired. Tired of putting the work in and still shit don't get better. Tired of seeing my family fall apart.

CJ: Sweet, man, you got more heart than that. Sure things are screwed up now, but we fittin' to take a corner, man. The day is coming when the Johnson family will be at the top. And it's coming real soon.

(Sweet and Carl are outside B Dup's house, where only a basehead is sitting.)

CJ: Hey, B Dup! Open up!

Sweet: B Dup!

CJ: Hey, open the door, punk!

Basehead: Yo', Dup ain't here. Moved out a while back.

Sweet: (grabs the basehead by the collar) Where'd he go, dickhead?

Basehead: Yo' yo' yo', you're messing up a cat's colors, dude!

Sweet: Speak up, fool!

Basehead: Yo', I got something, a little something, just what you need... (tries to show Sweet a pack of cocaine from his pocket, but in retaliation, Sweet points a gun at him)

Sweet: I don't want none of that shit! I oughta split your wig right now!

Basehead: No, no, no! No! NO! NO!

CJ: Sweet, no, you trippin', you trippin', man - c'mon, put the gun down! He a basehead, man!

Sweet: Shit. He wearing Family colors, that's supposed to make him somebody.

CJ: (calms Sweet and turns to the basehead) Look, fool, tell us where B Dup is, and we outta here.

Basehead: He lives over Glen Park way - his boy always there, give a cat what he needs.

Sweet: You're lucky.

(Sweet and Carl are outside, driving towards Glen Park.)

CJ: Oh man, Glen Park!

Sweet: Heart of Kilo Trays country.

CJ: Fuck it, I'm down, And that fool had it coming too long. We'll take the whole neighborhood apart.

Sweet: Yeah, let's roll! (when they arrive at Glen Park) Hit these Ballas hard!

CJ: Johnson boys rollin' through!

(The neighborhood is finally taken over. The scene switches to some Ballas guards outside Dup's house.)

Sweet: Okay, the neighborhood's sewed up now.

CJ: No sign of B Dup though, dog.

Sweet: Check that place over there.

(Sweet and Carl make it inside B Dup's house after killing the guards.)

Sweet: (grabs Dup) Say something!

B Dup: Hey, hey, no! I had no choice. I was threatened! Shit came from the boss, homie!

CJ: Pop this mother-fucker, man. I'm tired of hearing his bullshit.

B Dup: No, man! I'm sorry, dog - Smoke's fuckin' crazy. He's paranoid - just sits in the house, thinking other fools want his business!

Sweet: Where's Smoke?

B Dup: I can't tell you that.

Sweet: Then I'll snatch your fucking tongue out!

B Dup: Man, I ain't saying nothing, homie, 'cause I don't know! Only his lieutenants know where he's at!

Sweet: (throws away Dup to the ground) I oughta wet your shirt anyway!

B Dup: (calls out in despair) Bear! Hey, Bear! Get the fuck out here!

Big Bear: (enters) What's up, your lordship?

B Dup: Kill these mother-fuckers and I'll give you a whole quarter sack. Now handle that. (sees Bear simply loking at Sweet and Carl) Shoot them! What the fuck is wrong with you? You ain't hear what the fuck I said?

Big Bear: (turns to Dup and starts pushing him backwards) I'm tired of smoking, I'm tired of crack and I'm tired of doing your fucking housework. (puches him down to the floor) I'm free!

B Dup: Oh, shit! Man, what the fuck you do that for, man?

Big Bear: (turns to Sweet and Carl) CJ, man, c'mon, put me back on the team. Gimme twenty bucks, and I'm all yours, man. Blast from the past.

CJ: Hey, let's take a ride, homie - I'm gonna shoot you somewhere you're gonna enjoy.

(Sweet, Bear and Carl are outside Dup's house.)

Sweet: (exchanging a hug with Carl) I got Bear's back, man.

CJ: A'ight. I'll see you in a minute, Bear!

Big Bear: Where we going, Sweet?

Sweet: Someplace where we can get old Bear back!

Big Bear: A'ight. I'm down for that... (speeds away with Sweet)


Upon completing this mission the player is rewarded with respect and the mission Grove 4 Life is unlocked.


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