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The Introduction is a roughly twenty minute video, created with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' video engine, that details how events in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City led to events in GTA San Andreas. It was available with the North American PS2 Special Edition of GTA San Andreas or the official soundtrack double CD. It is set in early 1992. The video ends directly at the beginning of GTA San Andreas, when Carl arrives in San Andreas after hearing the news that his mom has died.

Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski

The video features a scene that depicts Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, who had just came from a meeting with Big Smoke and the Ballas, begin discussing Jimmy Hernandez' assignment with them, and the threat Ralph Pendelbury poses. In a later scene, Tenpenny is overheard verbally harassing an unknown person on the phone. When they go to pick up Hernandez, he appears to be a good, straight cop, and Tenpenny is particularly hard on him. In the last scene featuring this trio, Pulaski is kicking a downed officer, obviously Pendelbury. Tenpenny hands a pistol to Hernandez and tells him, "You cap him or I cap you." Hernandez shoots and kills the downed officer.

Mike Toreno

Another scene features T-Bone Mendez and Mike Toreno (who is sitting on a parked ZR-350), focusing on Mendez beating an unidentified person to death against a container crate. Toreno discusses with Mendez prospects of a "buyer down in Los Santos."

Ken Rosenberg

A later thread of scenes documents Ken Rosenberg's path from Vice City to San Andreas. The first scene depicts Johnny Sindacco proposing to Salvatore Leone a three-way split between the Sindacco Family, the Leone Family, and the Forelli Family of a new casino, with Salvatore's five million dollar investment managed by the Sindaccos. Salvatore isn't pleased with the terms of this offer, and names his own terms; he gets control of the books. He then suggests to Johnny that he would be pleased with a "neutral" third-party to manage things, and tells Johnny to get rid of their guy to prove the value of his involvement.

The next scene shows Ken Rosenberg walking out of the Fort Carson Medical Center, talking to himself about being sober, being disbarred from practicing law, needing a job, and needing a ride. Later, Ken tries to call Tommy Vercetti from a pay phone, and reveals that he is avoiding Ken's calls.

Two Sindacco Family goons burying Mickey in the desert.

The following scene depicts two anonymous Sindacco Family thugs digging a hole for the body of Mickey and burying it, while discussing the rumor that the Leone family is lending their bosses some money. This scene is the reason for the famous "Mass Grave" myth within the game. The next scene shows Johnny Sindacco walking into Salvatore Leone's office to tell him they've gotten rid of their guy. Salvatore suggests a lawyer he's heard about that just got out of rehab; he used to work for the Forellis in Florida.

The final scene in this thread depicts Salvatore barging into Ken Rosenberg's office, demanding to know why Ken hasn't worked harder to earn his investment back. Salvatore implies that he got this job for Ken so that he could be his man.

Kent Paul and Maccer

Another scene features Kent Paul and Maccer in a recording studio in England. Their cryptic conversation consists of becoming owner of a band, buying Maccer out of his contract, and Maccer's excitement over going to America.

CJ and Sweet

The main thread of scenes in the video, focusing on CJ and the members of gangs in Los Santos, begins with three Ballas members smoking a joint in an alley, talking trash about Grove Street Families, and discussing their planned murder of Sweet.

The next scene shows Big Smoke and Ryder in a house, having a cryptic conversation about "destiny" and "choices". The scene that follows features Sweet, Big Smoke, OG Loc, and some other Grove Street Members shooting craps on the sidewalk. Smoke is warning Sweet that "standing by our principles" may be the reason they're "losing the streets". Loc explains that he's a "Gangsta Rapper", and asks them to stop calling him Jeffrey. Smoke and Sweet tell him he should avoid a life like theirs and go to college, "Make something of yourself". Smoke asks Sweet if he's heard from his brother CJ, and Sweet explains that they're not speaking.

The following scene shows CJ in Liberty City, attempting to steal cars parked on the side of the road until he pulls a man out of his stopped car and steals it. He then speaks on the phone to Joey Leone, and asks where to take the car, as he needs to get it off the street soon. There is a quick cut-scene of a green Sabre pulling out of a garage, then the next scene depicts CJ mugging a man in an alley.

There is another shot of a green Sabre cruising down a road in Ganton, then the final scene features the Sabre driving down the street Sweet's house is on, and then gunfire coming from the car, riddling Sweet's mother's house with bullets. As the car drives away, Sweet rushes into the house, then back out to stop Kendl Johnson, who was just about to enter. As Kendl weeps on the steps of the porch, Sweet calls CJ to tell him that his mother Beverly is dead.

The first mission of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas continues the storyline from this point on.


Los Santos

(Walking out of a house towards the police car.)

Frank Tenpenny: I knew that fat fuck would see it our way.

Eddie Pulaski: Yeah, always do, once they understand the choices we're offering. Say Frank, what the hell we gonna do about this Hernandez coming on board with us?

Frank Tenpenny: Exactly the same thing as last time. He's either gonna play our way, or he's gonna have a problem like that oversized asshole back there. Look, I ain't worried about that, Pulaski, Pendelbury is more of a concern. If he does what he's threatening, then shit's about to get real interesting.

Eddie Pulaski: Yeah. Hey Frank, how about passing me a Smoke?

(They drive off.)

(Cuts to some Balla's smoking in a driveway.)

Balla 1: Hey, lemme hit some of that, homie.

Balla 2: For sure, homie.

Balla 1: Man, what's this cess bullshit? Man, you ain't got nothing real to Smoke?

Balla 2: That ain't cess, homie. That's that hydro.

Balla 1: Man, whatever!

Balla 2: Man, you sure about this thing?

Balla 1: Man, I'm telling you, dude, Grove Street's gone to shit, man. They done.

Balla 2: But we copping off of one of they O.G.s man. You sure this is cool, or this some kinda trap?

Balla 1: Be cool, man. And if anyone tries shit...

(Pulls out his gun.)

Balla 1: We blast 'em.

Balla 2: For sure.

Balla 1: Man, Grove Street ain't even no real gang no more, homie. They perpetrators, now they even know it. Shit changes. And this shit...

(Pulls out drugs.)

Balla 1: Changes everybody, man. Even O.G.s want a slice of this... And loyal customers.

Balla 2: Guess you're right. That shit changes everything, don't it.

Balla 1: For sure. Let's bounce, homie.

(Cut to inside Ryder's house. Ryder is ironing.)

Ryder: The way I see it, man, I need to be in charge of my destiny, homie.

Big Smoke: This way you will be, homie. This is all about destiny. You know I got your back, right homie?

Ryder: Cool. How my shit look, fool?

Big Smoke: Yeah, yeah, it's cool. Now, the way I see it is that we don't have a choice. Ain't nothing to feel bad about. You put a gun to a brother's head, brother's gonna do what he's told, no matter if he's a fool or a wise man. You don't want a bullet in the brain, but if you can make it work and make some benjamins while you at it, then that's cool.

Ryder: It's gonna take more than a bullet in the head to stop me.

Big Smoke: I don't doubt that, homie.

San Fierro

(In an abandoned lot.)

(T-Bone Mendez is beating the crap out of some guy.)

T-Bone Mendez: You gonna tell me right now, homie. Tell me! You better tell me what I want to know.

Mike Toreno: Hey Mendez!

(T-Bone Mendez stops.)

Mike Toreno: Come on, enough.

T-Bone Mendez: Punk ass. I think this vato's a fucking rat, ese. I can smell it on him.

Mike Toreno: I think that's something else we can smell. He ain't going to talk now.

T-Bone Mendez: So what do we do now, holmes?

Mike Toreno: I think I got us a buyer down in Los Santos.

T-Bone Mendez: Por cuanto, holmes? How much?

Mike Toreno: Not sure, yet. But they're talking big. Up to a hundred K's a month, low risk.

(Mike Toreno's phone rings, he answers and T-bone goes back to work on the guy.)

Mike Toreno: Hello. Yeah. Yes. Yes, you read it correctly. Well, I'm sorry it seems that way to you. Yeah. No. Yes. It's unconventional, yes. T-Bone Mendez: (Talking to half dead guy) Come on. Get off me, man.

Mike Toreno: (Still on phone) Well, when did your methods ever get results? When? Hey, I know people who are dead because of you, so don't mess with me on this one, okay? It's vital that it goes ahead. History will understand. (Quietly) I've done a lot of work, they trust me now. Yeah. No, you can't play with shit and not get dirty. Everybody knows that. Even you, okay? Now look, I gotta go. I gotta go.

(Back to T-Bone Mendez who is still beating this guy.)

Mike Toreno: Mendez! Now listen. That was a buyer. We gotta step up production. We're not thinking big enough here, okay? My connections in Panama can get is all the product we need, untouched! But you've got to arrange the market. So why don't you stop dancing with your boyfriend here and get on it, alright? Huh?

T-Bone Mendez: Man, fuck it, man.

(Mike Toreno leaves.)

T-Bone Mendez: I'm gonna get this piece of shit outta here. (To the now dead guy) You weigh a lot for a fucking dead body, man.

(Back in Los Santos.)

(Some Grove Street members are playing craps.)

Sweet: Baby needs diapers!

(Rolls dice.)

All Together: Oh!

Sweet: Shit!

Big Smoke: Hey, fool, we losing the streets, man.

Sweet: Nah. We just standing by our principles, homie.

Big Smoke: But our principles are making us bitches, man. Every day, Ballas get stronger, and you and I get weaker. You and I get poorer, man!

Sweet: Man, that shit'll blow over. It always does.

Big Smoke: Oh whatever, man!

(Jeffrey, OG Loc walks right into the game.)

OG Loc: Man, whoever heard of a gangster rapper called Jeffrey, man?

Big Smoke: Hey Jeffrey, man, you're messing up the game, man!

OG Loc: OG Loc! Now that's a gangster name, man. Like Sweet, or Big Smoke.

Big Smoke: Jeffrey, you ain't no gangster.

Sweet: Man, you ain't never put in no work for the set. You a friend, but you ain't no gangster.

OG Loc: Man, I'm for real, homie. For real!

Sweet: Okay, cool! Now kick rocks, you messin' up my game.

OG Loc: You know what? I'm gonna prove to y'all how real I am. Watch me!

Sweet: Jeffrey, go to college, man! Make something of yourself. Me and the fat man, we messed our lives up. We fucked up in the game, man. We products of the environment. Don't be a idiot, man. Make us proud. Do shit different, baby.

OG Loc: But I'm a gangster rapper! It's my calling, homie!

Big Smoke: Look man, do whatever you want, but get the fuck outta here.

Sweet: (Laughing) No, man, go be a gangster someplace else, baby.

OG Loc: (Walking away) Forget y'all!

Big Smoke: (To Sweet) This ain't a playground craze, man. This is the biggest money-making opportunity that guys like us will ever see.

Sweet: I got all the shit I need. Man, I thought we was in this for the hood, not destroying the family, man. This Grove Street, nigga. Roll the dice!

Big Smoke: Talking of holding families together, you heard from CJ lately?

Sweet: We ain't speaking. He got his own life. More than he deserves.

Big Smoke: What-- what-- what, Brian been dead, what, five years now?

Sweet: Yeah, CJ have five years when he should have been dead. Man, I lost two brothers, man. One got killed and one showed himself, old perpetratin' ass bitch.

Big Smoke: You real gangsta, man, but you gotta lighten up. See, CJ, he's...

Sweet: CJ running 'round like a fool on the east coast. He can rot in hell for all I give a fuck.

Liberty City

(Red Light District. Carl Johnson, (CJ) is walking around to various cars trying to get into them, but they are locked.)

CJ: Damn, Shit!

(A car stops at a red light right next to CJ. He heads over to the driver side door. Opens it quickly.)

(CJ lands a quick punch.)

Driver: Oh!

CJ: Get out of the car!

(Throws the driver to the street.)

Driver: What the...

CJ: Out! Now!

(Gets in the car and peels out.)

(Now driving towards St. Marks area talking on a cell phone.)

CJ: Yo. Hey, wassup, man? It's CJ. Yeah. I hear you. I never knew my dad, but my brother used to make my life miserable. yeah, well, that's what family for. Anyway, I got that thing you wanted. Want me to shoot it by the garage? No, no. I gotta get this thing off the street, man. It's way hot. All right, cool. Later.

(Hangs up.)

(Cut to Salvatore Leone's office in his house in St. Marks.)

Salvatore Leone: So, Johnny, you want five million dollars of my money?

Johnny Sindacco: I want to help you make a fortune, Mr. Leone. My father wants to unite our organizations.

Salvatore Leone: The Sindaccos and the Leones? That's impossible. That's been impossible since your associates whacked my cousin. Hey, you know me. Business is business. The personal stuff is nonsense. I'd like to see a way past this bullshit. Now where were we?

Johnny Sindacco: Uh, you was... Seeing a way past this?

Salvatore Leone: No, I was saying I'd like to, and you were asking me for five million dollars. So, let me understand it. I go in on your casino, take a third stake alone with your organization, and the Forelli's, then I let you guys manage my investment for me?

Johnny Sindacco: Bingo!

Salvatore Leone: Yeah. Yeah. You must really think my mother, God rest her soul, fucked an idiot instead of my father. Are you calling my mother an idiot who goes with morons?

(One of Salvatore's bodyguards stands up and gets close to Johnny Sindacco. Johnny gets up.)

Johnny Sindacco: No, of course not, Mr. Leone. I'm only making an offer. Clearly, I misinterpreted your intentions here. Look, I humbly apologize. Forgive me.

(Salvatore stands up, mad.)

Salvatore Leone: Sit down or I'll slit your throat myself!

(Johnny Sindacco sits.)

Salvatore Leone: You little cocksucker. Ever since Sonny Forelli got himself pasted all over Florida, you think you run things in this town. You show me no respect. You insult my family. Your father? He ain't fit to wipe my ass. I'd fuck an elephant before I'd fuck your mother. How does that feel?

Johnny Sindacco: Mr. Leone, I think you're just misunderstanding...

Salvatore Leone: Hey, you're a good kid. Me, I'm just an old fool. What do I know? Nothing, really. Actually, less than nothing. You can have the money.

Johnny Sindacco: We can?

Salvatore Leone: If you give me control of the books.

Johnny Sindacco: Yeah, you see, we can't do that, Mister Leone.

Salvatore Leone: Then, I meant it. Your mother's a fucking transvestite. I got an idea. What about a third party? An independent guy. He runs the place, and together we run him.

Johnny Sindacco: We can't do that, Mr. Leone. We got our guy in there already.

Salvatore Leone: Get rid of him. Show me exactly how much you want my organization's involvement.

Las Venturas

(Outside of the Fort Carson Medical Center.)

(Ken Rosenberg walks out of the building, talking to himself.)

Ken Rosenberg: I don't need a bump. I don't need a bump. I don't need a bump. Coke is for the weak. Coke is for the weak. I am strong. I am strong! Winners win and losers hit the rails and nail hookers. I am in control of my own destiny! (sighs) I need a job. I've been disbarred from the law. But I'm in control. I've done it. I'm clean! I'm cleaner than a new toilet seat. I don't need a bump! Ha! Ha! Ha... (starts to hitchhike) I could use a ride. Ah, this sucks.

Los Santos

(Frank Tenpenny is on a cell phone outside a donut shop leaning on their police car.)

Frank Tenpenny: Listen to me, son. I don't give a fuck about you, I don't give a fuck about your principles, I don't give a fuck about your friends. People who get in my way get fucked with. Now, you got paid. You took the money.

(Eddie Pulaski comes toward the car from the donut place.)

Frank Tenpenny: I'm trying to set you up for life here, boy, and you're inadequate. You're no use to me at all, boy. Maybe I should kill you instead? (To Eddie) Eddie, organize a hit squad.

Eddie Pulaski: Not a problem.

Frank Tenpenny: (Back into the phone) You hear that? You feelin' me here? You about to wake up with your head fifty feet away from your body, son. Do what we agreed.

(Oh, you think you can put one over on me? Do you? I don't think so. So do it! This week!)

(Hangs up the phone.)

Eddie Pulaski: All good, pal?

Frank Tenpenny: Pal? I'm your superior officer and don't you forget that shit! But yeah, all good.

Eddie Pulaski: So is he gonna do it?

Frank Tenpenny: Didn't I say it's all good?

(They get into the car.)

Eddie Pulaski: So we gonna go get the kid?

Frank Tenpenny: Yeah. Let's initiate the little bastard onto the force.

(Cuts to a Slow shot following a green Sabre out of a garage.)

(Then cuts back to Ken Rosenberg at a payphone in Las Venturas.)

Ken: Ah, yes. Tommy Vercetti, please. Tell him Ken Rosenberg called. Ken Rosenberg. You haven't heard of me? Who are you? Ken Rosenberg. Ro-sen-berg! Oh! Oh really? You told him I called? Look, I made that ingrate, and now he won't take my calls? Just put him on the phone right now! Hello? Hello? Damn it!

(Hangs up.)

Salford, England

(Cuts to Kent Paul hanging up a phone, they are in a recording studio.)

Paul: I got the signature! I am now the proud and legal manager of The Gurning Chimps. (To Maccer) You're mine, Maccer, son. You're mine. Fifty grand it cost me to buy you out of your contract. You're like a race horse or a great little sloshpot. Guaranteed banker. This time, my son, this time!

Maccer: Fucking great, kiddo. Bowing in! Give us a hug! Paul: Come here!

(They hug.)

Maccer: I love you, lad. I love you. (Still hugging) I've never felt like this before. Paul: Fantastic, son. A bit of emotion never hurt no one. (Still hugging) Err, great.

(Paul lets go, Maccer still hugging.)

Paul: Yeah, let me go now. You're sweating.

Maccer: Wow! These doves are blinding. I'm rushing me cock off!

Paul: How many have you done, then?

Maccer: Nineteen. Come on! Give it some! you got any B, Pablo?

Paul: No!

(Maccer walks away.)

Paul: (Quietly) Fifty grand for this northern prick.

Maccer: America! America! I can't fucking wait!

Liberty City

(CJ walking down an alley in the red light district. A man walks by him going the other direction. CJ quickly turns around, pulls out a pistol and shoves the man against the wall.)

CJ: Give me your fucking money!

Man: All right, man. All right, man.

(Gives CJ his wallet.)

Man: Here, man. Here, man, take it.

(CJ takes the wallet.)

CJ: Yeah.

Man: Come on, man, just don't shoot me.

(CJ hits the man in the head with the pistol, walks away.)

CJ: Punk ass motherfucker!

(Scene cuts to the desert of San Andreas. Two men are digging.)

Man 1: Hey, how's your woman?

Man 2: She's a ball buster. Ever since we moved to Venturas, all she wants to do... Spend, spend, spend. For Christ sakes, I got better luck on the tables.

Man 1: Yeah, I hear you. Hey, give me a hand with this guy, will you?

Man 2: Yeah.

(The digging stops, Man 1 walks over to a body on the ground.)

Man 2: I mean, why'd we whack Mickey anyhow? He was a standup guy.

Man 1: I dunno, something about money.

Man 2: Oh man.

(Getting out of the hole.)

Man 2: What, he was on the take?

Man 1: Nah, he was kosher. A little too kosher.

(They pick up the body.)

Man 1: That's why he had to go.

Man 2: Oh, I get it.

Man 1: Yeah, he was declaring too much money, so we gotta get a new guy in. You know, I hear the Leones are lending the bosses some money.

Man 2: The Leones?

(They put down the body on the ground.)

Man 1: Yeah.

Man 2: Get the fuck outta here. We hate the Leones.

Man 1: I know. That's what I said to Johnny, but he said they needed the money.

(They kick the body into the hole.)

Man 2: Buona notte,dirtball.

Man 1: So, Mickey gets capped, so we get a new guy in, who everybody bullies. Then, when he misbehaves...

Man 2: We dig another hole.

(Goes to get the shovel.)

Man 1: Exactly. Hey, you hear about Bobby back east?

Man 2: No, what?

Man 1: He's gone queer. Can you believe that shit?

Man 2: Oh Mother of Christ Almighty, I've seen everything!

Man 1: Minchia!

(Man 2 starts to cover up the body with dirt.)

(Cut to Salvatore's office in St. Marks.)

(Johnny Sindacco walks in.)

Johnny Sindacco: So, we got a vacancy. We kept our end of the bargain.

Salvatore Leone: Then I guess we're on. You want something to drink?

Johnny Sindacco: No, no, I'm good, thank you. So who's gonna run this casino for us?

Salvatore Leone: Hey, we're gonna need a real idiot. A guy we can all push around. There's this lawyer, used to work for the Forelli's down in Florida. I heard he's sniffing around for a job. Just got out of rehab or something.

Johnny Sindacco: Yeah, that'll work.

Salvatore Leone: I'll make a call.

Johnny Sindacco: Great.

Salvatore Leone: Hey...

(They shake hands.)

Salvatore Leone: Don't fuck this up, kid.

(Cuts to another slow shot of the green Sabre driving through an alley.)

(Goes to Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski in their police car parked outside the Los Santos PD.)

(Officer Hernandez walks up to the car.)

Eddie Pulaski: So you're the new kid, huh?

Officer Hernandez: Yeah, been working on the streets three years though, and I realize there is only one kind of crime in Los Santos... Gang crime. That's why I joined CRASH.

Eddie Pulaski: Get in the car, kid.

(Officer Hernandez gets in the back, they start to drive.)

Officer Hernandez: I was called in on this domestic dispute case once. You got this young kid, okay? Can't be more than twenty years old, beating up his wife. So I figure, easy, right? No man hits a woman. Well, it turns out this woman spends all day freebasing and nearly let their kid starve to death. All right, so what do I do? I could take this guy in, and leave a little kid with a drug-addict mother, or I let a guy off with beating up his wife. I mean, it's difficult out there.

Frank Tenpenny: Domestic violence?

Officer Hernandez: Yeah, yeah. Serious stuff, man.

Frank Tenpenny: Yeah, I'm sure. Eddie, pull over.

(They pull over.)

Frank Tenpenny: Well, I deal with drug dealers, gang bangers and psychotics, all of them chasing after a lot of money, none of them scared to kill me, you, or all our families, if they think it will help them. Now this is a bit more serious than a domestic dispute, pal.

Officer Hernandez: I didn't mean anything by it. I was just---

Frank Tenpenny: I'm not really interested in what you meant to say. See, what you said was you found a woman on drugs a difficult situation. Now how the hell am I supposed to trust you if you're so easily confused?

Officer Hernandez: Look, I'm a good cop.

Frank Tenpenny: This ain't about being a good cop, Pepe.

Eddie Pulaski: It's about taking control of the streets from the fucking savages who've got it now!

Officer Hernandez: I know!

Frank Tenpenny: Then you'll do what it takes?

Officer Hernandez: Yeah, whatever it takes!

Frank Tenpenny: 'Cause this is a game of percentages, 24/7, 365. We're just trying to screw as many bad guys as we can.

Officer Hernandez: Yeah, I know.

Frank Tenpenny: That means letting some bad guys get away with things.

Eddie Pulaski: And sometimes it means doing shit that you ain't proud of, because you're strong enough and smart enough to understand the bigger picture.

Officer Hernandez: Look, I know.

Frank Tenpenny: You don't know shit. Get the fuck out of the car, ese.

(Officer Hernandez gets out.)

(Cuts to another shot of the green Sabre driving down the street in Ganton.

(Cuts to Las Venturas, inside the Caligula's Palace casino office.)

(Ken Rosenberg is sitting at the desk. Suddenly, Salvatore Leone walks in with a bodyguard, angry.)

Salvatore Leone: Are you enjoying yourself, huh?

(Ken is getting up.)

Ken Rosenberg: N-no! I just-- you know, just getting a feel for the place.

Salvatore Leone: So this is the way it is. You're sitting here already, having a good time. Me, five million in the hole to the Sindacco's, and you not doing a thing about it? Huh?

Ken Rosenberg: No, not at all. I spoke with Johnny. He explained everything.

Salvatore Leone: Oh, you spoke with Johnny?

Ken Rosenberg: Yeah, he came by--

Salvatore Leone: You spoke with him, huh?

Ken Rosenberg: Yeah!

Salvatore Leone: Did you suck him off as well, you little fucking weasel? You're my man, not his! I got a good mind to end this here and now, you Judas, you rat!

Ken Rosenberg: Come on, sir! I thought that was the job.

Salvatore Leone: Oh, you thought that was the job? Mike, (to bodyguard) get the door.

(Mike shuts the door.)

(Salvatore pulls a gun on Ken and grabs him.)

Salvatore Leone: I'm the job! Me and my money. And I want it back, and I want it back fast. Johnny fucking Sindacco even so much as blinks at you, I want to hear about it. You find a way to get me my money and fast. Understood?

Ken Rosenberg: Yes! Yes! Understood! Understood.

(Salvatore puts the gun away, Ken sits down.)

Salvatore Leone: And cheer up. Have some fun around here. This is supposed to be a casino, not a monastery. Christ, I've had more fun taking a crap than I've had here. Come on, go get me a drink.

(Ken gets up.)

Salvatore Leone: Smile, schmuck!

(Cuts to Los Santos, Eddie Pulaski is kicking a downed police officer, Frank Tenpenny and Officer Hernandez are standing and watching.)

Eddie Pulaski: (Yelling) Who you gonna tell now?

Frank Tenpenny: (Stopping Eddie Pulaski) Eddie, chill out, man.

Eddie Pulaski: The prick's still breathing.

Frank Tenpenny: That's good. Officer Hernandez... Finish him off.

(Offers Officer Hernandez a gun.)

Officer Hernandez: Come on. Please. Don't make me do this!

Frank Tenpenny: Say what?

Officer Hernandez: I can't.

Frank Tenpenny: Hey, I thought you understood.

Officer Hernandez: He's a fucking cop, you maniac.

Eddie Pulaski: Not no more he ain't.

Frank Tenpenny: We went over this. It's about percentages.

Officer Hernandez: I know!

Frank Tenpenny: So who's side you on, his or mine?

Officer Hernandez: Yours, Frank! Yours!

Frank Tenpenny: Then be a fucking man. You cap him, or I cap you.

Officer Hernandez takes the gun but is reluctant to shoot

Eddie Pulaski: Come on, do it! Pull the trigger!

(Officer Hernandez shoots the cop.)

(Cuts to another shot of the green Sabre driving down the street Sweet's house is on. There are two Balla's in the car. They circle around to CJ's and Sweet's mothers house and open fire with a big drive-by. As they flee, an GSF member fires at the car but doesn't get anyone.)

(Sweet rushes into the house.)

Sweet: No! Oh shit! Hell!

(Kendl runs toward the house.)

Kendl: Oh Momma! Momma! No! No! No!

(Sweet comes back outside and stops her from going in.)

Sweet: Come on, girl! Momma!

Kendl: No! Damn! Damn. No!

(Cuts to Kendl sitting on the front porch. Sweet is standing above her talking on a phone.)

Sweet: CJ, it's your brother.

CJ: (On the phone) Okay. What you want?

Sweet: I think you better come home. It's about Momma. She's dead, bro.

(Cuts to CJ looking sad in a car, shaking his head.)

Welcome to San Andreas

(The end.)

DVD Trivia

  • All of the scenes (with the exception of Liberty City) were shot in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas locations despite the fact they are meant to be somewhere else. For example, Kent Paul's studio in England is actually the interior of Madd Dogg's mansion.
  • One of the possible reasons Tommy Vercetti does not talk in this movie is that Ray Liotta, the voice actor of Tommy, had a dispute with Rockstar North about how much "effort" he put in to GTA Vice City.
  • The appearance of Sex Club Seven in the Liberty City scene is a canonical error. Before 1998, it was called Paulie's Revue Bar. This happened because Rockstar wrote GTA Liberty City Stories after GTA San Andreas.
  • After the Ballas do their drive-by on Sweet's house, a member of the Grove Street Families is seen running towards the Sabre and returning fire on them. However, no gunshot sounds are heard.
  • In the movie, when Sweet calls Carl, Carl says, "Okay, whatch you want?" Though in the game he says, "Sup Sweet, what you want?"

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