Burger Shot

(The) Burger Shot
The Burger Shot logo in GTA IV.
The Burger Shot logo in GTA IV.

The Burger Shot logo in GTA IV.
Game GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
GTA Liberty City Stories
GTA Vice City Stories
GTA Chinatown Wars
Type of business Fast food restaurant
Location(s) 3D Universe
Spinybed, Las Venturas
Whitewood Estates, Las Venturas
Redsands East, Las Venturas
Old Venturas Strip, Las Venturas
Old Venturas Strip, Las Venturas
Marina, Los Santos
Mulholland, Los Santos
Calton Heights, San Fierro
Doherty, San Fierro
Financial, San Fierro
Vice Point, Vice City
HD Universe
Beechwood City, Liberty City
Cerveza Heights, Liberty City (closed)
Firefly Island, Liberty City
Fortside, Liberty City
Industrial, Liberty City
North Holland, Liberty City
Star Junction, Liberty City
Westminster/The Meat Quarter, Liberty City
Del Perro, Los Santos
Vespucci Canals, Los Santos
Employee(s) 3D Universe
Jeffery "OG Loc" Cross
HD Universe
Ahron Ward

Burger Shot (known as The Burger Shot in GTA Vice City) is a chain of fast-food restaurants which appear in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodes, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Grand Theft Auto V. The chain is based on Burger King. The name "burger shot" is a pornographic term referring to a photo or video scene with a close-up view of the female genitals. The franchise's mottos are: "Die with a smile on your face!" and "Kill your Hunger!"


The first appearance of Burger Shot (as "The Burger Shot") at the North Point Mall, Vice Point, Vice City in GTA Vice City.

Burger Shot first appeared in the form of "The Burger Shot", a rudimentary restaurant in GTA Vice City (among many other less known outlets) where the player can replenish their health if it is below 100 points. The restaurant risen in prominence in GTA San Andreas, where the restaurant becomes a large chain based in multiple locations. In addition to replenishing health, Burger Shot in GTA San Andreas allows the player to eat from a range of set meals in order to eliminate their hunger, or accumulate fat by eating fatty food. Burger Shot is absent as a restaurant chain in GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City Stories. However, it is mentioned in radio commercials in GTA Liberty City Stories, as well as holding a tie-in with V-Rock in GTA Vice City Stories (giving away V-Rock stickers).

Burger Shot is retained as a fast food chain in GTA IV, but is downgraded as a location where the player can only replenish their health as player customization is limited; players can purchase a $1 "Bleeder" burger at any Burger Shot restaurant for full health. The player can download a Burger Shot background for their upgraded phone via Vipluxuryringtones.com. Burger Shot operates its own website, Burgershot.net; certain Benson trucks also carry the Burger Shot logo. In Episodes from Liberty City, the Burger Shot and Weasel merchandise a menu with Republican Space Rangers action figures.

While it is impossible to access Burger Shot outlets in GTA Chinatown Wars, players can obtain food prizes from Burger Shot in the form of fries or burgers for health by purchasing its scratch cards.

Discarded Burger Shot bags can be seen in the trailer for GTA V, implying the company will be present in the game.


GTA Vice City — GTA San Andreas

Originally, The Burger Shot in GTA Vice City lacks any readable menus, although it still does display images of a variety of burgers, sandwiches and side dishes. Burger Shot in GTA San Andreas, however, offer the player four meals, each with different quantities of fats, with one meal, the Salad Meal, lacking any fats. The names of two meals relate to homosexuality; "beef tower" is slang for naked men stacked together and "meat stack" is pornographically-defined for women having sex together. In Las Venturas outlets, the pricing of the Beef Tower, Meat Stack and Salad Meal are 20% higher than in the rest of the state, as noted below:


A Burger Shot menu in GTA IV with several choices unavailable to the player.

In GTA IV, the player can only purchase a $1 "Bleeder" burger, and outings with friend or girlfriends to Burger Shots will nominally cost even higher at $100. It is interesting to note Burger Shot tills, as well as burgershot.net, also promote four meals on menus in a similar fashion as what is offered in GTA San Andreas, although only the "Bleeder" burger is available and consists of only a single burger costing $1:

  • The "Meat-Free Meal" ($4.99);
  • The "The Torpedo Meal" ($6.66 on restaurant tills; $4.99 at burgershot.net);
  • The "Heart Stopper" Burger Meal ($6.99 at burgershot.net) that consists of six pounds of meat and cheese that will "kill someone in five seconds flat";
  • The "Bleeder Meal" for $3.99; and
  • The "Money Shot Meal" for $6.99.


GTA Vice City

In GTA Vice City, The Burger Shot exists in Vice City as only two outlets within North Point Mall in Vice Point alongside another three outlets (the Beef Bandit, Cheesy Crust Pizza and Shaft Hot Dogs) on both the east and west sides of the mall.

GTA San Andreas

In GTA San Andreas, Burger Shot is interestingly confined within the limits of San Andreas' three major cities, Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas, and as a result is not found in rural San Andreas.

There are ten Burger Shot outlets in total; two in Los Santos, three in San Fierro, and five in Las Venturas (the largest number of operational fast food outlets within a city in GTA San Andreas). Old Venturas Strip itself has two Burger Shot outlets that are only a short walk from each other.


In GTA IV, Burger Shot operates a total of ten outlets in and throughout Liberty City alone, including two integrated mini-restaurants at the city's two Memory Lanes bowling alleys, and one shuttered outlet in Cerveza Heights, Dukes. They include as follows:

GTA Chinatown Wars

The distribution of Burger Shots in GTA Chinatown Wars is mostly the same, but with the Alderney branch and Memory Lanes outlets omitted, as Alderney is not in the game and Memory Lanes are not accessible.

Scratch cards

A Burger Shot scratch card in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

In GTA Chinatown Wars, scratch cards promoted by Burger Shot can be purchased at various stores, and the player can win cash or free food.

Known employees

Prominent appearances in missions

During the events of GTA San Andreas, the Marina Burger Shot in Los Santos is a significant location for several missions, where it temporarily becomes a place of employment of Jeffrey "OG Loc" Cross, who starts working as a "hygiene technician", actually a janitor, as part of his parole arrangement. It is from this restaurant that Loc asks for protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson's help to kickstart his rapping career. In addition, the Redsands East Burger Shot in Las Venturas features a parked Faggio that is used to perform a courier side-quest with the Burger Shot outlet as the nerve center where the player refills his stock of "merchandise." Upon completion of the side-quest, the outlet becomes an asset that pays the player $2,000 a day.

In GTA Chinatown Wars, the Beechwood City Burger Shot is where the player meets with Lester Leroc for his strand of missions.


GTA Vice City
  • In GTA Vice City's rendition of Burger Shot, a picture of what seems to be chicken nuggets can be seen on the menu, referencing another fast food chain instead of Burger King, McDonald's.
  • On Kent Paul's website, it is mentioned that a restaurant called Beef Shot was "exposed for using too many chemicals and no beef in their hamburgers". Beef Shot was possibly an early name for The Burger Shot in GTA Vice City.
GTA San Andreas
  • Burger Shot's target-style logo in GTA San Andreas resembles the Royal Air Force roundel, which might be a nod to the Mod subculture.
  • All the cash registers in GTA San Andreas, regardless of the restaurant, read "Burger Shot - Double D-Lux, The Buster, 20.00 CASH".
  • One of the Burger Shots in GTA San Andreas, the Big Burger, has a rat on the patty.
  • The Burger Shot menu in GTA San Andreas also features "Fishy Shit".
  • Burger Shot is Roman Bellic's favorite place to eat in GTA IV.
  • The signage of the closed Burger Shot in Cerveza Heights, Dukes, in GTA IV lacks several lettering, reading as "Bugs r Sht", seemingly translating into "bugs are shit".
  • Certain Burger Shot cups in GTA IV have GTA San Andreas period logos on them.
  • A Burger Shot outlet in GTA IV, along with any Cluckin' Bell outlet, is a good place to start a massacre and to earn the "One Man Army" Achievement. To do this, the player has to do the following: load up on Armor, Combat Shotgun ammunition, Molotovs or Grenades, Desert Eagle or Glock ammunition and AK-47 or Carbine Rifle ammunition and head to any "Cluckin' Bell" food outlet. Hug the wall next to the entrance and start murdering the customers, preferably the ones closest to the entrance, to avoid them from escaping. Once there are no more customers inside the outlet, enter the outlet and hug the inside wall next to the entrance. Wait for police to arrive and once they do, blast them away. Keep this up for 5 minutes and you'll have 6 stars in no time. Keep this up and you should gain the One Man Army Achievement. If you lose health, you can just eat their food.
    • The same method above can be used to earn lots of money, weapons and/or weapon ammunition if the player wishes to or needs to, except that once the player runs out of customers to murder, they must immediately flee and lose the wanted level or they risk getting wasted or busted, therefore costing them hard earned money (or in the case of getting busted, weaponry).
  • Burger Shot paper bags and cups appeared in Manhunt 2.
  • In the late 2000s, Burger King, the real-world restaurant Burger Shot is spoofing, actually had a menu item named "Burger Shots", which were slider burgers sold in two or six-piece packs.




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