The following is a script of the mission "Babysitting" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


(Niko goes to a dock when Derrick pulls up in a boat)

Derrick: Get in the boat, me boy. You're the skipper of this little vessel.


Derrick: You're manning this yacht for us, Niko.

Derrick: Take charge of her, won't ya Niko.

(Niko gets in the boat)

Derrick: Our meet is at this location.


Derrick: We're rendezvousing out at sea. This is the place.

Derrick: My contact's at these coordinates.

Derrick: Escorting a Korean contact of mine into the country with a boat load of fake hundred dollar bills.

Niko: As long as the ones he's paying us with are real, it doesn't matter.

Derrick: I owe ya an apology, Niko. I was dosed when you told me you'd killed Bucky and his boys.

Niko: Yeah, you were out of it.

Derrick: I haven't felt safe since Aiden O'Malley went inside.

Niko: Who's Aiden?

Derrick: Me, Bucky and Aiden, we all cared about the same stuff. We came together for a cause we believed in. At least I thought I believed in it. I was young.

Niko: This was a while ago then?

Derrick: Yeah. So Aiden got caught with something when he was somewhere he wasn't meant to be. Needless to say, he'll be inside for a time. Him and Bucky think I talked. Couldn't see no other way how he got caught. From what I hear, Aiden still rants about me to anyone who'll listen.

Niko: I know how it feels to be betrayed.

Derrick: You got that look about you.

(Niko and Derrick find Kim)

Derrick: You Park's boy?

Kim: Yes, I Kim. You Derrick?

Derrick: Yeah, welcome to America. We're meeting your friends in Bohan. I'll text ya the route ya got to take. Best way to avoid checks. We'll cover your rear.

(Kim leaves and the two follow)

Derrick: Another immigrant, arriving in this city, trying to make something of himself.

Niko: Brings a tear to my eye.

Derrick: When this is done I won't have to leech off my brothers no more. This deal should mean I can take care of me self.

Niko: Providing it goes to plan.

Derrick: It's in the hands of the Lord now.

(Boats with attackers began shooting at Kim's boat)

Niko: What the fuck is this?

Derrick: Think I gotta clue? Use our boat to shield Kim from those fuckers. I don't give a shit if this thing sinks, we got to protect him. I'd rather swim home tonight than come back tomorrow to dive for those notes.

(Niko fends off the attackers)

Derrick: I wouldn't fuck with you, Niko.

Derrick: Me brothers were right to trust ya, Niko.

Derrick: Nice one, me boy.

Derrick: That showed them.

Derrick: They ain't gonna try that again.

Derrick: They shouldn't a messed with you.

Derrick: You doing me proud, Niko.

Derrick: You're a good man to have on side, Niko.

Derrick: You done this before, Niko?

Derrick: You know how to handle yourself, Niko.

(More arrive)

Derrick: Check right, me man.

Derrick: Check right, Niko.

Derrick: Eyes to the starboard bow.

Derrick: Look right, me bow.

Derrick: On the right, boy.

(A helicopter shows up)

Derrick: Shit, they're sending the fucking airborne cavalry after us as well. Good thing we got a rocket launcher with us.

Niko: We've got a what?

Derrick: A rocket launcher. It's in the back. Get rid of the chopper with it. I'll drive the boat.

(Niko shoots down the helicopter)

Derrick: Good shooting, kid. Take charge of her again, will ya?


Derrick: Good thing your aim is steadier than mine. You can drive the boat again now.

Niko: How'd they know we were here?

Derrick: I don't know. I told my dealer I was good for the money I owed him. Maybe a few people at the pub I borrowed money from, as well. You'll say anything for a fix.

Niko: I wouldn't know.

Derrick: Could be a coincidence anyway.

Niko: Or fate?

Derrick: You sound like my mother.

(Kim arrives in Bohan)

Derrick: Here we are. Got him here in one piece. That was the deal. Thanks, Niko.

Kim: Thank you Mr. McReary. Not such smooth journey.

Derrick: Yeah, got a bit hairy out there. Good thing you have your sea legs. I hope the rest of your time here is more peaceful. That's all you can hope for in this God forsaken world. See you round, Niko.

Niko: Don't put all the pay off up your arm, Derrick.

Derrick: Only place for it, me boy. Only place for it. See you soon.

Alternate dialogue

Niko: What's happening out there? I didn't think you had many friends left.

Derrick: This is a Korean guy I did business with back in Ireland. He's bringing Super Notes into the country tonight.

Niko: Super Notes?

Derrick: Counterfeits. They look so good you wouldn't spot 'em in a month of Sundays. Over there, we used to buy 'em off him off of him then exchange 'em for genuine currency. Nice scam if you don't hit the same place to often. His boys are pulling the same gig over here.

Niko: They're cutting you in on this deal?

Derrick: Wanted a local to escort their boat into the harbor. They make these things in North Korea and have to ship 'em out here. I've heard it's some government funded operation. I don't give a shit as long as it keeps me in brown, you know. Anyway, I figured you'd know a thing or two about smuggling stuff into the country.

Niko: What's that mean?

Derrick: You're illegal, right? You think us McRearys was legal when we came here? This is a country founded by immigrants. People who'll beg, steal and borrow to get ahead. It's the life blood of the place, people forget that.

(Niko and Derrick begin to escort Kim)

Derrick: Seems like a good kid, reminds me of you actually.

Niko: Is that because he's coming into the country to rob the good people of America of their hard earned money?

Derrick: When you put it like that, he reminds me of a McReary. Good luck to him.

(Attackers show up)

Niko: Doesn't look like the arrival of these notes was such a secret. Can you think of why that is?

Derrick: Fucked if I know. Maybe me phone's tapped. Maybe Frankie has been tapping Ma's fucking phone and he called this in to mess with me. We got to make sure these notes make it, just to piss off Frankie if nothing else.

(Niko and Derrick escort Kim to Bohan)

Derrick: I didn't think he even knew I was back. Can't the man just let his brother be? It's like fucking Cain and Abel the two of us. No wonder I turned into the wreck you see before ya. A brother like that. Jesus.

Niko: So, is Francis the only explanation for this shit?

Derrick: If the shoe fits, Niko. If the bloody shoe fits. Sure, I been telling a few people about this, but, hell, I smell a rat. And Frankie's the biggest damn rat I know.

Other dialogue

(If Niko exits the boat)

Derrick: Get back in the boat.

Derrick: What the fuck are you doing?

Derrick: Sort your shit out. Get back in the boat so we can look for Kim.

Derrick: Don't tell me you dropped something overboard.

Derrick: You got better things to be doing than take a swim, Niko.

(If Niko loses Kim)

Derrick: I'm starting to get sea sick, Niko. Take me back to the coast.

Derrick: Come on, man. I thought you was taking me back to land?

Derrick: What is this? Get me back to solid ground.

Derrick: Come on, Niko. I didn't sign up for no pleasure cruise.

Derrick: Shit, man. I'm jonesing a bit. Bring me back to land.

Failing the mission

Derrick: I'm gonna go drown my sorrows. I'll speak to you soon.


Derrick: There's only one thing that's gonna make me forget about this fuck up. See ya.

Derrick: Shit, I hope me dealer will front me another dime bag. I'll call ya, Niko.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Derrick: A whole lot of money and a good Korean kid ain't around no more because of you.

Derrick: Bastards.

Derrick: Check aft... behind... the rear.

Derrick: Check the portside.

Derrick: Christ alive, they're attacking from the shoreline.

Derrick: Christ, the notes may be fake but these bullets ain't. Get closer to Kim.

Derrick: Come on, get 'em.

Derrick: Come on, me boy. Get closer to Kim.

Derrick: Damn, looks like Kim's fish food.

Derrick: Dead ahead, me boy.

Derrick: Don't leave him alone out there, Niko.

Derrick: Don't shoot Kim. The fucking notes might catch fire.

Derrick: Don't worry Kim, we're looking after you.

Derrick: Drop that chopper, Niko. Come on.

Derrick: Eyes aft, Niko.

Derrick: Eyes left.

Derrick: Eyes to the front, man.

Derrick: Fuck you all.

Derrick: Fuck! You'd think the Coastguard has drowning kids to save.

Derrick: Fuck, he's come all this way and it looks like he's gonna end up in the drink.

Derrick: Fuck, imagine who'd turn up if it was real notes he was bringing into the country.

Derrick: Fuck, that boat ain't looking too fresh.

Derrick: Get closer to him, Niko.

Derrick: Get me back to land. I'll give you a call.

Derrick: Get over it, Derrick. He was a smuggler and the cash was fake. I'll see you around.

Derrick: Good thing the DTs ain't come in yet.

Derrick: Here come some Fed boats.

Derrick: He's earning that money alright.

Derrick: He's going to wish he never left home.

Derrick: He's paying for protection, Niko. Protect him, why don't ya.

Derrick: He's taking a beating.

Derrick: Him and them notes ain't gonna do shit for us no more. Let's go back to land.

Derrick: Hold tight, Kim.

Derrick: I ain't burnt out yet.

Derrick: I ain't going for a swim with ya, Niko. Later on.

Derrick: I don't reckon he's gonna hold up much longer.

Derrick: I don't reckon this vessel will hold up much longer.

Derrick: I guess I'm driving myself back. Bye.

Derrick: I guess someone tipped these guys off.

Derrick: I guess these guys want a slice of Kim's pie.

Derrick: I may be jonesing but I can still shoot straight.

Kim: I never get tired of this shit!

Derrick: I think we're springing some leaks.

Derrick: I thought you was taking me to the coast? See ya, man.

Derrick: I wasn't prepared for this type of attack.

Derrick: Incoming. More fucking Coastguard.

Derrick: It ain't personal.

Derrick: Jesus, helicopters ain't my idea of fun.

Derrick: Jesus, I think this ship's about to go down with us in it.

Derrick: Jesus, Niko. Don't let him hang like this.

Derrick: Jesus. Here are the reinforcements.

Derrick: Kim ain't looking too good.

Derrick: Kim needs help, Niko.

Derrick: Kim, we got you and them notes looked after.

Derrick: Look out, they're coming from behind.

Derrick: Looks like we're about to end up in the drink, Niko.

Derrick: McRearys don't fuck about.

Derrick: Meet me at the jetty off a Rand Avenue. I need some help with something.

Derrick: More on the coast. They really want to take us down.

Derrick: Niko, me boy. Packie tells me you got some sea legs on ya.

Derrick: Not such a warm welcome, is it?

Derrick: Nothing like thieves thieving off a thieves.

Derrick: Port. Port. Look left.

Derrick: Right in front of us, Niko.

Derrick: Shit, can't they let us go about our activities in peace.

Derrick: Shit, Derrick. You sound almost like a human being. I might just see you there.

Derrick: Shit, I think he ain't gonna last much longer.

Derrick: Shit, it's an air raid.

Derrick: Shit, look to the rear.

Derrick: Shit, Niko. Our boat's about to fall apart.

Derrick: Shit, Niko. The Korean and his notes need our help.

Derrick: Shit, there goes pay day. At least he died rich, eh?

Derrick: Shit, they off to the left.

Derrick: Shit, we let the poor kid down.

Derrick: Shit. They're on the coastline. Can't even dock here.

Derrick: Sink those bastards.

Derrick: Sorry, fella.

Kim: Thank you.

Kim: Thanks.

Derrick: That ain't good news. Take me back to land.

Derrick: That's what everyone in this country wants, right?

Derrick: The bastards are firing from the shore.

Derrick: The fucks have gone airborne.

Derrick: The old dog still got some tricks.

Derrick: They got the whole navy tonight!

Derrick: They're behind us.

Derrick: They're buzzing us like hornets up there. Christ.

Derrick: They're coming at us head on, Niko.

Derrick: They're off of the fore deck.

Derrick: They're on the left.

Derrick: They're punishing him out there.

Derrick: Think of them Notes, Niko. Protect Kim's boat.

Derrick: This is a full on land and sea assault.

Derrick: This is nothing, Kim. You and them notes are gonna be fine.

Kim: This is what gets me out of bed in the morning!

Derrick: Watch it, we're meant to be protection Kim, not sinking him.

Derrick: You can't leave those notes out there without protection, Niko.

Derrick: You got a fucking death wish?

Derrick: You got in me way.

Derrick: You trying to fucking sink us?

Derrick: You were meant to use that on choppers. Not the guy we're protecting.