Tunnel of Death

Tunnel of Death
Derrick McReary talking to Niko Bellic.
Derrick McReary talking to Niko Bellic.

Derrick McReary talking to Niko Bellic.
For Derrick McReary
Target Aiden O'Malley
Location Booth Tunnel, Alderney
Fail Player Character Death
Packie killed
Police stockade destroyed
Aiden killed before end of mission
Reward $7,500
Unlocks Blood Brothers
Unlocked by Babysitting

Tunnel of Death is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to protagonist Niko Bellic by Derrick McReary from a bench on Vitullo Avenue in Acter, Alderney. It is unlocked by the mission Babysitting.


Derrick is high on heroin when Niko meets him at the park. He heard that Aiden O'Malley is being transported to the Alderney State Correctional Facility, and Derrick blames Aiden for ratting on him, therefore, Derrick wants Aiden dead. Patrick "Packie" McReary calls Niko after the cutscene to explain the details. Aiden is heavily guarded by a police escort. He left a Biff with a rocket launcher off Applewhite in Alderney City. Packie wants Niko to use the truck to block one end of the Booth Tunnel while Packie blocks the other end. Niko calls Packie once he is in the truck. Packie wants this to look like a prison break as to attempt keep Derrick in the clear. Niko blocks the tunnel and stops the convoy. He and Packie launch a surprise attack on the convoy. After all the cops are dead, Niko and Packie steal the Police Stockade containing Aiden. Niko drives the truck to Port Tudor as he escapes police attention. Niko, Packie, and Aiden switch to the Presidente, after leaving the Police Stockade in a quiet location, and drive to the cliffs in Leftwood. Aiden is very happy that he is free from police custody and asks who sent them to free him, however Niko and Packie keep him in the dark until they reach the cliffs. At the cliffs, Packie reveals that Derrick sent them to free Aiden so that Niko can kill him. Aiden is shocked and says that Derrick has always been the rat. Packie takes the car and leaves Niko to do his part. Niko shoots Aiden, his body rag-dolls into the water below.


The reward for completing this mission is $7,500. The mission Blood Brothers is unlocked.

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  • If you do this mission during a sunset, Aiden and Packie will have different dialogue while on the cliffs.
  • If O'Malley is killed by a molotov, he will roll around screaming for a few seconds. When the game changes to the cutscene, he will stop burning, stand up again, and collapse dead on the ground.
  • This mission and The Lost and Damned side mission Knowing Me Knowing You are the only times where the player can hear Niko's voice through the opposite end.
  • Packie is seen listening to Liberty Rock Radio, on the phone when you can see him, which is his favorite station.
  • While Niko is talking to Derrick in the initial cutscene, a Flying Rat can still be seen in the background if you haven't killed it yet.
  • The sirens on the Police Cruiser, Police Patrol;and Noose Patriot in this mission will stay on when you exit them instead of the lights staying on and the sirens staying of. To do this get in a Police car or Noose Patriot and turn on the sirens, then exit This may be just a bug or a glitch, they will

lose this feature if saved in a parking spot.

  • Occasionally one or more civilian vehicles may be trapped within the tunnel by Niko's truck, making the shootout more complex.
  • Although Packie makes a big deal about providing Niko with a rocket launcher, in reality there is no opportunity provided to use it in the mission: firing one off inside the tunnel will destroy the police van, killing Aiden prematurely, and while it's possible to use the weapon to kill Aiden, the risk of killing Niko and/or Packie is great. Nonetheless, the RPG is added to Niko's inventory if he doesn't have one already or two rockets if he does.


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