Bail Bonds - Curtis Weaver

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Bail Bonds -
Curtis Weaver
Game GTA V
Protagonist Trevor Philips
For Maude Eccles
Objective Locate and return Curtis Weaver to Maude Eccles.
Target Curtis Weaver
Location Mount Chiliad, Blaine County
Reward $10,000 (if returned alive)
$5,000 (if killed)
Unlocked by Bail Bonds - Glenn Scoville
Achievements Wanted: Alive Or Alive (if the player had killed Ralph Ostrowski, Larry Tupper and Glenn Scoville, and spare Weaver)
Deaths Curtis Weaver (player choice)

Bail Bonds - Curtis Weaver is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Trevor Philips by bail bonds woman Maude Eccles.


Trevor Philips begins searching for Curtis Weaver for bail bonds woman Maude Eccles after Weaver failed to return for trial on an unknown charge. Trevor locates Weaver at Dignity Village, an off-the-grid community at the foot of Mount Chiliad. The player, as Trevor, can then either kill or apprehend Weaver (earning $5,000 for killing him and $10,000 for apprehending him). If Weaver is apprehended, Trevor then returns him to Maude's trailer. On the journey, Weaver questions Trevor's relationship with his father, with Trevor telling him that his father abandoned him in a shopping mall, which he later burnt down with Weaver deciding to remain silent for the remainder of the journey.


The reward for completing the mission depends on if Weaver was killed or apprehended. If he is killed the player will be awarded with $5,000, which doubles to $10,000 if he is successfully apprehended. If the player had killed Ralph Ostrowski, Larry Tupper and Glenn Scoville in the previous three missions, they will be awarded with the Wanted: Alive or Alive achievement/trophy.

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