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Me....Myself...It's Blaff 60. I am a Filipino and I'm living in U.A.E. I've played GTA many times, I have GTA 3, GTA VC, GTA SA, GTA VCS and GTA LCS. And...Yeah..GTA 1. I'm interested in GTA since 2005 and my first GTA I've played is Vice City. At first, I did not know this game until I tried it. I even want to know the cheats and the characters. But, when I had a PS2, I've played all GTA games and I'm fond of it. I even helped my classmates at school how to do this or that and I was the only one to know GTA in our class. It is GTA that I've played since 2006..I've played Tony Hawk, Dead to Rights, Tekken, Need for Speed and other stuffs...............

My GTA collections


  • The Spot: 90%
  • Pros: Don't forget it that GTA 3 consider to be a revolution in the history of video games. Weapons, cars and Claude.
  • Cons: Non-solid and unenterable tunnels in Shoreside Vale and difficulty in flying the Dodo.
  • About: It's OK to say that the Beta-GTA 3 is fun to play..Look..It's large and the airport is near and many roads to explore in Shoreside Vale and the mission will be fun too..

Only problem is the School Buses and the children and the elders and stuffs. But, it's ok for me the final GTA 3 too...


  • The Spot: 92%
  • Pros: It's the first GTA game to have helicopters, properties and lots of GUNS!!!!!!
  • Cons: The water is dangerous to sail and aggressive Fort Baxter Armies!!
  • About: It's my first GTA experience, although, I'm stuck in "The Party" mission until now, I've got all properties and WEAPONS!!!!!

In my imagination, that, the large Fort Baxter can be available in Vice City and I've wanted to see the face of the BETA Fort Baxter and only I can see is the large tower...


  • The Spot: 100%
  • Pros: The ghetto life and prosperities of your homies in Grove Street. The state.........IS LARGE!!!!!
  • Cons: I have no problems in this game.
  • About: It's like you're in San Andreas! I wish there's a cheat that the view is FIRST PERSON. I finish this game a lot of times despite it's large atmosphere. Too bad my memory card is lost and I'll complete the game over again...


  • The Spot: 89%
  • Pros: Motorcycles are present and more easier missions.
  • Cons: Drowning..
  • About: Same comments in GTA 3 and ignore the map thing I've said in GTA 3. Hey, I'm typing my "sug" in LCS.


  • The Spot: 92%
  • Pros: It's more explorable than GTA VC coz there's a meter when you swim.
  • Cons: The meter is small and in 32 meters in your swim, the bar will be empty and you'll drown.
  • About: There's an improvement and yeah.. it's the last of the GTA 3 Era.

No more info in this one...It's OK!


This is my favorite if the beta GTA's exists:

  • Favorite Beta: GTA VC
  • Favorite Beta Place(s): Fort Baxter and Staunton Island
  • Favorite Beta Weapon(s): Nailgun and Tazer of GTA VC
  • Favorite Beta Mission: Impounded and a mission that you need to destroy Love Media
  • Favorite Beta Feature: More territories and ability to build casinos
  • Favorite Beta Character: Darkel and Beta Claude
  • Favorite Beta Vehicle: Beta Sabre Turbo

This is my favorite in the original GTA's:

  • Favorite Game: GTA SA
  • Favorite Place(s): Mulholland Safehouse and Compound Safehouse
  • Favorite Weapon(s): RPG, Laser Sniper, Shotguns, Nine Iron and BINOCULARS.
  • Favorite Mission(s): Reuniting the Families, The Sicilian Gambit, Just Business and Jive Drive.
  • Favorite Feature(s): Swimming, Gang Warfare and Property Buying
  • Favorite Character(s): CJ, Tommy, Vic, Lance, Toni, Claude, Diaz, Hernandez and Salvatore
  • Favorite Vehicle(s): Banshee, Cheetah, Turismo, ZR-350 and Infernus
  • Favorite Easter Egg: Gant Bridge sign "There are no easter eggs up here. Go away!"
  • Favorite Glitch: Infinite Ammo Glitch
  • Favorite Myth: Bigfoot and Shark
  • Favorite Cheat(s): BAGUVIX and FULLCLIP (Inf. health and ammo, respectively)
  • Favorite Console: PSP


You know I don't have Frienster, Facebook and sorts..

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