Breach of Contract/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Breach of Contract", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Trevor goes to Josh's house, damaged by the fire, to meet Josh but sees him talking to two police officers)

Josh Bernstein: Just look at my house! He's a Goddamn nutjob!

Police Officer: Calm down, sir, if you can give us a detailed description...

Josh Bernstein: Thin, sallow, definitely an addict of some sort. Smells like he hasn't bathed in weeks. White, middle-aged.

Police Officer: Sir, we need a little more to go on than that.

Josh Bernstein: He's a white-trash lunatic, I don't know what else to tell you.

Police Officer: That describes half this town, Mr. Bernstein.

Josh Bernstein: Well, not the half I live in, thank God. I'm president of a real estate company.

Police Officer: You're set to receive a tidy insurance settlement on this property, is that correct?

Josh Bernstein: What are you insinuating?

Police Officer: Nothing, sir, just trying to get all the facts straight.

Josh Bernstein: (Oh) Facts? You want facts? Look at my home. It's ruined!

Police Officer: The home that's in foreclosure and you no longer live in. Is there anything else you can tell us, Mr. Bernstein?

Josh Bernstein: Look, you'll have to give me a few minutes. I'm too upset to think right now.

(Josh sees Trevor)

Josh Bernstein: There he is, right there. Tony!

Trevor Philips: Where's your wife? You owe me.

Josh Bernstein: Officers! Here he is! This man is insane! He destroyed my house!

Trevor Philips: Whoa! Hey! No, wait a minute, you asked me.

Josh Bernstein: He's, he's ruined my life! He's, he's a, he's a stalker! He's, he's an Epsilonist! Yeah!

(The two police officers point their pistols at Trevor)

Josh Bernstein: Get him!

(The player gets control with two options: kill the officers and Josh, or flee)

Police Officer: Freeze! Hands in the air!

Killing Josh

(If Trevor kills the officers and begins chasing Josh)

Josh Bernstein: No, Tony! Holy fuck!

(Trevor kills Josh)

Trevor Philips: Dumb move, Josh.

(Trevor escapes after killing Josh)

Trevor Philips: You try to do a nice thing for someone, take some time out of your day to pleasure a man's wife, burn down a house. I don't know. Some people.

Sparing Josh

(If Trevor flees the seen)

Police Officer: Stop him!

Trevor Philips: Oh, I don't think so.

(Trevor continues to flee from the police)

Trevor Philips: You can't hide from Trevor Philips. I'll find you!