Breaking the Bank at Caligula's

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Breaking the Bank at Caligula's
Zero and Wu Zi Mu load everyone into the van and head off to Caligula's Palace with Carl Johnson

Zero and Wu Zi Mu load everyone into the van and head off to Caligula's Palace with Carl Johnson
Game GTA San Andreas
For Wu Zi Mu
Target Caligula's Palace
Location The Four Dragons Casino, Las Venturas, San Andreas
Fail Player dies
Reward $100,000
Increased respect
Unlocked by Up, Up and Away!
Saint Mark's Bistro

Breaking the Bank at Caligula's is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by San Fierro Triads leader Wu Zi Mu from The Four Dragons Casino, located along The Strip in Las Venturas, San Andreas.


The day has come for them to pull a heist at Caligula's Palace. The entire team, minus Carl, gets into the van and departs. Carl, dressed as a casino employee, goes and gets a car of his own, and heads for Caligula's. On the way, Zero tests if Carl can hear him on his earpiece, who confirms a clear connection.

Carl arrives at the casino, with him having only four minutes to get his team inside the casino. Carl uses Millie's swipe card to get into the lower levels of the casino. Carl then heads down one level into the generator room, in where he tosses a smoke grenade in a vent, which renders the guards of the safe unconscious.

Zero activates the charges at the dam, and the electricity goes out. Carl puts on night vision goggles and heads down into the service bay. He then uses a forklift to open the garage door, in which Woozie and the rest of the team arrive. They then head for the safe, all while trying to wipe out the security in their way. Once in the safe, Zero says that someone is trying to bring the emergency system back on. As a result, Carl blows up the generators to inactivate the system for good.

The safe door is then blown up by the Triads in order access the safe and get the cash. But then, Mafia people are alerted, and head for the safe room, in where Carl kills them. Once the team has gotten the cash, Carl leads the team back to the van, helping them get rid of the Mafians blocking the way. Once they have reached the van, everybody, except Carl, hops on the van and the police bikes.

Carl is left alone, because he is the decoy. He fights his way through more mafia thugs, and catches an elevator to the roof. He then makes his way across the hilly roof, in where there is a parachute waiting. He straps up, jumps off the roof, and lands on the roof of The Clown's Pocket, just north of Caligula's. Carl then gets into a Police Maverick and flies to Verdant Meadows, in where the team is waiting. Once there, Carl punches Zero, who is responsible for making the heist a little harder, and takes Woozie back to the Four Dragons Casino. A furious Salvatore Leone calls making threats against Carl, CJ taunts Salvatore before the call ends.


(The heist van is outside the casino. The occupant of the planning room and Woozie's assistant get in the back. Woozie and Zero shut the doors behind them. CJ comes along.)

CJ: We all good?

Woozie: Yeah we're good.

CJ: Alright, I'll see you at the backdoor. Let's roll!

(CJ is at the staff door in Caligula's Casino. There is an employee there.)

Employee: Ain't seen you 'round here before. You new?

CJ: Yeah, I'm, eerr standing in for Jerry, he's ill.

Zero: (through CJ's earpiece) Who's Jerry?

CJ: Shut up.

Employee: What?

CJ: I... I think I got Jerry's cough.

(Gas fills up in the room with the safe in it. Two guards fall over.)

CJ: We won't know if that worked until we get down there!

Zero: (through CJ's earpiece) Yeah, well, don't worry about it. Right now we got a schedule to stick to! Head to the security door and use Millie's swipe card!

(The heist van backs up into a downstairs room. Woozie, Suzie, Woozie's assistant and the occupant of the planning room get out.)

Woozie: Well done, Carl. Now it's time for us to do our part! Try to stay close! OK, team, I've gone over the layout to this place so I know it back to front. Everybody follow me!

(Woozie walks into a wall.)

Woozie: Damn! the devious bastards have changed the layout!

Suzie: Don't worry, I'll take the lead, boss.

Woozie: Good idea, everybody follow him!

(The backup generators explode.)

(The heist team, excluding Zero, are in the room that contains the safe. Woozie's assistant and Suzie plant some bombs on the safe door.)

Assistant: Everybody take cover! Oh shit! Where do I go? Where do I go?

Occupant: Fire in the hole!

(The door to the safe explodes.)

Woozie: OK people, load up the cash!

(On screen) Kill the Mafia whilst the team gets the cash. Zero is waiting in the downstairs room where the heist van entered. There is the heist van and two police motorbikes.

Zero: I've unloaded the police bikes. Everybody in! You two, change into your police uniforms!

(Two of the men get onto the police motorbikes in police uniforms. The other two get into the heist van and they all drive away.)

(On screen) Follow the rooftops and collect the parachute.

(On screen) Press circle when falling to open the parachute.

(CJ is at the airfield, as are the heist van and the two police motorbikes. The rest of the heist team are also at the airfield.)

CJ: Zero, where you hiding?

(Zero comes out from behind the back of the heist van.)

Zero: I didn't mean to tell Berkley, it just kinda came out... is all.

(CJ punches Zero to the floor.)

Zero: Will you watch it, you idiot!

Woozie: Hey, CJ, calm down! You better take me home, CJ!


The rewards for this mission are $100,000 and an increase in respect.


  • Not putting on the night vision goggles before opening the door can trigger a glitch, in witch the cutscene will not play after opening the door.
  • When the Triads jump on the police bikes, it is actually the generic police biker appearance being used, making it look like the Triads suddenly turned african-american.
  • Carl steals four bikes in Cop Wheels, but only two of these bikes are used in the heist.
  • It is extremely hard to land the parachute onto the roof of The Clown's Pocket with conventional means. Most players will jump off the roof, pull the chute and land short of the roof, requiring them to make their own way back. The way to make it onto the roof is sprinting off the roof, not jumping, and holding forward on the analog stick, or W if they're on a PC and, once within 30 meters of the roof, pulling the chute.
  • It`s possible to jump into the vent, where you are throwing tear gas, and you will be in blue hell.
  • The path of the helicopter after you exit the casino is scripted up to a certain point. If you shoot a rocket launcher at it, it will keep flying fine while exploding until it suddenly crashes.


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