Saint Mark's Bistro

This article is about a mission in GTA San Andreas. For the bistro in Saint Mark's, which the mission also bases itself on, see Marco's Bistro.
Saint Mark's Bistro
Salvatore Leone asking Carl Johnson to do a hit on St. Mark's Bistro
Salvatore Leone asking Carl Johnson to do a hit on St. Mark's Bistro

Salvatore Leone asking Carl Johnson to do a hit on St. Mark's Bistro
Game GTA San Andreas
For Salvatore Leone
Target Un-named Forelli Family mobster
Location The Strip, Las Venturas.
Reward $20,000
Unlocks A Home in the Hills
Breaking the Bank at Caligula's
Didier Sachs
Unlocked by Green Goo
High Noon
Madd Dogg

Saint Mark's Bistro is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by Leone Family don Salvatore from the office at Caligula's Palace, a casino located along The Strip in Las Venturas, San Andreas.


Salvatore, impressed with Carl's assassination of the incoming Forelli soldatos sent to assassinate him, gives Carl one last mission. He must perform a hit on a leading Forelli Family gang member and wipe out Forelli operations at Marco's Bistro in Liberty City. Carl agrees to the mission, wanting to take music producer Kent Paul, performing artist Maccer and disbarred former lawyer Ken "Rosie" Rosenberg as his backup. In reality, however, he's staging Rosie's getaway, and flies solo from Las Venturas Airport to Liberty City, where he slaughters everyone in the building. He then flies back to Las Venturas, leading to Salvatore calling him in order to freeze the association between them.

Pre-mission Phone Call

Rosie: You have hung us out to dry, I know it.

CJ: Rosenberg?

Rosie: Yeah, soon-to-be-buried-with-concrete-shoes-in-a-shallow-grave-in-the-desert Rosenberg, I'm surprised you remember!

CJ: Hey, man, look, I ain't forgotten you all, just hang in there.

Rosie: Easy for you to say, this Salvatore guy might whack me at any moment!


Salvatore: (while getting Maria Latore to hold a knife) Just feel the weight of the weapon, sweetheart.

Maria: I can feel the weight of someone's weapon!

Salvatore: (turns to face Maria) Well, you're the one to blame on that front.

Maccer: (tied to a board) Can I fucking go now or fucking what?

(Salvatore throws the knife at Maccer and the knife hits him just below his testicles.)

Maccer: Oooh! You fucking twat, right in the fucking happy sack!

Paul: Perhaps you'll be cured of your little anti-social condition, mate.

(Carl enters while Paul unties Maccer.)

Salvatore: Carl, my man!

CJ: Mr. Leone.

Salvatore: (points to Rosie) Looks like this piece of shit was right. You did a real number on those Forelli losers. Now it's time the Forellis found out what it means to screw with Salvatore Leone! How would you like to hit the St. Mark's Bistro?

CJ: A hit in Liberty City? Cool, but I'm gonna need some back-up.

Salvatore: Take who you want.

(Carl points at Paul and Maccer.)

CJ: Well, I usually I use these two.

Rosie: Heh-hey. Remember all those jobs we did together, huh? Huh? You and me, Carl, remember, huh? You know, you used to call me 'Killer' Ken? Ken the Killer? Killer? Ice Cold Ken... that's me.

CJ: And him too, I guess...

(Salvatore agrees to the arrangement. Carl, Rosie, Maccer and Paul are just outside Caligula's Palace.)

CJ: Alright, you guys better get out of Las Venturas, fast! I'll be in touch.

Maccer: What about your back-up, man, will you be alright without us?

Rosie: Of course he will you fucking moron, come on!

(Rosie, Maccer and Paul leave Las Venturas for Los Santos and Carl heads to Liberty City in a Shamal, later arriving at and gaining entry into Marco's Bistro.)

Forelli Guard: Private function, invitation only!

CJ: Oh yeah? Well, Mr. Leone says otherwise!

(Carl kills all the Forellis in Marco's Bistro and then heads back to Las Venturas in the same Shamal.)

CJ: This is flight CJ 101 out of Liberty City, requesting final approach to Las Venturas International, over.

Air Traffic Control: Flight CJ 101, you are clear for landing on Runway 3, over.


The reward for completing the mission is $20,000 and increased respect. The mission A Home in the Hills is unlocked, along with Breaking the Bank at Caligula's, given that the heist preparation missions have been completed. The clothing store Didier Sachs in Rodeo, Los Santos also becomes accessible after completing the mission.

Post-mission Phone Calls

The following phone call can be triggered off in any order, either before or after the two casino calls.

Sweet: Carl, what's up, it's your brother.

CJ: Hey, whassup man, you okay?

Sweet: Hell no! I'm stuck in a cell between two lunatics. And people keep trying to jump me. This shit ain't cool, partner.

CJ: I know it. I'm trying to get you out of there though, man.

Sweet: No you ain't, nigga! Who do you think you are? I'm here for life. I guess I have grown used to it now.

CJ: No, Sweet, an, just hang in there. I'm working shit out for you, whatever it takes.

Sweet: That's a negative! I'm through hoping. Have a nice life, brother.

CJ: Oh no, c'mon, Sweet, just hang in there. Sweet! Sweet? Shit!


The following phone calls are always activated in the same order, regardless of how the above call is placed.

Salvatore: Hey Carl, my boy!

CJ: Mr. Leone!

Salvatore: Everybody's talking about the job you did on that Saint Mark's Bistro.

CJ: Thank you, Mr. Leone!

Salvatore: And, err... you took care of those three loose ends?

CJ: Yeah, those poor saps ran into a little trouble along the way. You won't be hearing from Mr. Rosenberg again.

Salvatore: Good boy! Good boy! Uh, now listen, you gotta have to keep a low profile or people will start to make connections. So let's keep our distance for a while, uh? I'll call you.

CJ: Thank you, Mr. Leone!


CJ: Hello?

Woozie: Hey, CJ, what's up with you? Are we doing this heist or are you going soft on me again?

CJ: Hey, check it. Them fools been shipped out of the Venturas, Salvatore will think I'm cool, so it's on. I'll meet you back at the dragons.

Woozie: Okay, cool, later!


  • Using cheats to jump over the brick wall allows the player to explore parts of a poorly detailed Portland, however, the ground is not always solid, and only parts of the city are viewable.
  • The Jetpack cheat cannot be used to fly away from the mission, as there is an invisible ceiling preventing the Jetpack from gaining height. A Gameshark or Action Replay cheats device however can allow the Jetpack to ascend.
  • Deleted audio for the game reveals that Rockstar Games had intended for the high ranking Forelli Family gang member to be called Marco Forelli. However, as the audio was not used, the character remains un-named.
  • Liberty City is technically an interior, found in the interior world, despite having an exterior look. It is located next to the Doherty garage in San Fierro.
  • During the mission, a car can be seen in the yard behind the bistro; it has a unique license plate reading "4GEDIT" ("forget it"), a message to the player to forget about exploring Liberty City.
  • If the player destroys the Sentinel in the courtyard, then only the trunk and hood will fall off, and all the four doors will stay on, hinting that the car is locked when the player wants to enter it.
  • The area behind the Bistro in Grand Theft Auto III and GTA Liberty City Stories is just empty space.
  • This mission originally had the Forelli mobster escape by car, which would lead Carl into a car chase around Portland. The mission was changed to a basic shootout early in development. This is the reason why the majority of Portand is only partially developed, with low textures.
  • The music heard inside the restaurant is Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings.
  • In relation to Liberty City's location on the east coast with San Andreas, which is located on the west coast, it would take approximately 9-10 hours to fly between them.
  • Although this mission primarily takes place in Liberty City, the radio station that the player was last listening to can oddly be heard on the taxi while pulling up to the bistro. This is impossible as a radio on the east coast cannot pick up the signals of west coast radio stations - especially without the use of a satellite radio in 1992.
  • Occasionally, the Taxi Carl is riding can run over a pedestrian (see below).
  • Strangely, when you exit the Shamal after leaving Liberty City (which ends up falling into the water), a Trip Skip can be activated, teleporting the player back to Caligula's Casino.


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