Brian Meech Random Encounter 2/Script

The following is a script of the second encounter with Brian Meech in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Brian: How you doing?

Niko: Okay.

Brian: That's nice. That's real nice.

Niko: Hey, I remember you. You're the comrade guy. The guy with all the jokes?

Brian: Oh, yeah... how time flies... when you're having fun.

Niko: Right. And you're definitely having a lot of fun.

Brian: No doubt. Listen, dude, you wanna make a quick buck? Come with me, I got something to show you.

(Niko and Brian get into a vehicle)

Brian: Take me over to Masterson Street.

Niko: So, what are you showing me?

Brian: Dude, this is meant to be the biggest rock in the world. These guys are fucking scientists. Thing's meant to be bigger than my fist. Bigger than a melon, fucking genius! Gonna last me weeks.

Niko: Sure it will.

Brian: Bidding war was fierce dude. Like being on the trading floor... yeah! Hah!

(Niko drives Brian to Masterson Street)

Brian: Wait here while I make this deal, dude. Let's hope this thing isn't too heavy for me to carry by myself. Sick.

Dealer: Yo, Mr. Banker-man. This a real sound investment you making. A good use of your assets and shit. Mos def.

(Brian gets back in the vehicle with Niko)

Brian: Dude, take me over to Wappinger and Hardin.

Niko: Did you get it?

Brian: Yeah, but this ain't no rock - it's a fucking boulder. This shit's gonna blast me to the moon. What's that film where that guy is on a mountain and he gets chased by that huge boulder?

Niko: I don't know.

Brian: Shit dude, I should remember this. Anyway, that's how I'm gonna feel when this shit's chasing me round my head.

(Niko takes Brian to Wappinger Ave)

Niko: This your place?

Brian: Yeah sorta... no. It doesn't matter. Here's some dolla. Appreciate the ride.

Alternate dialogue

Niko: What am I seeing, funny guy?

Brian: Something your eyes will never believe. The ninth wonder of the modern world, my friend.

Niko: The suspense is killing me.

Brian: You are about to see the biggest rock of crack known to man, this thing is meant to be so fucking big, it has its own gravitational pull - no fucking shit!

Niko: I reckon every rock of crack has a gravitational pull for you, buddy.

(Brian makes the deal and enters the vehicle with Niko)

Niko: You negotiate a good deal on that thing?

Brian: Fuck yeah, invested my whole severance pay in this baby. Worth every fucking penny. I could chisel off a bit of this every day for a month and it would still be huge.

Niko: Or you could just smoke it all at once?

Brian: I like your style, dude. I like your fucking style. Excess is never excessive.

Failing the mission

Attacking the dealers

Niko: Go for a walk. If anyone asks, you didn't see my face.


Niko: I don't want to hurt you, so go. Get lost. Okay?

Niko: If you know what's good for you, you will get out of here.