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The following is a script of the mission "Call and Collect" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Francis: Were you followed?

Niko: Hey... strange seeing you here, officer McReary.

Francis: I told you to come here, fucking maggot.

Niko: You did? Why?

Francis: I know about you.

Niko: Know what?

Francis: I know enough, boy.

Niko: What do you know, boy?

Francis: I know you killed Mikhail Faustin. I know a group of Russians want you dead. I know you ain't no saint, boy.

Niko: I don't know what you're talking about, chief.

Francis: Do you think this is a town that can keep a secret?

Niko: I really don't know what you're talking about.

Francis: Yeah ya do. You know that a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. That people ain't perfect... that life is a mess...

Niko: Sure. Everybody knows that.

Francis: So you look out for me... and I don't look out for you. Know what I mean?

Niko: I think so.

Francis: So there's a guy trying to blackmail me.

Niko: Who?

Francis: I don't know. Thinks he's getting paid though. The guy's smart. He arranged to do the exchange by the Humboldt River off Silicon Street. Said to call him from the viewpoint there.

Niko: Okay.

Francis: Listen... I did what I did... I made a mistake. That don't make me the devil. Now obviously I can't go, cause then he gets a picture of me giving him money, and I'm admitting guilt. I ain't guilty of nothing, other than being a man.

Niko: To be honest, I don't really care one way or another.

Francis: Well... I'm a good man.

Niko: No doubt.

Francis: Call me when you get to the spot.


(Niko goes to the viewpoint and calls Francis)

Niko: I'm in the park, now what?

Francis: Alright. This guy told me to bring the money there and call him. That mean's he's somewhere close and he's got a phone. I'm gonna text you his number. You've got to call him and keep a lookout for someone answering a phone. He won't be far.

(Francis texts Niko)

The blackmailer's number is 843-555-0124. - Francis

(Niko calls the number)

Blackmailer: Hello? Who's this?

Niko: A friend. I'm calling about your exchange with McReary.

Blackmailer: Yeah, he better have my paper. I ain't fucking around.

Niko: I'm sure he's got your money. Have you got the stuff he wants?

Blackmailer: Yeah. I got it. We're gonna make this shit happen. I don't mess around, you know? Push me and this shit is all over Weazel News. I got them on speed dial.

Niko: Really?

Blackmailer: Yeah, and there's a lawyer called Tom Goldberg who's real interested. He's hungry for McReary's blood and shit. Yeah.

Niko: Good thing Francis is paying then.

Blackmailer: Call me when the exchange is going down. I don't like all the talking. Yeah.

(Niko calls him again)

Blackmailer: Shit, it's you again. Money best be the topic of this conversation.

Niko: Yeah, yeah. We're talking about how you ain't getting no money, but you're still giving up the photos.

Blackmailer: I told McReary I wasn't giving up them photos unless he paid me. He was gonna have to take 'em from my cold, dead hand.

Niko: You know what? He thought that that wasn't such a bad idea. Looks like you've been fucking with the wrong cop.

Blackmailer: You know what? Fuck this. I'm getting out of here. The meet's off, buddy.

(The blackmailer runs away and Niko chases him)

Blackmailer: Be cool.

Blackmailer: I'll get rid of them, let me live.

Blackmailer: I just wanted the money.

(Niko kills the blackmailer and takes the evidence to Francis)

Niko: Here. He's dead.

Francis: Great, I can get rid of these now. I feel like a new man. Not many people get a second chance like this. It's my redemption.

Niko: Your sins are absolved, I guess.

Post mission text message

Meet me at the station, Niko. Thought it might be nice for you to see the place from the good guy's side of the bars. - Francis

Post mission phone calls


(If the blackmailer was pushed into the water and killed)

Francis: Tell me you got the stuff?

Niko: I don't, but no one else does either. They're under the water along with the guy that had them.

Francis: That's a weight off my mind. You don't need to be worrying about me knocking on your door in the middle of the night. At least not tomorrow night that is. I'm watching you.


Patrick: Niko, it's Patrick McReary. You and me did some work for Elizabeta Torres together.

Niko: You mean I saved your ass?

Patrick: Well, if I'd a known it was such a big deal to you, I would asked you to let them kill me. Anyway, if you're in need of extra funds I'm in need of a good man. Come over to me Ma's on Savannah Avenue in Meadows Park.

Niko: I'm always in need of money. See you there.

Failing the mission

Blackmailer gets away

Niko: You might want to think about paying the man. He got away.

Francis: What? Did he know I had something to do with it? Shit, I got to call him. Don't fuck up again.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Blackmailer: Ahh, shit. You're the guy.

Blackmailer: Hey, wait a second. Shit.

Blackmailer: I don't got all day.

Blackmailer: I shouldn't a got involved.

Blackmailer: I was just talking to you.

Blackmailer: I'm in over my head.

Blackmailer: Peace, dude. Chill!

Blackmailer: Shit, he clearly wants this stuff on the news.

Blackmailer: Something's wrong here.

Blackmailer: There are other copies. Don't do this.

Blackmailer: This isn't going to end with my death.

Blackmailer: This isn't right.

Blackmailer: Wouldn't it be easier just to pay?

Blackmailer: You're right there.