Frank Tenpenny informs Carl Johnson and Ryder about the ammunition on the freight train
Frank Tenpenny informs Carl Johnson and Ryder about the ammunition on the freight train

Frank Tenpenny informs Carl Johnson and Ryder about the ammunition on the freight train
Game GTA San Andreas
For Ryder
Target Los Santos Vagos and Ballas
Location Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas
Reward Respect
Unlocks Robbing Uncle Sam
Unlocked by Home Invasion

Catalyst is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by tertiary antagonist and high-ranking Grove Street Families member Lance "Ryder" Wilson, under the inspiration of the primarily antagonistic C.R.A.S.H. team, from his house in the Grove Street cul-de-sac in the Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas.


Carl pays another visit to Ryder, who is making his own "water" after he couldn't find it in his backyard. While Carl and Ryder are talking, corrupt officer Frank Tenpenny and his accomplices, Edward "Eddie" Pulaski and Jimmy Hernandez drop by to inform the two that there will be a army munitions train passing through town shortly, and that enemy gangs such as the Ballas and Vagos will try to raid the train.

The two immediately depart, arriving at the train only to find that the Vagos have ambushed the train first and are attempting to offload munitions fighting the Grove Street boys. Once the Vagos are dead, the Ballas show up and try to take the train, but are killed. Not wanting to lose the munitions, Carl jumps on the train. Ryder is now in the back of his Picador, waiting with a Grove Street gangster driving behind the train, with Carl throwing some boxes to him. After acquiring sufficient munitions, the two are pursued by the police. They go to the nearby Pay 'n' Spray to lose the cops, and go back to Ryder's home.


CJ: Hey, Ryder? What the hell you doing?

Ryder: Nigga, I couldn't find that wet I buried, so I'm making my own. It's easy, fool.

CJ: Oooh! That's strong. (pushes him away from the stove as he tries to up the flame) Man, don't do that! You'll sauté the both of us.

Tenpenny: (enters with Pulaski and Hernandez) Morning boys!

Ryder: Man, who you calling a boy, fool?

Tenpenny: What should I call you? Midget?

Pulaski: How about prick?

Tenpenny: Prick...

Pulaski: Yeah, prick works.

Ryder: Man, fuck you.

Tenpenny: (pushes Ryder away) Bitch, get outta here. (takes a whiff) Mmm... Smells good. What's cooking? Where's mine?

Ryder: Man, just chill out, a'ight. Move. Here. (hands over a bottle of sherm) Don't be sweating me, motherfucker.

Tenpenny: Mmm, my wife loves this stuff, man. (hands the bottle to Hernandez as Pulaski laughs and turns to Carl) Anyway, there's a train gonna make an unscheduled stop just down the way. Its got a, how you say, "little something something" on board for you boys. Square business, man.

Pulaski: (as they turn to leave) Catch you later, homeboys.

Ryder: Asshole.

Tenpenny: Oh Carl, try not to kill any more respected police officers. Please?

Pulaski: Crime has certainly gone up since you got back, kid.

CJ: Just doing my part for the community.

Tenpenny: Your train's gonna be there in five.

(Carl and Ryder drive to the railway lines dividing Jefferson and Las Colinas.)

Ryder: You drive, CJ. Seeing you as Mr. Driver and all.

CJ: Man, not your shit again. Don't give me a hard time about my driving, I ain't got the energy for it, man!

Ryder: Well don't go roll the damn car over and blow us all up in flames then.

CJ: I ain't rsing to that shit, man.

Ryder: Good! Means you'd concentrate on the road then.

CJ: (chuckles) You love to give your homies a hard time.

Ryder: Just trying to keep my soldiers alive, nigga.

CJ: Huhuh, by nagging them to death?

Ryder: Watch the road, motherfucker, the road!

(Carl and Ryder finish off some Vagos who ambushed the train first, and attack some Ballas, who now arrive.)

Ryder: What's this, we got Ballas trying to crash the party?

CJ: Look like Tenpenny told every gang in South Central.

Ryder: (after killing the Ballas) Go check out the train, CJ!

CJ: (as he climbs on the train, which starts moving) Damn, what is that?

Ryder: Chill out, fool! We're gonna be right behind you. Throw me some boxes, CJ! Damn, not so hard! Nice throw, fool! Bull's eye! Oh yeah! And another one. (gets the last crate) Okay, CJ, that's all I can carry! (they halt, receiving police attention) Hop in the car and stamp out, fool!

(Carl and Ryder, once gone back to Ryder's home after losing the cops.)

Ryder: Damn, homie, your stuff was tight!

CJ: You too, homie!

Ryder: LB's coming over to stash the shit.

CJ: Okay, later then. (exits the Picador)

Ryder: For life, CJ, for life - you heard?


The reward for this mission is an increase in respect. The mission Robbing Uncle Sam is unlocked.


  • According to this mission, Tenpenny has a drug addict wife, though due to his tone of voice, Tenpenny could be joking.
  • The song heard in the pre-mission cut scene is Fantastic Voyage by Lakeside, this song can also be heard on Bounce FM.
  • If the player kills Ryder before climbing on the back of the train, you won't be able to steal it - even if the mission is failed, it will remain locked.
  • The freight in this mission has only one car attached, which is the only time this occurs in GTA San Andreas.


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