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Please discuss candidates for deletion here

Four categories for deletion

I am nominating the following four categories for deletion:

Category: Counties All pages previously categorized there was recategorized over to Category: Counties in San Andreas, thus providing a reason for its deletion.

Category: Police Officers I originally created this category but later decided that the "Officers" part ought to be made lowercase, and thus I moved all pages originally categorized there to a new category at Category: Police officers.

Category: Grand Theft Auto III Missions I originally created this category in 15th of April, 2007 but later discovered my error when it turned out that a category called Category: Grand Theft Auto III missions already existed as of its creation since 12th of March, 2006.

Category: Products, this one I'm somewhat undecided on but still wanted to see discussion on whether this ought to be deleted or not. I originally categorized since an article RAILS already had been categorized into this category in question. However, I later decided to re-categorize that article along with Maibatsu Monstrosity into another category I created called Category: In-game products, and thus I decided to, for lack of better word, "de-categorize" this category at this point.

I hope I am doing this properly, procedure-wise. Thanks. --Legion 14:52, 20 April 2007 (UTC)