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You may be looking for North Chumash, a small town located north of Chumash, or Chumash and Grab, a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Chumash is a town north of Los Santos in Los Santos County, San Andreas appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The town, on the coast, appears to be largely tourist based and is a wealthy area.

Events of HD Universe

In 2013, two to four unnamed accomplices of Gerald G. steal a boat docked at the Chumash Historic Family Pier, which had been used by the Los Santos Vagos to smuggle drugs from Mexico. Later in the year, Michael De Santa and FIB agent Dave Norton, acting upon information extracted from Ferdinand Kerimov by Trevor Philips, kill Azerbaijani philanthropist Tahir Javan at a house party in Chumash, believing him to be a terrorist.


Mission appearances

GTA Online