Automated Teller Machine

An ATM in GTA IV when the player "uses" it. The ATM can only display the amount of money the player carries.
An ATM inside an LTD filling station in GTA V.

Automated teller machines, more commonly known as ATMs, are computerized machine that can be used to complete monetary transactions such as balance check or withdrawal. In the Grand Theft Auto series, ATMs have seen very limited use, being interactive in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.


Although ATMs have been featured since Grand Theft Auto III, they serve as non-interactive props commonly found inside or outside banks.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, ATMs are interactive devices, but only serve as a means to show the player how much money the player has - despite the fact that the player's money is already displayed in the game's HUD. ATMs in GTA IV can be found in various locations throughout Liberty City, such as near shopping complexes, hospitals and other areas useful to the player, and are implied to be operated by the Bank of Liberty, headquartered in southern Algonquin. ATMs can be found in standalone form or wall-mounted form, but function identically.

ATMs return in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online with added functionality. The player can now view their last eleven credit-debit transactions and their cash on hand. GTA Online adds the ability to view the player's bank balance, withdraw and deposit fixed amounts ($20, $50, $100, etc).



  • Crockett Ave (Southern most corner of Mohawk Ave).
  • Tulsa St (Mohawk Ave side).
  • Deadwood St (Opposite the alleyway).
  • Corner of Tuscarora Ave and Cassidy St.
  • Cassity St (Opposite the alleyway).
  • Corner of Savannah Ave and Seymour Ave (Directly below Howard St).
  • Harrison St (Corner of Yorktown St).
  • Meadows Park (Just off of Cleves Ave).
  • Bismark Ave (Corner of Silicon St).
  • Frankfort Ave (Western fork beside Topaz Ave).
  • Union Drive East (Almost level with Nickel St).
  • Bismark Ave (Corner of Manganese St).
  • Kunzite St (Halfway between Frankfort Ave and the small road connecting Kunzite St to Jade St, the Jade St directly to the South).
  • Amsterdam Ln (One block above Amethyst St, just south of small lane connecting Amsterdam Ln to Bismark Ave).
  • Babbage Drive (On corner of Cockerell Ave).


  • Occasionally in GTA V, if the player kills a pedestrian who just used an ATM, massive amounts of money will spawn repeatedly on the ground.