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The following is a script of the mission Clean and Serene in The Lost and Damned.


Terry: Hold on little buddy.

Johnny: Come on guys, come on let's go.

Terry: Alright man... Keep it up, I'm gonna push you down these stairs.

Johnny; Alright, everybody, c'mon. Break it up, let's go.

Jim: See ya, fuck.

(The Lost leave the clubhouse and meet with Billy Grey who is talking to his parole officer)

Roncero: You do understand what probation means?

Billy: Uh... yes sir.

Roncero: It means that if you continue down that same path, you'll be locked up and calling some cellmate Daddy within a month.

Billy: Yes, sir.

Roncero: If I had it my way, we wouldn't waste our time - you'd be inside already.

Chad: Mr. Grey has made great progress. His share on willfulness was one of the most powerful things I've ever heard. I believe in this man.

Roncero: Well, let's hope you don't live to regret that faith.

Chad: God works in mysterious ways.

Roncero: In this case, it seems God is down right perverse, but I'll leave the salvation to you gentlemen. You, stay out of trouble.

Billy: Yes, Daddy.

Roncero: Excuse me?

Billy: Yes sir.

Chad: Remember. It's a disease.

Billy: I know, Chad. I know. It's a disease. Meetings every day. Call you if I feel the need to use. Pray. I pray. In fact, I'm praying right now.

Chad: You're very willful.

Billy: Was very willful, Chad, was very willful. I've changed. And you know what, Chad? You changed me. Gentlemen, shall we get the fuck out of here?

Chad: Hey, stay in touch!

(Johnny gives Billy his Lost MC jacket)

Johnny: Yo. Here you go.

Billy: It's about time.

(Billy puts the jacket on)

Billy: Home sweet home.


Billy: Let's get the fuck outta here. Back to the house, boys.


Billy: Back to the source, boys. That bar had better be stocked.

Billy: Come on, brothers. Get me back to church.

Johnny: Only Billy Grey would get taken down on a distribution beef and end up in a country club. How were things in there?

Billy: You know, John boy, it was kinda hard. Harder thank you'd think. I don't know what I'd rather go back to, stints in the hole or group share cluster fucks in that place.

Johnny: Okay.

Billy: Whether it's train gangs in the showers or grown men crying and hugging in rehab, there's definitely an undeniable twinge of homosexuality in this fine country's correctional system.

Johnny: No wonder you keep getting caught then, Billy. You can't stay away from it.

Billy: Now let's be clear, I keep getting caught because assholes like you ain't watching out for me.

Johnny: Don't question me. Sometimes you gotta look out for yourself, Billy.

Billy: Okay. I'll save my questions until I see the chapter. And you better have looked after my baby.

(If Johnny drives recklessly)

Billy: Losing your edge, man.

Billy: Whoa, Johnny.

Billy: Watch it.

Billy: Easy, John.

Billy: Come on, man.

(If Johnny dismounts the bike)

Billy: Where you going?

Billy: What's the hold up?

Billy: Get back on the bike, Johnny. It ain't an order... yet.

Billy: Come on, man. Don't throw a hissy fit.

Billy: You off to Temple or something?

(If Johnny or Billy falls off the bike)

Billy: Forgotten how to ride while I was inside, did you?

Billy: Shit, John. You should have a drink. Your nerves must be shot.

Billy: What the fuck, John boy - you hate me more than my parole officer does?

Billy: You ain't gonna keep those good looks if you keep falling off your bike, John.

Billy: You trying to break my neck on my first day outside?

(If Johnny is idle)

Jim: Take us there, Johnny. Come on.


Jim: Can you see something I can't. Why're we stopped?

Jim: What's the hold up, man?

Jim: I thought you were leading us there, Johnny.

(Johnny and the others arrive at the Lost MC Clubhouse)

Johnny: I bet you're happy to see this place, man.


Johnny: Welcome back, man.

Johnny: Here we are, dude.

(They go into the clubhouse)

Billy: It is good to be back my brothers! Hoo-ha! Line 'em up, motherfuckers!

Johnny: Line 'em up, my brother... yes, sir!

Billy: Johnny, what's going on?

Johnny: Not much, Bill. Usual stuff.

Brian: We missed you, Bill.

Billy: So, aching for a fucking drink here.

Brian: Just pour, Willy Wetbacks.

Johnny: Salut, motherfucker.

Brian: To wet pussy and dry tequila.

(Johnny, Billy, Brian and Terry take a shot of whiskey)

Billy: Yummy. So, Johnny boy. Where's my bike?

Johnny: You know where it is.

Billy: Let me rephrase the question - where the fuck is my bike, and why the fuck haven't you got it back for me?

Johnny: Because you know where it is.

Billy: Are you deaf? Give me that whisky. Are you fucking deaf?

Johnny: No.

Billy: Then answer the God damn question. Why the fuck haven't you got it back for me, friend, brother?

Johnny: One word: business. Like I told you when you were in there, or were you so busy playing holier-than-thou you started believing your own bullshit?

Billy: Oh forgive me. You know, I've had a complicated few weeks.

Brian: I can only imagine, Bill.

Billy: Shut up Brian. You know, coming off heroin's kinda hard. I think I acquired this touch of amnesia. What business is more important, mister 1980s yuppie big shot, than your best friend's bike, when he's close to getting a fifteen year stretch?

Johnny: The business that pays his lawyers fees. The business that puts food on all of our tables. The business that we are all in, while you're out pretending to be saved.

Billy: Get my bike.

Johnny: What am I? Your fucking dog?

Brian: I told you we should have got the bike.

Johnny: You told me? You don't tell me shit, you little fuck. Listen, Billy, they were pissed and they had a reason. Your bike chopped that girl's leg off. You put Joe Jon's nephew in a coma. The Deadbeats kept the bike. We needed the money.

Billy: You needed some balls. Some fuckin' heart. Something. I can't believe I'm hearing this shit.

Brian: Yeah.

Johnny: And I can't believe I'm hearing this - after everything we did for you. Paid your rehab, paid your lawyers fees, paid your rent, paid everything, shit, we set stuff up for you. We do well, man but it's time to be smart.

Billy: You're right, you're right, no, you're right... You know what I'm going to do? I'm gonna run right out and buy a condo. Get a mortgage, 401(k). Then fold that over into an IRA and a CD. What the fuck man? Be smart? You be smart you fucking chump, you're ridiculous. Have you got a healthcare plan?

Jim: Come on Johnny. Let's just get his bike. Come on.

Johnny: Well, on your head be it.

Billy: It always is. It's called leadership. Shit meaning something.

Johnny: Yeah and your shit means a lot, man. C'mon.

(Johnny and the others begin to leave)

Billy: Johnny.

Johnny: Yeah?

Billy: Wait - come here. Listen, man, I'm a little pent up right now. you saw that shit I had to go through, right? It was really frustrating. Fucked up shit. Craziness, right? Okay so I'm a little pissed off and I've been a bit of a prick lately, but come on man. You and Angus built that bike for me. That's gotta stand for something.

Johnny: Yeah you're right, brother. I'm gonna get it. And you know what? Peace and prosperity be damned.

Billy: Peace and prosperity be damned my brother. You are my brother, Johnny. Always.

Johnny: Let's go!

(Everyone leaves and heads towards Bohan)

Billy: If you want something done right, you do it yourself.


Billy: Hold on. I'm thinking you could use the guiding hand of your president on this noble quest.

Billy: Brothers, I couldn't let you run this errand with out me. You might fuck it up.

Billy: Scooch up, Johnny boy. I'm riding bitch.


Billy: Brothers aren't meant to be this close, Johnny. But we're gonna have to be until I get my bike back.

Billy: Until we get my bike, I'm the monkey on your back.

Jim: Let's hope Pretty Boy still knows where this thing is. Guantanamo Avenue, boys.


Jim: Shit, I guess we gotta make a call on Pretty Boy. He's over in Bohan on Guantanamo.

Jim: That guy with the bone yard might know where the bike is. He's over on Guantanamo.

Billy: Look at me, manage to avoid prison and I'm still ass to cock with a dude.

Johnny: Yeah, well, I ain't too happy about it neither man - you wanna turn around and go back to the clubhouse?

Billy: I'm happy about it alright, John boy. Fuck, after that therapy shit, a drink and the road is all I need.

Johnny: Good to know.

Billy: You been missing me all that time I spent sharing and caring in rehab?

Johnny: Let's get your bike and save the emotions for later.

Billy: You know what, Johnny? You could do with some of the trust exercises they got in there. I'm going to blindfold you when we get back. All you gotta do is fall over and trust that your brothers are going to catch ya. Can you do that?

Johnny: You boys'll be too drunk to catch VD, let alone two hundred and thirty pounds of rapidly approaching middle age.

Billy: Technically, you're two hundred and thirty pounds of Jewish biker, John boy. Your faith has gotta come first.

Johnny: Religion, Billy. Religion. I gave up with faith.

Billy: Johnny the Jew. Klebitz the Heeb. Good to be here, man. Good to fucking be here. What's your problem?

Johnny: Nothing, man.

Billy: I'm the lead of the chapter again, Johnny. And you're just another brother. Can you handle it?

Johnny: Long as you run the chapter right we can all handle it.

Billy: I'll run it the way it needs to be run. Same as the three guys before me did. Same as I'm doing now.

Johnny: Really? It feels kinda different. Before all we cared about was having fun, the brothers, getting shit-faced, it's screw you, you get in our way, you're gonna get your teeth kicked in.

Billy: Thank you for sharing! And now what's it feel like to you, Jonathon?

Johnny: It feels like knocking heads is a full time job and maybe if we stopped doing it for a minute, we'd look around and realize that the fun ended a long time ago.

Billy: Yeah? Well, I signed up to be a brother for life, you ungrateful fuck. If you're in The Lost for the good times only, fair weather weekends in the Carraways, then you ain't in The Lost. You get me?

Johnny: Chill out, man. I just hope when we decide to take a break, to slow down, that it's still an option on the table.

(Johnny and the others arrive at a garage in Bohan)

Jim: He should be in here.


Jim: This is the joint.

Jim: Here we are.

(Jim and Johnny enter the garage)

Jim: Pretty Boy.

Pretty Boy: Hey.

Jim: Where's the bike?

Pretty Boy: Oh, it's good to see you too, tough guys. Uhh... what bike are you talking about exactly?

Johnny: You know what we're talking about. Billy's bike.

Pretty Boy: Billy's bike? Jesus, man, it's been a long time. I thought he was dead. What's he want it for? To see it for crack right, eh?

Jim: Shut up.

Pretty Boy: Listen, you know how it is. Thing's passed hands, parts been changed up. Hard to say if that chopper's even around anymore. Sorry, boys.

(Billy enters the garage)

Billy: You will be, my friend. You will be.

Pretty Boy: Hey, good to see you, bill. Man, I thought you was dead...

Jim: Jim start up the bike.

(Jim starts up a motorcycle in the garage)

Pretty Boy: Whoa, hold on...

(Johnny grabs the mechanic's head and pushes his face against the moving tires)

Pretty Boy: Wait please,, noooo...

Billy: Where - is - my bike?

Johnny: Speak, you ugly fuck.

Pretty Boy: Ah, okay listen... ah, the Angels of Death took it to their place in Northwood.

Billy: Motherfucking Angels of Death.

Pretty Boy: That's all I know... please!

(Johnny throws the mechanic on the ground)

Johnny: Thank you.

Billy: Yes, thank you.

(Billy hits the mechanic in the face with a hammer and they leave)

Jim: Alright then, let's wrap this up.


Jim: Come on, let's get this over with.

Jim: Okay, now all we gotta do is pick up the bike.

(The group heads towards an Angels of Death hangout)

Johnny: You didn't have to do that. He told you who had the bike.

Billy: You really gone soft, haven't you Johnny? You know, you could do with a stretch in the joint, might harden you up.

Johnny: Whatever.

Billy: What about an eye for an eye and all that shit? You shoulda been the one to make that guy pay for holding out.

Johnny: Enough with that shit. We got more things to worry about than respect and stupid kids' stuff. We got to keep business afloat or we're fucked.

Billy: You just don't get it, do you? This is what it's about. This. Not that money shit. We're in it to stick it to all those yuppies and hippies and mother fucking Deadbeats. Give me a stiff drink, some hard drugs, the road and my chopper. That's all I need. Maybe an occasional bit of the hole. Wouldn't be a man if I didn't need that now, would I? How's Ashley, by the way? She single?

Johnny: What about your brothers, man? Ain't you in it for The Lost?

Billy: Everything I do is about The Lose. I don't exist without my brothers - without you. If you don't get that, then you don't get nothing, John boy. Sad state of affairs.

Johnny: Yeah, well, it's some tough love you're showing them.

(The groups arrives at the hangout)

Jim: This is it, here goes.

Johnny: Let's get your bike then.


Johnny: Come on. Let's get your fucking bike.

Billy: We're here for out property, you Deadbeats.

Billy: We're gonna go get my fucking ride.

Billy: Screw the fucking Angels of Death.

(They begin fighting the Angels of Death)

Billy: Where's my baby?

Billy: You shouldn't take another man's bike.

Billy: This'll teach you to screw with The Lost.

Billy: Fuck the AOD.

Billy: Where is it?

Billy: You Deadbeats are gonna pay.

Jim: Make this easy on yourselves.

Jim: Give up the bike, come on.

Jim: Easy there.

Jim: We just want the bike.

Jim: Get down and stay down.

Jim: That bike is property of The Lost.

Angels of Death: I thought we had a truce here?

Angels of Death: This bike's ours fair and square.

Angels of Death: The Lost ain't nobody. Fuck yuz.

Angels of Death: You're on AOD turf now, boys.

Angels of Death: What moron let Billy Grey outta the joint?

Angels of Death: Fuck me, Joe Jon's gonna be pissed.

(If Johnny shoots Billy's bike)

Billy: Fucking Johnny. Look where you're shooting.

Billy: Watch the fucking bike, asshole.

Billy: You're going to fix that, John boy.

Billy: That's my bike, Johnny.

(The group kills all of the Angels of Death)

Billy: Lives were lost today. Can't say it wasn't worth it though.


Billy: There she is, my baby.

Billy: I have been missing this bitch.

(Billy gets on his bike)

Billy: Follow me back to the house, boys.


Billy: Back me up, brothers, we're heading for a drink.

Billy: I think we earned us a drink, follow me.

Johnny: Welcome home, Bill. We're right behind ya.


Johnny: Lead the way, Mr. President.

Johnny: We're all behind you, Billy. Lead on.

(The group heads back to the clubhouse)

Clay: Looks like Billy's back getting this old gang into deep shit.

Johnny: That's a President's job, ain't it, Clay? Same with a motorcycle club or a whole country.

Clay: Who knows, man? I leave the politicking to you boys.

Jim: Billy got his bike back. He'll be cool now.

Johnny: Yeah, Jim? Something tells me fucking up Pretty Boy and killing them Deadbeats ain't enough for him.

Jim: Maybe. Let's just say I'm not gonna share today's events with Jackie and the kid.

Terry: What's Ashley gonna do now Billy's back?

Johnny: Fuck me Terry. That's her call. It's a free country.

Terry: I don't know where you've been living, pal. Us brothers are the only free people I see.

Johnny: Jason, I haven't seen you around much, man.

Jason: Yeah, I been fucking this Russian broad in Broker. Gets her psycho daddy real mad.

Johnny: He gives you trouble, he'll have to start worrying about the whole chapter. Tell him that. Then we'll see how psycho he is.

Johnny: Hey, Billy! how's it feel to be on the old bike, man?

Billy: Like when your wife is screwing the neighbor. I'm gonna be up all night tuning her back to normal.

Johnny: You're gonna be up all night fucking and getting high. The bike'll wait til morning.

(If Johnny doesn't hold formation)

Billy: You're outta line, John Boy. Stick behind me.

Billy: You forgotten your place, soldier? Stay behind the ride captain.

Billy: Stay in formation, Johnny. Get behind me.

(The group arrives back at the clubhouse)

Johnny: Okay, Bill. You got your bike. Take what you gotta take, drink what you gotta drink, fuck what you gotta fuck. I don't care, kill who you gotta kill. But get it out of your system.

Billy: Mmm.

Johnny: And when you do, give me a call and we'll get back to business.

Billy: You're not my PO, brother. Remember who the head of this chapter is.

Johnny: I do, man... trust me.

Bill: Tell me, do you still have Ashely's phone number? Why don't you give her a call for me? Tell her I'm inside, getting all sorts of fucked up. And that I would really like some, I mean we, meaning all of us, would love some hole.

Alternate dialogue

Billy: Had any contact with my dream old friends, the Angels of Death?

Johnny: There's a truce, Billy. You know that. A truce means no hassle, everybody gets to do business and make money without looking over their shoulders too much.

Billy: All the money in the world isn't worth anything if you don't have your pride, my brother.

Johnny: It's hard to be proud when you don't have a roof over your head. I can show you the books.

Billy: Fucking books, man. Fucking books. Show me whiskey. Show me some hole. I've been putting up with rehab skanks getting sex therapy for the last few months. I need something real.

Johnny: Oh yeah?

Billy: Who's been hanging round the house? The usual mattress cover?

Johnny: Some old faces, some new ones.

Billy: I ain't interested in their faces. You're the one who gets emotionally attached, J, not me. Well, not to women at least.

Johnny: Just bikes and drugs then?

Billy: Bikes and brothers, Johnny. Bikes and brothers. I ain't attached to no drugs, man. They're attached to me, clingy bastards.

(They leave and head towards Bohan)

Billy: How's Angus?

Johnny: Good, you know. You should go and see him.

Billy: Yeah, sure. I got a lot on my plate. I only just got out and look at the state of shit around here.

Johnny: He's appreciate it if you made some time for him. He may be stuck in a chair, but he's still a member of The Lost.

Billy: That guy, he's an exceptional human being, an example to us all. After the accident, shit.

Johnny: Yeah.

Billy: I mean, he can't ride, he can't get any hole.

Johnny: I know what he can't do, Billy. He does too. Just go and fucking see him, alright?

Billy: You're tense, Johnny. Must have been stressful heading up the chapter while I was away.

Johnny: It was fine.

Billy: Not everybody's shoulders are wide enough to bear the responsibility. Are any of the brothers giving you shit? I'll have a talk to them, don't worry.

Johnny: Things ran smoothly, Bill. You know, they ran smooth when we were concentrating on shifting drugs and not just putting them in our arms or up our noses.

Billy: With a nose the size of yours there wouldn't be much blow left for the other brothers anyway, John boy.

Johnny: All I'm saying is we were cool. We took a break from saying "fuck you" to everything and we made some deals that worked out.

Billy: Yeah, good for you Johnny. If you had so much fun why don't you go start your own chapter?

Johnny: That's not what I meant, man.

Billy: Because this one, my chapter, isn't big enough to have two people pulling it in different directions.

Johnny: I know, man. I'm loyal, but I ain't a drone, man. We should be able to talk about shit.

Billy: You know, I've been here since I got out of juvie. I've seen men die for their brothers and men rat their brothers out. And I know that this gang don't mean shit if men don't follow their leader.

(The group leaves and heads towards an Angels of Death hangout)

Johnny: Poor fuck. I don't think he's got any nose left.

Billy: Well yours is plenty big, my compassionate friend. You should donate some. To the cause.

Johnny: Shit, you know best, Bill, you're the leader. You make these decisions, I'll just taxi you around on your little welcome back tour. There any more side trips you want to make on the way to the Deadbeats?

Billy: No, I just want my bike back, that's what this is all about.

Johnny: Good.

Billy: But Johnny, you need to quit your bitching and moaning.

Johnny: I'm not gonna quit telling you when you're being an asshole. Being a leader doesn't make you right.

Billy: You haven't always got the information, brother. So shut up and behave. Your ego is getting you into trouble, my friend.

Johnny: It used to be all you need to worry about was waking up with some bruises. Maybe a broken rib and a hangover.

Billy: Don't forget about the ugly broad's you'd take home.

Johnny: Now, Pretty Boy's waking up without a face. That's not gonna go back to normal. Angus lost his legs for life.

Billy: You're out of line, Johnny. You're out of line.

(Billy leads the group back to the clubhouse)

Billy: You like being back in line? Wouldn't want you getting too used to thinking for yourself.

Johnny: Yeah, Bill? At least I twisted the wick when I had the brothers behind me, old man.

Billy: I'll twist your wick, Johnny. Twist the little thing right off your body.

Post mission phone call

Johnny: Hey Jim, what's up?

Jim: Same old bullshit, Johnny. Can you come and meet me on Aspdin over in Acter?

Johnny: Alright, brother. I'll be there.