Club Liberty

Exterior of Club Liberty in GTA IV.

Club Liberty is nightclub in the HD Universe, located in Liberty City.


Located in Northwood, Liberty City at the intersection Wardite Street and Galveston Ave, the club itself is implied to occupy up to two buildings, and is distinguished by "Club Liberty" banners hung along the building and fabric-based canopies at both ends of the club at Wardite Street.

As of 2008, many artists performed at the club:

  • Pawple
  • Rawkaz Inc.
  • .45 FAM
  • Spindle (Hip Hop Knights: Wednesday only)
  • Nice Nice (Hip Hop Knights: Wednesday only)
  • Blaqspin (Arrghh Anbeea (?): Thursday only)
  • Tropical (Arrghh Anbeeea (?): Thursday only)

Others were also set to appear, including:

  • Yurple P. Yurp
  • Da Sivillianz
  • A.I. Kippsta
  • Tha Bawjaws
  • S.P Allsturrz

Like certain bars in the game, Club Liberty has no interior.

Friend activity

Club Liberty is an ideal high-end establishment to take friends or dates out for drinking. Little Jacob and Dwayne favor this bar, as does Carmen Ortiz, one of the girlfriends that Niko can date.

Up until The Ballad of Gay Tony, Club Liberty was the only visitable nightclub in Liberty City. Unlike other clubs such as Maisonette 9 and Hercules, it is not prominently featured in TBoGT, despite that game's nightclub theme.