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Grand Theft Wiki has a consensual style of administration. All users are invited to edit pages, discuss changes, talk to other users, question decisions and suggest changes to the wiki.

This is the hub for discussions about Grand Theft Wiki itself, primarily for changing or creating policy.

If there is something about Grand Theft Wiki you think should be changed, you can just speak to a Manager to see if something can be done. If there is some disagreement or controversy, having a public discussion in one place is the best way to look at all the points and come to a consensus.

Discussions here are not votes - the 'winning' argument does not automatically become policy - but it will inform the staff to make the changes, and generally they will follow consensus. If no consensus can be reached, (or until one is reached) the Managers can make a decision.

New Discussion

To start a new discussion, just create a page then add it to the list below: