This community project is designed to clear through the backlog of pages marked for cleanup on this wiki.

What Needs Doing

Currently, there are 181 pages in Category:Cleanup, plus many more in Category:Expand, Category:Verify and Category:Images Needed.

For each and every page, the following needs to be done

  1. Check whether cleanup is required
  2. Perform the cleanup
    • This involves removing any spam or irrelevant content, rewriting any badly-written sections, fixing broken syntax and making the article look good
  3. Remove the cleanup tag, and apply any further tags required
    • Once cleaned up, articles may still require expansion, verification or further images, so apply a relevant Cleanup Template

Distribution of Work

At the top of very category on GTW, there is a list of articles within that category that are also marked with the cleanup tag. This makes it very easy for us to divide the workload.

For example, within Category:Missions there are 134 pages requiring cleanup, of which 70 of them are GTA IV missions.


Let's start by tackling GTA IV missions, then other missions, then the remaining cleanup pages.

Any user can help, so let's get cracking!