The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Complications", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Franklin arrives at the showroom. Simeon is accusing Mr. Kenneth, a potential customer, of being racist)

Simeon Yetarian: You're a racist.

Mr. Kenneth: Wh-what?

Simeon Yetarian: You don't like me because you think that I am an Arab.

Mr. Kenneth: What? No! What are you talking about?

(Simeon notices that Franklin has arrived)

Mr. Kenneth: It's nothing like that, wait!

Simeon Yetarian: Excuse me.

Mr. Kenneth: No wait, I...

Simeon Yetarian: That boy, I am his mentor.

(Now speaking to Franklin)

Simeon Yetarian: I am so proud of you.

Franklin Clinton: What do you mean, a mentor?

Simeon Yetarian: Don't worry about that.

Franklin Clinton: Okay, so what you got for me?

Simeon Yetarian: James De Santa. Some kid, he is already late on his payments and I have this bad feeling that he will do more damage to the car than we can get back from him in the exorbitant interest rate payments. Just go and get it. The house is on... Hampstead, off Eclipse. It's an SUV. Some Rockford Hills daddy's boy nonsense. Don't worry about it, try to bring the car back in good condition, huh?

Franklin Clinton: I gotcha, don't worry about it.

Simeon Yetarian: It's so good to see you, my boy. Good luck in... Law school.

(As Franklin leaves, Simeon turns his attention back to his customer)

Simeon Yetarian: So, Mr. Kenneth, were we at financing?

Mr. Kenneth: The financing – it... it seems like a shitty deal.

Simeon Yetarian: Because of the color of my skin, you think I am a scammer?

Mr. Kenneth: (No…) No… skin color's got nothing to do with it…

(If Franklin hangs around)

Simeon Yetarian: This is under control. Get the car, okay?

Mr. Kenneth: My credit's okay, and this is all like high risk financing...

Simeon Yetarian: Yes. You are a risk. I will not give my stock away just because you are a white man.

Mr. Kenneth: No, I want a fair deal because I'm a responsible borrower in long term employment...

Simeon Yetarian: (to Franklin) I've got this covered. Go and get the car.

Mr. Kenneth: Can you let me think about it?

Simeon Yetarian: What's to think about? You're either a man or you're a vagina.

(If Franklin continues to hang around)

Simeon Yetarian: (to Franklin) Rockford Hills. The yellow four by four.

Mr. Kenneth: It just doesn't feel right.

Simeon Yetarian: You do not feel right. You're wasting my time.

Mr. Kenneth: I've got to be sure this is the right decision.

Simeon Yetarian: Buy the car, or get off the floor.

Mr. Kenneth: Look, I'm thinking.

Simeon Yetarian: Perhaps a rich idiot like you can waste the day, but I have children to feed. Decide.

Mr. Kenneth: Can't you speak to another customer and come back to me?

Simeon Yetarian: All this time, I could be mentoring the disadvantaged.

Mr. Kenneth: Gimme a minute.

(Franklin leaves and en route to the De Santa residence, Franklin receives a phone call from Simeon)

Franklin Clinton: Eh, did you change your mind?

Simeon Yetarian: When I discover that you betray me, perhaps. I hear you took the bike for yourself, my Employee of the Month!

Franklin Clinton: Listen, man, me and Lamar was gonna get that back to you, dog.

Simeon Yetarian: Oh, I am sure! You will get this car off the Daddy's boy, and then we talk. Insurance papers say they have a locked garage, so you'll need to gain access from inside the house.

Franklin Clinton: Man, it's never easy with you, is it, Simeon?

Simeon Yetarian: Do not talk to me about easy, you thief!

(Franklin arrives and is about to climb in through an open window when he can hear arguing from inside)

Jimmy De Santa: Just 'cause you got a massive gaper, bitch.

Tracey De Santa: You fucking homo. You're dead. Dad, he said I had a massive... Jimmy called me a bitch!

(Franklin is sneaking through the house, Jimmy is playing a video game)

Jimmy De Santa: He tried to knife attack me! No one creeps on the J-dog, my niggas!

(Downstairs, Amanda is talking to her tennis instructor)

Amanda De Santa: Thank you, coach.

(After retrieving the car, Franklin calls Simeon while on his way back to the showroom)

Franklin Clinton: Eh, Simeon, I got the ride, man. I'm coming back.

Simeon Yetarian: If you actually bring the repossession to me this time, I can have it back out on the street before the day is done.

(Michael De Santa, who unbeknown to Franklin was in the car all along, emerges from the rear seat and holds Franklin at gunpoint)

Michael De Santa: That's a nine millimeter semi-automatic pushed against your skull. Don't look around. You just keep driving where you're going.

Franklin Clinton: Hey, come on, man, this was a repo job. Guy was behind on his fuckin' note.

Michael De Santa: Unlikely, considering my son just got the car. And looking at the way you're going about this, my guess, you're working a credit fraud.

Franklin Clinton: A credit fraud? Be serious, dude, I just work the fuckin' repos.

Michael De Santa: I appreciate a kid who follows orders without taking responsibility. Yeah, maybe one day we'll have a beer, and I'll explain how the world really works. Who gives you the slip?

Franklin Clinton: A car dealer, dog, by the name of Simeon Yetarian.

Michael De Santa: So this businessman, he look legit to you?

Franklin Clinton: Look, man, it's just between him and your fucking son.

Michael De Santa: Don't worry. Me and Mr. Yetarian, we'll work this out. That the place?

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, that's the place, man. Whoa.

Michael De Santa: Drive into it. Right through the fucking window, and fast. Or I'll put two rounds in the back of your skull, and do it myself.

Franklin Clinton: Man, you can't be for real?

Michael De Santa: I look like a fucking joke to you?

Franklin Clinton: Man... Fuck my life, man. Fuck it.

(Franklin picks up speed, aiming the car at the dealership window)

Michael De Santa: Let's go!

(The car rams through the window)

Franklin Clinton: Shitty situations, dog.

Simeon Yetarian: Franklin! What the fuck are you doing?

Franklin Clinton: Mr. Simeon... It's not exactly how it looks.

(Michael hands some cash over to Franklin)

Michael De Santa: I always trump big for a job well done. Now get out of here, kid.

Simeon Yetarian: You motherfucker!

(In the ensuing fist fight between Michael and Simeon)

Simeon Yetarian: What is wrong with you?

(Michael pins Simeon up against Jimmy's car)

Michael De Santa: You recognize this car? Huh? Does it look like it's worth five grand a month to you?

Simeon Yetarian: You fucking racist...

(Michael slams Simeon with the car door)

Michael De Santa: I'll tell ya something, this thing's gonna need some serious bodywork before it's worth five grand a month.

(Michael hits him with the car door again, then grips him in a head lock)

Simeon Yetarian: He agreed to financing, I have his signature.

Michael De Santa: Yeah? Did he agree to have some punk break into my fucking house?

Simeon Yetarian: I don't know.

Michael De Santa: That kid might be a fucking idiot, but you are a fraudulent scumbag piece of shit.

(Michael throws Simeon onto the floor)

Michael De Santa: Don't make me have to come back here.

Mission failure

(If Franklin doesn't take a gardener, The family will be alerted.')

Carlos: Who are you?