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The following is a script of the mission "Concrete Jungle" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


(At Jacob's apartment)

Little Jacob: Yo... who dat ah ring me bell, star? Who dat?

Niko Bellic: It's Niko.

Little Jacob: Niko... yeah, me bleach hard last night, ya know? Me soon come yo, just hold on.

Niko Bellic: What?

Little Jacob: Wha' happen, Niko?

Niko Bellic: Hey.

Little Jacob: Glad fe see de man, ya know. Wha'happen to my man Roman?

Niko Bellic: Roman?

Little Jacob: Yeah.

Niko Bellic: He's okay.

Little Jacob: Yeah?

Niko Bellic: He's still waiting for his big break.

Little Jacob: Big break? Cho, a promise is a comfort fe a fool ya know, Niko. The boy have fe creep before him can walk ya know.

Niko Bellic: Yeah...

Little Jacob: Anyway, let's go for a lickle drive. Come.


Little Jacob: Yo, me have a deal fe make ya know. We have fe go ah Saratoga Avenue in Willis. Ya mind taking dis wheel? This herb don't do too well for my hand an' my eye co-ordination. Ya sure ya don't want some?

Niko Bellic: I'm sure.

Little Jacob: You mind I keep the windows closed, keep the ganja inna the car, hot box, seen?

Niko Bellic: So, what's the deal?

Little Jacob: I'm a buying some Kali off of a new source, ya know? Don't know if it's all this herb, but, I major paranoid. I don't trust dem.

Niko Bellic: Who arranged this deal?

Little Jacob: Some harbor shark and his crew. Badman know dem a long time, but I tink dey feisty. And if this goes wrong, I don't know what kinda shit Badman gonna lay upon their door, ya know?

Niko Bellic: You think this is a set up?

Little Jacob: I don't know, I been smoking hard, you know? It fucks wit me brain a little, makes me think all type a' shit. A dread who don't trust himself can't trust no one else, seen? Ya can't shake no hands when your fist be clenched. Ya hear me, breda?

Niko Bellic: Sure. I hear you.

(At the destination in Willis)

Little Jacob: Go round da back in case one a dem try get jumpy and run off wi the ganja. Keep hold of dis vehicle, we might need fe get out of here quick.

(Jacob calls Niko)

Little Jacob: Cha! Dey didn't have no stuff and tried to take me coil. I still got it though. Finish dem if dem try come out de back. I got the front covered.

(Niko picks up Jacob)

Niko Bellic: I got them.

Little Jacob: Ya a real badman ya know Niko. Respect. Forward a Savannah Avenue inna Meadows Park. Ya a bad boy, Niko. I don't know what I'd be doing without ya, ya know. Badman say I gots to get de blood clot who set I up.

Niko Bellic: Alright.

Little Jacob: Drive while I black up some more ya know, breda. The ras clot tinks he can cold up Badman. He a fool... he's a dead fool... De boy is no match for I and I. He's nuttin!

(At the destination in Meadows Park)

Little Jacob: Here we be. Are ya wit me, breda?

Niko Bellic: Yes.

Little Jacob: We ah put some rude boys inna ground.

(Niko and Jacob arrive at the house)

Little Jacob: Ya a crucial brother, Niko. Cover I.

Little Jacob: Come on, breda!

Little Jacob: Alright braa, get behind me.

Little Jacob: Let's go Niko!

(The two ready themselves by the door before Jacob kicks it open)

Little Jacob: Alright ya ready? We gonna set dis place pon fire to blood clot! Me can't get no shot pon da boy. Check de window. Ya see him up there?

(Niko and Jacob enter the house)

Little Jacob: Ya think you a rastaman, you's nuttin!

Little Jacob: I an' I outta Dungle, I and I is a shotta.

Little Jacob: Ya dead now boy!

Little Jacob: Die you craven ras clot.

Little Jacob: You think Jacob take bullshit?

Little Jacob: Ya bumba clots ain't no match for Jacob!

Little Jacob: You mascots ain't nuttin'.

Little Jacob: Feel I teeth, batty boys.

Little Jacob: I love fe kill pussyhole like you, gaan to bed ya know boy.

(The two kill the rest of the dealers and leave)

Little Jacob: Wicked, ya see it? I an' I get dem all. Yo, mek we break outta here. I tink some more soon turn up. Cha, dey too late to stop I an I. Bring us back to the cafe and ting.


Little Jacob: Wicked, now take me back ah the cafe and ting. Real Badman gonna be happy wit dis and ting, Jah know. Tank you me breda.

Niko: Don't mention it. It was a pleasure.

Little Jacob: I look out for Badman like how you look out for Roman.

Niko: He's my cousin.

Little Jacob: Blood be the tickest bond dere is ya know? Loyalty is not always an easy ting ya know star Badman tell me, say yo Jacob kill him, Jacob shoot dat, etcetera, etcetera. Ain't always logical, but I an' I follow. Seen? De other day, him cold stab a man for giving us screw-face.

Niko: Orders are sometimes hard. You must be sure you agree before you follow - I have made that mistake myself, a long time ago.

Little Jacob: For real. I know ya right ya know breda, but Badman is my braa. I follow him wherever.

(Niko takes Jacob back to the Homebrew Cafe)

Little Jacob: We dere. Thanks for everyting. Keep dis little something to say yo, we appreciate your assistance. Seen? Me talk to ya soon.

Niko: See you later.

Alternate dialogue

Little Jacob: Ya a good man, Niko. Good man like Roman. Ain't all good men inna dis world ya know, seen?

Niko: This, I am very aware of.

Little Jacob: I have fe go deal wit Badman's st up. But I ain't think these boys is genuine, seen? I tink dey are some harbor sharks, greedy and ting. You hear me?

Niko: Sure. What you buying?

Little Jacob: Some Kali. Me and Badman ah sell it all pon da corner all over Liberty City - Broker, Dukes, Bohan. We got it sewn up, but me no like deal with new source, ya know? Don't like it at all.

Niko: Why you doing it?

Little Jacob: Badman say fe do it, I an' I do it. But trouble no set like rain, he don't see that there could be a problem.

(Niko drives them to the house)

Little Jacob: Me knew da boy was a harbor shark ya know, Badman no tink it a problem It be real boderation if I me nah have no bad man like you ah ride wit me. Nuh true.

Niko: Shit Jacob, you're paying me and is more fun that killing cockroaches for Roman.

Little Jacob: Ya a righteous man ya know. Righteous, for real.

(The two kill the rest of the dealers and leave)

Little Jacob: Seen, seen. We teach dem bumba clots a lesson and ting. People fuck with Badman, they got I and I fe talk to.

Niko: Maybe Badman should be more careful about who he sets up his deals with?

Little Jacob: Want it, want it, can't get it, get it, get it, don't want it. Sight?

Niko: You're going to have to explain that to me. My English is not so good.

Little Jacob: It means everyone want what de big man's got, but de big man don't see it because him got everything. Everyone trying to be the big man, seen?

Niko: Everybody trying to take everybody down. That is the law of the jungle, no?

Little Jacob: That's the law of the concrete jungle, rasta. Liberty City! You hear me?

Post mission phone call

(To Roman)

Niko: Roman, how's it going?

Roman: You know, cousin, things have been looking up since you got here.

Niko: If things are looking up now, I hate to think what they were like before I arrived.

Roman: I hear you are working with Little Jacob. He's a good man, Niko, a good man.

Niko: I can't tell what he is saying most of the time, but I like him.

Roman: That is your bad English, Niko. Once you have been in America for longer you will understand him perfectly.

Niko: Sure I will, Roman. Later on.

Failing the mission

Niko Bellic: Jacob, I couldn't get all those guys. Some got away.

Little Jacob: Rhaatid! I call Real Badman and tell him what a' gwan. Galang bout ya business.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Little Jacob: See da boy go up pon da roof? Get Him! Me cover you.

Little Jacob: We got to get rid a dis whole nest a vipers. Dere be more upstairs.

Little Jacob: Ya best be getting a piece from the trunk, seen?

Little Jacob: Ya best be getting some more teeth from the trunk, seen?