Death at Sea/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Death at Sea", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


(As Michael approaches Abigail)

Abigail Mathers: Can you help me?

(Michael walks closer to Abigail)

Michael De Santa: Hello.

Abigail Mathers: Hello. Thank god you stopped. Were you a fan of Frank Mathers?

Michael De Santa: Frank Mathers, the TV guy who used to do the shows about space until he became obsessed with undersea exploration? No. Not a huge fan.

Abigail Mathers: Frank was my husband.

Michael De Santa: By not a huge fan I mean... not a huge fan as much as a fanatic.

Abigail Mathers: He was a cruel and heartless man.

Michael De Santa: Well like I said, I was not a huge fan.

Abigail Mathers: But I loved him.

Michael De Santa: Didn't he leave his sick wife and five kids to run off with you?

Abigail Mathers: We loved each other.

Michael De Santa: I'm sure you did.

Abigail Mathers: And I'm penniless... Now... a lot more or-or less. Well, Frank's submarine broke apart while he was trying to save the San Andreas white shark. But his body was never found.

Michael De Santa: You know, people thought someone tampered with the airlock(s).

Abigail Mathers: That's an outright lie. That was never proven. I love Frank and... Frank loved me, which is why we invested so much money in life insurance. If we could just prove that Frank was dead and that the airlocks weren't tampered with. I would sleep so much easier.

Michael De Santa: I bet you would.

(Michael begins to walk away)

Abigail Mathers: I'll make it very worth your while.

(Michael looks back at Abigail)

Michael De Santa: Guess I could take a look.