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The following is a script of the mission "Deconstruction for Beginners" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Playboy X:Hey, wassup, money?

Niko: Hey.

Playboy X: Come on. Ladies, gimme a few minutes. Business calls. This is my town. Look at it. all them tiny ants down there. Man, shit is crazy.

Niko: So I guess you do okay?

Playboy X: Yeah, okay. But, er, what about you? What motivates you?

Niko: Well, I need money. This pays. I can do it... I don't care if I live or die... and I'm looking for someone.

Playboy X: Someone special?

Niko: Yeah. You could say that. So, why do you need me?

Playboy X: Well I'm always looking for good guys. Build an army. But in my work... people change. Money changes people. Not me. I'm still a hustler from these streets... and I heard good things about you.

Niko: Okay. But... I'm warning you... I'm not low budget.

Playboy X: Do I look like I live low budget, dog?

Woman; Yo playa!

Playboy X: The fuck you want?

Woman: There's someone here for you. Dwayne or some shit. I don't know.

Playboy X: Motherfucker got out. Damn! My dude!

Dwayne: Wassup, son? What's going down?

Playboy X: You didn't tell me you was getting out! Man, I would have laid on a party, got some freaks out... shit...

Dwayne: I called. A couple of times.

Playboy X: Man... hey... Dwayne... This is Niko. Niko - Dwayne Forge. He taught me everything I know.

Niko: Hey.

Dwayne: Not everything.

Playboy X: So hey, man. Where are you staying? D'you need some money? What's the plan?

Dwayne: What you mean, what's the plan? Pick up where we left off. I'm out. I'm back. We keep on rollin'.

Playboy X: You say 'we'?

Dwayne: Yeah 'we'. Unless you too fine? What? Your silk sheet, fancy dress wearing life too big for me now?

Playboy X: Oh, hey, now I ain't saying that. You know what's mine is yours. You need help, just holla. Hell, this Slavic motherfucker any good, he could help you. Now you know I'll do anything I can. But right now, we gotta roll. Gimme one second.

Dwayne: Ain't folk quick to forget?

Niko: Hmm. Some folk.

Dwayne: Yeah... that's the truth.

Niko: Where did you get out from?

Dwayne: Preschool.

Playboy X: Okay... Dwayne, we gotta roll. Please make yourself at home. Hell. This is your home. Let's jet, money.

Dwayne: Motherfucker must think I'm a idiot.


(Niko and Playboy leave)

Playboy X: We going to Castle Gardens. There's an alley we want to hit up just off the South Parkway. Alright, you heard of Yusuf Amir? Big real estate developer.

Niko: I don't know. I've heard a lot of names since I got here. This guy's a big developer? Are you and him having meetings about how to run the city?

Playboy X: Not yet, but I got an idea about how me and him can get friendly. Some Italian dudes has shut down his building site on some union bullshit. They all up in the place, strapped to their fronts with hardhats on and shit. Won't let nobody get near it.

Niko: What are you suggesting we do about it?

Playboy X: You gonna go in there and get them Mafia types off the site. Meantime, I'm gonna tell Yusuf how good we been to him. That car and me is going to be tight as two cellmates on lockdown after this.

Niko: What's in it for me?

Playboy X: I'll give you what you after. Cold hard cash. That what you chasing, right?

Niko: Amongst other things. I don't know how good your plan is though, Playboy. If I get rid of the guys on the site, then won't there be more? If it's a union problem, doesn't that make it bigger than a few guys with guns?

Playboy X: Shit, 'union' is just another word for Mafia. These cats is looking to squeeze our boy Amir for dollars just because he ain't from here. When we fuck their people up they'll realize that he ain't a cat to be messed with and they'll back off.

Niko: Okay?

Playboy X: Shit, Yusuf is from Dubai. He's an African, an he's coming' to Liberty City to make it big. It' my duty to watch this cat's back. My ancestors came from Africa, now he's coming out a bit later. Me and him could be cousins, shit.

Niko: I think you might want to look at a map, Playboy. Dubai isn't in Africa.

Playboy X: Shit, it all the same. Africa, America, Dubai. It don't matter, we're brothers, spiritually I Mean, and that's the important bit.

(Niko arrives at the car in Castle Gardens)

Playboy X: I left some heat for you in that car, money. You going to be strapped - sniper rifles, grenades, all that shit. There's also a radio headset in there, so me and you can keep in communication. Yo, there's three lookout cats making sure no one makes move on the site. You best take them out with the rifle before you hit up the rest of them. I'm gonna get into position where I can see all the shit going down. If you can take out the main cats then the rest of them shouldn't be a problem. When you in there, I'll give you the lowdown on where these main cats is at. You might be better seeing the lookouts from up here too, money. Shit, I needed to find a cat like you. A badass ma'fucker who ain't afraid to take fools down.

Niko: Yeah, well I need money so you're in luck.

Playboy X: You gonna kick some ass down there, boy. I'm backing you up.

(While on the window cleaning platform)

Niko: So, these things don't half go slowly, eh?

Niko: Hmmm... okay... ooh, I just want to get in there and make shit happen.

Niko: Alright, can you make this thing go any quicker?

Niko: This is getting awkward. Talk about a slow lift.

Niko: Man, there better be a good view from the top.

(Niko kills the lookouts)

Playboy X: That all them lookouts gone, money. Get in there and free up the site.

Niko: Later on. If you can't see anything else form up here, you'll see these grenades going off.


Niko: See you soon, Playboy. I'll try to save a grenade so you can have fun with one, too.

Playboy X: Alright, you in, money? The first guy is on the scaffolding in the building to the east of the yard.

(Niko kills the first union leader)

Playboy X: Shit, you a cold motherfucker. Next guy is south of your position, up a few stories in the next building.

Mafia: If the union says this site is shut, it's shut. Capiche?

Mafia: You scab.

Mafia: The union won't bend over because of you.

Mafia: This ain't none of your business, shitbird.

Mafia: You can't outsource this, you scab.

Mafia: You ain't bringing in no immigrant scabs. We're gonna fight to keep this place closed.

Mafia: This is a union matter. Get fucked.

Mafia: Stupid immigrants. Trying to take American jobs.

Mafia: You ain't gonna be able to beat the union.

Mafia: We're gonna fight to keep these jobs in American hands.

(If Niko throws grenades)

Playboy X: Boom! You mean business, don't you, boy?

Playboy X: Shit, I can feel the heat from up here.

Playboy X: Damn, son.

Playboy X: Don't go fucking up this site too bad, you hear?

(Niko kills the second leader)

Playboy X: I knew you was the right Slavic killer for this job. There's a cat in the south west corner of the yard by the water. Get him.

(Niko kills the third leader)

Playboy X: The last guy is to your east. Shit, money. You best watch yourself There be more of these Mafia cats turning up.

Niko: Thanks for the warning.

Playboy X: Yo, money. There's a chopper turning up. I think our boy is making a run for it. Get him good.

Niko: I'll do my best.

Alternate dialogue

Playboy X: This is my ticket to the big time, baby. I'm about to make it, for real.

Niko: Yeah, how's that?

Playboy X: You know Yusuf Amir, the big real estate developer? Well, I heard on the grapevine that he's run into a heap of trouble with some union cats. This shit is Mafia run and they all over his construction site with guns and shit. They stopping Amir from sending in the scabs.

Niko: How's that mean you've made it?

Playboy X: Because I'm a clever motherfucker. I'm using my God-given intellect. Yusuf is in some problems. Playboy is going to come in there and help him out. Make the Mafia cats go away so the workers can come in and everything will be cool.

Niko: You're going to have to be a pretty persuasive guy. That's if you're hoping to talk a bunch of Mafia owned union officials off of a building site they've shut down.

Playboy X: I don't gotta be the persuasive one, money. You do. I saw you handle yourself for Elizabeta the other day. You goin' to go in there and clear out those motherfuckers.

Niko: You're not getting involved?

Playboy X: No man. I'd just confuse shit if I went in with you. There's all types a' scaffolding and shit in the construction yard. I'm gonna get into a position where I can see everything goin' down. I'll tell you where the cats are at and who you need to look out for. I'm your eyes int he sky, money.

Niko: This sounds like a pretty bad deal for me, don't it, Playboy?

Playboy X: Shit, you doing this for a paycheck. I'm givin' you them dollar bills, and when Playboy pays, he pays big! You getting that mad money on this one.

Niko: Okay.

(Niko and Playboy on the scaffolding)

Playboy X: Don't worry, money. When I'm big time, I won't forget about cats like you. The people who helped me get to the top.

Niko: What about that guy, Dwayne? You going to forget about him?

Post mission phone calls

Niko: I got rid of all the union problems on this site. As you can see, this place is going to need a cleanup before any workers come in.

Playboy X: You the money, son. Yusuf's PA won't put me though to the cat. But when they hear about this shit they gonna start listening to Playboy.

Playboy X: Yo money, I appreciate what you doing for me. There be so many fake cats out there. You remember my man, Dwayne?

Niko: Sure, just got out of the pen, old friends aren't paying him no mind.

Playboy X: Yeah, that's what he think. He got friends all over the shop but he living in the past. I need you to go over to the Governor Greg Johnson projects over in Northwood, he holding up there and needs help with some shit. You assist his broke ass, I'll send some paper your way. I owe that fool - ain't payback a bitch? Peace out, money.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Playboy X: Can't nobody fuck with your ass.

Playboy X: Damn, money. I thought you was gonna do this shit for sure.

Playboy X: Damn, son. You got him good.

Playboy X: He shoots, he scores.

Niko: I guess you can see that the guy got away.

Playboy X: I left some heat for you in that car, money. Pop the trunk and take what you need.

Playboy X: I wouldn't want you after my ass.

Playboy X: I'm going to call Mr. Yusuf Amir, tell him the good news.

Mafia: Keep an eye on that wannabe asshole...

Playboy X: Looks like that's the last of them. Now you just need to get the hell out of there, money.

Playboy X: Make sure they dead.

Playboy X: Nice ride, son. Let's roll.

Playboy X: Not exactly going to be turning them heads, is it?

Playboy X: Punish them bitches, for real.

Playboy X: Shit, you dangerous, boy.

Playboy X: Shit, you one hardcore motherfucker.

Playboy X: Show them punkass bitches they be fucking with a businessman.

Playboy X: The cat going to be back. Hit me up later.

Playboy X: That fool got taken down.

Playboy X: That shit looked bad.

Playboy X: That some crazy shit.

Playboy X: That's gotta hurt.

Playboy X: Three pointer at the buzzer.

Mafia: What have we here?

Mafia: What the fuck's he tryin' to prove?

Playboy X: What you doin', motherfucker? We need us a ride.

Playboy X: What you doing? Get that motherfucker, motherfucker.

Mafia: Whooooa...

Playboy X: Yo, can you hear me, player? The thing best be working for your sake.

Playboy X: Yo, you definitely is from Eastern Europe. Driving this shit.

Playboy X: You alright, money?

Playboy X: You just take that shit in your stride.

Playboy X: You one loco motherfucker.

Playboy X: You the right man for this job, money.