Diamonds in the Rough/Script

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Johnny: What's up baby?

Ashley: Nothing. Ray's a friend. He's...

Johnny: Ray's a friend? What are you talking about?

Ashley: Yeah, he's a friend. You know, he's a friend like you baby. I mean, not like you. But, you know, we... we ain't doing nothing. I mean not at the moment. But, but he's a friend, and he's been... he's been real good to me, and we need you, we need you to do this for us, alright? I ain't sleeping with him. But you know, you and me broke up. You was with that Leila girl.

Johnny: That's all over now baby. You know that. Man, you gotta get off them drugs.

Ashley: I know. I will. I need you to do this for me.

Johnny: Let me talk to Ray first. Where is he?

Ashley: In there somewhere.

Johnny: Ah right.

(Johnny enters the restaurant and finds Ray)

Ray: Hey Johnny.

Johnny: Hey.

Ray: Am I glad to see you, huh?

Johnny: Ashley says you want something.

Ray: Ashley, uhh, good kid. Y'know, man, that ice. In my day, it was coke and downers. That was it. I even missed the Ecstasy. That shit fucks people up.

Johnny: Yup.

Ray: Listen, I've got a little business proposition for you.

Johnny: Oh yeah?

Ray: Okay, I know about some diamonds. Illegal. Never in the system. Easy to move. No insurance. Couple o' millions worth. Bought by wise guys, from wise guys, for wise guys. You understand? No tax man. Nothing. Got our names all over them.

Johnny: Right.

Ray: Problem! I can't be seen near them. Alright, let's just call it a conflict of interests.

Johnny: Well I imagine that happens quite often with you, Ray.

Ray: Oh yeah. You don't like me too much, do you?

Johnny: Does anyone like you too much?

Ray: I tell you what... You go do this job, go get yourself some real money, you can buy yourself some real friends?

Johnny: Yeah, I should do that.

Ray: The ice is being held by a guy named Gay Tony. You're gonna need a little help on this.

Johnny: Should be no problem with that.

Ray: Good. And stay in touch. Johnny! Don't get too clever.


(Johnny leaves the restaurant and calls Jim)

Jim: Jonathan. What can I do for you?

Johnny: Brother James. We got a hook up in Broker. Might need some help.

Jim: Alright, man. I'll let The Lost Brotherhood over threw know you're comin'. They like getting as dirty as the rest of us.

Johnny: Appreciated, man.

(Johnny finds the bikers and leads them to Broker)

Johnny: Let's head out, boys.

Lost: Johnny K. Let's do this.


Johnny: Okay, brothers. Let get this ice.

Johnny: Alright brothers. We got some ice to take.

Lost: Brother Johnny. Lost MC forever.

Lost: Our esteemed leader.

Johnny: Alright, boys. All I know is that these diamonds are being held by a man about town called Tony Prince, and we're to take 'em. There should be a good profit in it for The Lost MC if this comes through, so let's fuckin' do it. Yeah? Who knows, maybe down the line, there'll be an opportunity to rip off the smug guido who gave us the job in the first place. Come on! Brothers for life, Lost forever.

(Johnny and the Lost spy on a meeting where Tony is buying the diamonds)

Cook: Hey guys, how ya doin'? Err. So umm...

Tony: These are great, they're great. But, err, two millions? You had your head in the oven?

Cook: Mr. Tony, I have what I tell you, perfect clarity, beautiful, clarity, well cut, and a shit load of carats. What do you expect?

Evan: Tony, they're gorgeous.

Tony: Just like you.

Luis: Come on, can we do the hand off please and get out of here? This it too much.

Tony: Oh ignore him, he's probably been up all night with some bimbo.

Luis: Tony?

Tony: You're a chef?

Cook: Well a cook, yeah.

Tony: I have a line in some kitchen supplies. How 'bout I throw that into the equation, what's the price?

Luis: Look here's the money we agreed upon, less ten percent. Just give us the ice.

Cook: Alright. Alright.

Evan: Tony, can I hold them?

Cook: Uhh, thanks.

(Luis sees the bikers)

Luis: Oh shit, Tony. We're outta here. C'mon, let's go. Evan, take them to the club and don't fuck about, okay?

Johnny: You take those two. I'll chase the rocks!


Johnny: You get those two. I'm on the ice!

Johnny: I got the ice! You make sure those two don't come back at us.

(If Terry and Clay are with Johnny)

Johnny: Terry, Clay, we'll get the ice. You boys chase down those two.


Johnny: Brothers, go after those two. Terry! Clay! We're getting the rocks.

(Johnny begins to chase Evan)

Evan: Tattoos are so last year, you losers.

Evan: Stay the fuck away from me.

Evan: You horrible fucking breeders.

Evan: You horrible thugs.

Evan: These jewels are too good for scum like you. Fuck off!

Evan: You're not getting these diamonds.

(Evan tries to get away on foot)

Johnny: Hey, there ain't no running with that ice.

Evan: These will be blood diamonds, you thug.


Evan: Buy your own diamonds.

Johnny: That ain't gonna be necessary, pal. I'm getting yours.

Evan: I'm a body builder, you know.

Johnny: Then turn around and fight, muscles.

(Johnny kills Evan, takes the diamonds and calls Ray)

Johnny: I got you that ice. You want me to bring it back to the restaurant?

Ray: I know you don't like me Johnny, but you don't have to get me clipped. Jesus, probably got half the wiseguys on the East coast following you right now. I need you to split the haul up. Leave half in a trash can on Hematite Street and the other half in the trash on Emerald. Some of my boys are gonna go pick it up. All subtle like.

Johnny: Sounds real dumb to me. But if that's what you want done, I'll do it. As long as I get paid.

Alternate dialogue

Johnny: Okay my brothers. We're ripping off some guy with mob connections down by the docks. If these rocks are like I'm told they are, The Lost MC is gonna do real well outta this deal. Might even be able to extract some more money from the smug goomba bastard who gave us the job in the first place. Let's fuckin' do this thing. Hell yeah! Brothers for life, Lost forever.

Post mission phone call

Ashley: What's going on, baby?

Johnny: I ditched the ice. It's in the trash now. Ray better hope a garbage truck doesn't come around anytime soon. Ray got any money for me?

Ashley: There ain't no money yet. Ray's got to sell this stuff before you get your cut. He'll be in touch, sweets. I love you, Johnny.

Johnny: Not enough, you don't.

Failing the mission

Evan escapes

Ashley: Is is there? Did you throw the stuff away?

Johnny: No, sugar. I couldn't get my hands on it. Tell Ray the bad news.

Ashley: He's got a temper, Johnny. Shit. How the fuck could you do this to me? Thanks for nothing.