The town of Dillimore, outside Los Santos, San Andreas
Dillimore location

Dillimore is a small town located in Red County, and is just a short distance from north Los Santos. It is complete with numerous residences, businesses and a Police Headquarters. There is also a safehouse which the player can buy for $40,000. The town had a population of 1,003 inhabitants in 1992.


Due to the town's small size and density, the majority of Dillimore bears low-rise businesses and residential homes; neither is the architecture of the vicinity spectacular, consisting of very basic, functional structures. Not many landmarks are prominent in the vicinity either. Unlike similar rural towns such as Montgomery, Dillimore concentrates more on residential complexes and small homes rather than industrial complexes and businesses, which comprises of only a few clusters of shacks and simple block structures. The country folk flavour and atmosphere of the vicinity contrasts to the dangerous, gang infested areas of Los Santos, less than a mile away.

Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson meets countryside criminal and primary Grand Theft Auto III antagonist Catalina here, in The Welcome Pump diner.





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  • In the beta version, Dillimore was a much smaller town.
  • The defult Radio Station for the majority of the vehicles around the area is K Rose.