Palomino Creek

Palomino Creek in northeastern Red County, San Andreas, in GTA San Andreas.

Palomino Creek is a moderately sized town appearing in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is located in the northeastern portion of Red County, San Andreas. As indicated by its town signs, the town has an estimated 6,836 residents circa 1992.

Palomino Creek may be based on Burbank, California, a suburb directly north of Los Angeles, or Bakersfield, the largest city in Kern County.


Commercial establishments in Palomino Creek are based within three blocks of the town, forming an estimated 15% of the town's makeup.

Due to the town's small size and density, the majority of Palomino Creek bears mainly low-rise residential homes, with the occasional small businesses; neither is the architecture of the vicinity spectacular, consisting of very basic, functional structures. Unlike similar neighboring rural towns such as Montgomery or Blueberry, Palomino Creek does not concentrate industrial complexes and businesses, which comprises of only a few clusters of shacks and simple block structures. Geographically, the entirety of the town is situated on a plateau, with a relatively high elevation but largely flat terrain.

However, several notable geographical features surround the town; Hanky Panky Point, a lookout said to be popular among amorous teenage couples and voyeuristic onlookers, is located directly northeast of the town; Palomino Creek also overlooks Fisher's Lagoon to the southewest, which is accessible via a dirt path on the western end of the town

The country folk flavor and atmosphere of the vicinity like any other small towns within Red County contrasts to the dangerous, gang-ridden areas of Los Santos, less than a mile away.

Prominent landmarks

Palomino Creek prominently features several gameplay-important locations. Players can purchase a safehouse in the town for $35,000, and the town houses an Ammu-Nation gun store as well as a Well Stacked Pizza restaurant. In addition, Palomino Creek has a local bank, which is a target for robbery in "Small Town Bank".

Other minor landmarks worth discussing are non-interactive but quirky in nature. The town boasts a "Drive-Thru Confessions", complete with a drive-thru facility, as well as an accompanying chapel and a small graveyard. The town also features a library, where a snack vending machine can be found outside.





Item spawns



  • Romero: On the driveway of Drive-Thru Confessions (occasionally).
  • Mower


  • Body Armor: Between a house and a garage in the northeast part of town.



  • The default radio station around the vicinity is K Rose.