Montgomery in northern Red County, San Andreas
Montgomery location

Montgomery is a small country town located in northern Red County, just three miles from Bone County, San Andreas. It is immediately adjacent to the Montgomery Intersection and sits along the edge of Los Santos, overlooking the body of water which clearly separates Las Venturas to the north and Los Santos to the south, along the major highway connecting these two cities. It has an estimated population of around 3,623 inhabitants.


Due to the town's small size and density, the majority of Montgomery bears low-rise businesses and residential homes; neither is the architecture of the vicinity spectacular, consisting of basic, functional structures. Unlike similar areas such as Dillimore or Palamino Creek, Montgomery concentrates more on industrial complexes and small shops rather than residential homes, which comprises of only two clusters of shacks and trailer homes. The country folk flavor and atmosphere of the vicinity contrasts to the dangerous, gang infested areas of Los Santos, only a few miles away.

Popularly, it is speculated that miserably failed rapper Jeffrey "OG Loc" Cross, who fell out with protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson, was forced to move out of Los Santos, so he probably settled here such that he wouldn't have to confront Carl, as he could only afford to live somewhere in Red County, and Carl had safehouses in the other three towns.

Businesses and Locations



  • MP5 - At the back of the burned down building
  • Satchel Bomb - In an alleyway beside the Inside Track building