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The following is a script of the mission "Dust Off" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Contact: Come in. You're late... and please calm down out there.

Niko: Excuse me?

Contact: I didn't give you a free pass to act like an asshole. You're bringing a lot of heat. Hanging out with bad people, doing bad things, making idiot moves.

Niko: I'm an idiot. I move...

Contact: True... but the last thing I need is you getting caught.

Niko: Why? Because I lead them to you in some plea bargain thing?

Contact: To me? Who am I? There's a hundred guys in this building alone who fit my description. Middle aged men, paunchy, glasses... you bring them here? What's this? Empty office, leased to a man who died in the last days of Vietnam... Call me up. My number never existed. No. I'm not too worried about that. I mean, I think you'll end up on a flight deck, but that's your business.

Niko: Then what?

Contact: Because you're good! Because I need you to keep being good. And you're getting distracted. Funny, yeah. Good. I need someone neutralized. Guy is moving a lot of money for terrorists... Whatever. It doesn't really matter. The guy's gotta go. But I need to know his movements first. How? I've got something that's going to help you. Head over to Albany Avenue in Lancet and give me a call. Go.

Niko: Can I get paid for this? Can I get a medal?

Contact: Did you get a medal in your last war?

Niko: What did you give Michelle? For me.

Contact: Michelle? Karen. We gave her her life back. We didn't play too rough. We gave her some money. She still works for us.

Niko: What about me?

Contact: We'll discuss that later.

(Niko gets close to Civilization Plaza)

Contact: Nearly there? You are about to see a chopper taking off from Civilization Plaza. We need to get hold of it. Follow it. Wait until it touches down then, when the passengers are out, get in and fly it to the airport in Dukes.

Niko: Okay then.

(Niko follows the helicopter to where it lands)

Russian: What's this guy doing here?

Russian: I think we are one heavy at this meet.

(Niko gets in the helicopter)

Russian: Get away from that.

Russian: He's trying to take the chopper.

Russian: What's this guy up to?

(Niko gets in the helicopter)

Niko: Here goes nothing.

Niko: I haven't flown one of these things since the war.

Niko: Okay then, let's fly this thing.

(Roman phones Niko while he is flying)

Roman: Cousin. How you doing? I'm in the gentlemen's club. I think you'd really get into this. You should come down.

Niko: I don't know if you can hear it, Roman, but I'm in a helicopter. Yes, that is the crazy shit I am having to get up to after you introduced me to Michelle or Karen, or whatever her name really is.

Roman: I don't get it, is she a government agent or an undercover cop? What is she?

Niko: Shit, I don't know. All I know is that her friends have got me by the balls.

Roman: Someone's got me by the balls, too, cousin. I'll send you a pic.

(Roman sends Niko a picture of a stripper)

Niko, you need to get over here. I think your balls must be getting very jealous of mine. Rom

(Niko drops off the helicopter at the Francis International Airport)

FIB Agent: Thank you. We'll take it from here.

Post mission phone call

Contact: My men have the chopper. They're going to strip it down and put it back together. It should be ready for you when you need it.

Niko: Why would I need it?

Contact:The guy I told you about. The guy you need to eliminate. The only way you'll get to him is in the air. I'll call you when we have a window. Goodbye.

Failing the mission

Losing the helicopter

Niko: I can't see the chopper anywhere. I lost it.

Contact: Some things are bigger than you, Bellic. We needed that bird. Come back to the office, fool.

Helicopter is destroyed

Niko: The chopper's not in such good shape. I'm afraid you're not getting it.

Contact: Not acceptable, Bellic. I'm cutting you a lot of slack and I need you to appreciate that. Come to the office.

Niko scares the pilot

Russian: Abort. Abort.

Russian: Get out of here. We have got real trouble on the ground.

Russian: Is too hot down here. Get out.

(Niko calls United Liberty Paper)

Niko: I couldn't get to the helicopter.

Contact: You scared it off? Come to see me at my office.

Niko: What can I say, I am scary guy.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

U.L. Paper: Bellic, I am not a man you want to disappoint on a regular basis. Don't make a habit of this.

Niko: but your setting me up with that Michelle woman has meant that I am chasing a helicopter through the streets of Algonquin.

U.L. Paper: Come to see me.

Roman: Hey man, it's me.

Niko: Roman, I really wish I could go bowling.

Niko: Sorry, but I didn't get a hold of that chopper.

Russian: This does not feel correct.

Roman: Want to go bowling?

Niko: We can't all have fun. I'll talk to you later.

U.L. Paper: We need to get hold of it. Make sure you have a vehicle and follow it.