Eddie Low Random Encounter 2/Script

The following is a script of the second encounter with Eddie Low in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Eddie: Hey there pal! Hey!

Niko: Hey.

Eddie: Niko, The Balkan sociopath!

Niko: Eddie Low. The animal masturbater.

Eddie:You and your wicked sense of humor. You're quite naughty. Quite, quite naughty.

Niko: Whatever.

Eddie: Quite naughty... do you like to get spanked? Like, like that?

Niko: Excuse me?

Eddie: No, nothing silly, I'm just being silly. Silly little billy! That's me! I like it though, I like to get spanked.

Niko: Fuck off... you're creeping me out.

Eddie: No, I don't want to make you angry Niko. I don't want to be creepy, it's just my way.

Niko: Well, your way is not cool.

Eddie: Not cool? You say Eddie's not cool? I don't fit in with the in crowd? Well Mrs. Smith, Eddie's taken your star son, your prized little quarterback - and fucked him in the ass and then tied him up, strangled him into knots! And your daughter, your pretty little daughter, Mrs. Abraham... Eddie's ripped out her intestines, just to see if he could feel anything. And you know what... he couldn't... he couldn't...

Niko: You should get laid or something.

Eddie: Oh, I just did... a little jogger down by the water. But you know what, handsome, I've got a hunger tonight that can't be sated. Come here!

(Eddie pulls out a knife and swings it at Niko, Niko jumps out of the way)