Exercising Demons - Franklin/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Exercising Demons - Franklin", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Franklin arrives at a beach in Paleto Forest and sees MaryAnn doing pushups)

MaryAnn Quinn: Sixty-nine... Seventy. Stop looking at my ass.

Franklin Clinton: I wasn't lookin' at your ass.

MaryAnn Quinn: I know. No one ever does.

Franklin Clinton: A little thin for my taste. But nice. Where you goin'? For a swim?

MaryAnn Quinn: Why do you care? You think I got a fat ass and I only swim because I float easily.

Franklin Clinton: I was just makin' conversation.

MaryAnn Quinn: Doing a threeway.

Franklin Clinton: A what?

MaryAnn Quinn: A triathlon.

Franklin Clinton: Sounds like you've got way too much time on your hands.

MaryAnn Quinn: F you! You like a stay at home cheerleader, do ya? Pathetic.

Franklin Clinton: You know what? F you, bitch. I'll beat you, come on. I promise.

MaryAnn Quinn: I bet you like to beat women.

(MaryAnn and Franklin begin running towards the Pacific Ocean)

Franklin Clinton: I wonder why your ass is single.

(MaryAnn and Franklin begin their race)

MaryAnn Quinn: Perfect beach start, I've got this locked in. Come on!

Franklin Clinton: Shit, you need a vacation or something lady.

(MaryAnn and Franklin are swimming in the Pacific Ocean)

MaryAnn Quinn: Admit it... you... were... perving... my ass... on the... beach.

Franklin Clinton: Are you... for... real?

MaryAnn Quinn: I'm... not even... feeling it!

Franklin Clinton: Man... I really... ain't dressed... for this shit.

(Franklin gets out of the water)

Franklin Clinton: Damn, that's cold.

MaryAnn Quinn: Don't be a baby! Mommy's not here. I'm your momma now!

(MaryAnn and Franklin head towards the bicycles on the beach)

MaryAnn Quinn: What are you doing MaryAnn? Go get some. Focus!

(MaryAnn and Franklin begin to cycle along Propcopio Promenade)

MaryAnn Quinn: Not enough in the tank! I should have tapered. Did you taper?

Franklin Clinton: What the hell are you talking about?

MaryAnn Quinn: Scaling down training before a race. I bet you fucking tapered!

Franklin Clinton: You are out of your fucking mind. The first I knew about this was seeing your skinny ass on the beach!

MaryAnn Quinn: I said you were checking me out! I always pace myself on the swim. But now the hammer comes down!

(MaryAnn and Franklin continue to cycle towards the running stage)

MaryAnn Quinn: Time to lay down some fat watts. (Are) You with me? I said, are you with me?!?

Franklin Clinton: No, I am a hundred percent not with you.

(MaryAnn and Franklin reach the running stage, the following is if she is behind)

MaryAnn Quinn: This is a disaster. I should've had an energy bar.

(MaryAnn and Franklin begin running towards the finish line)

MaryAnn Quinn: How did I forget the aero helmet!? Can't bonk, can't bonk!!! Gotta get my cadence up!

Franklin Clinton: You're making no sense right now.

(MaryAnn and Franklin continue to run toward the finish line and hear a dog barking)

Running Passerby: Hey, have you seen a dog anywhere?

Franklin Clinton: Yeah... it went... down the beach... I think.

(Franklin reaches the finishing line and wins the race)

MaryAnn Quinn: Well, great... you won. Aren't you going to gloat?

Franklin Clinton: Look, we both survived! These things're about taking part, not winning, right?

MaryAnn Quinn: No, it is always about winning. Alright, I got to keep going. Because I'm a loser. A fat, unmarried, career-driven loser!

Franklin Clinton: Hey, girl, you better chill the fuck out!

(MaryAnn begins to jog away from Franklin)

MaryAnn Quinn: Go to hell!