Exercising Demons - Michael/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Exercising Demons - Michael", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Michael is walking and hears MaryAnn trying to motivate herself)

MaryAnn Quinn: Not now. Message from me - get off your fat ass!

Michael De Santa: I see this exercise stuff is about as relaxing for you as it is for my wife.

MaryAnn Quinn: No, I don't want to sleep with you, and no, I don't care that I'm thirty-nine and single. It doesn't worry me a bit.

Michael De Santa: Oh... easy.

MaryAnn Quinn: I'm not stressed out at all. Now go fuck yourself.

Michael De Santa: Are you okay?

MaryAnn Quinn: Yes, I'm okay. Just fuck you, all of you. I'm on a run.

Michael De Santa: Yeah, well, you seem a little upset.

MaryAnn Quinn: I could still run you into the fucking ground.

Michael De Santa: (laughs) Okay. Hey, I played high school football, alright sweetheart? All-State QB.

MaryAnn Quinn: Whatever. Just don't have a coronary. Let's go!

(MaryAnn begins her run)

Michael De Santa: Huh? Whoa!

MaryAnn Quinn: Okay, Man Boobs, race you to the beach.

(Michael begins running after MaryAnn)

MaryAnn Quinn: I don't know who I'm more embarrassed for. You're not exactly dressed for cardio.

Michael De Santa: It's running. How much gear do you need?

MaryAnn Quinn: I feel like I'm being chased by my creepy uncle.

Michael De Santa: Yeah, if your uncle was the same age as you, you mean. Although that would explain a lot.

MaryAnn Quinn: Fuck you.

Michael De Santa: Why are you so angry?

MaryAnn Quinn: I'm not angry! I'm ex-er-cising!

(Michael and MaryAnn begin running down Bay City Incline)

MaryAnn Quinn: Run on the road, take the traffic head on!

Michael De Santa: Yeah, I could have guessed you were one of those.

MaryAnn Quinn: That space is yours, own it!

(A car drives by and honks their horn at Michael and MaryAnn)

MaryAnn Quinn: Screw you, I'm running here.

(Michael and MaryAnn begin running down some steps towards a pedestrian bridge)

MaryAnn Quinn: How's that prostate holding up?

Michael De Santa: You and my wife should hang out.

MaryAnn Quinn: He still thinks he's a quarterback!

(Michael and MaryAnn reach the beach front)

MaryAnn Quinn: Okay, here we go. Last push. Come on. Flick the switch, MaryAnn. Let's go lactic.

Michael De Santa: I thought I had issues, but you, you give me hope.

MaryAnn Quinn: I own you!

Michael De Santa: My shrink's office is right near here if you want to work through some of that shit?

MaryAnn Quinn: Yeah, because you're a walking advertisement for therapy.

(If Michael overtakes MaryAnn towards the end of the run)

Michael De Santa: That's it, you're going down like your wife doesn't!

(If Michael takes a shortcut)

MaryAnn Quinn: I can't believe you're cheating already. Stay on the path.

MaryAnn Quinn: Oh, look who it is - the man who can't stay on the path.

MaryAnn Quinn: Hey, asshole, what's with the shortcut? There's a path here you know! It's on now fat boy.

(If Michael bumps into MaryAnn)

MaryAnn Quinn: Disqualified!

MaryAnn Quinn: You idiot!

(If Michael slows down too much or falls over)

MaryAnn Quinn: This is pathetic. Are we running or walking here?

(Michael wins the race fair and square)

Michael De Santa: Not too shabby, huh?

MaryAnn Quinn: You can have that one, one me. I never got out of second gear. I already did a 10k today.

Michael De Santa: Yeah, whatever gets you through it. Oh... my chest... fuck me.

MaryAnn Quinn: Screw you. You're lucky I'm tapering for a tri!

(Michael wins the race using shortcuts)

Michael De Santa: Not too shabby, huh?

Totally null and void. I'd have annihilated you, if you hadn't taken that shortcut.

Michael De Santa: Yeah, whatever gets you through it... my chest... fuck me.

MaryAnn Quinn: Screw you. You're lucky I'm tapering for a tri!