Extra Commission/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Extra Commission", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Trevor walks by a large gated house)

Josh Bernstein: Hey, hey, hey... What do you think? Nice house, isn't it? You like it? I'm selling it, you wanna buy it? I'm downsizing.

Trevor Philips: No, no, I'm good.

(Trevor attempts to walk away but is stopped by Josh)

Josh Bernstein: I used to sell houses like this all the time. Okay? I sold dreams. I made lives meaningful.

Trevor Philips: I'm not sure about that.

Josh Bernstein: What would you like? You like beautiful things though, don't ya?

Trevor Philips: Sure.

Josh Bernstein: Well, I just happen to know the most beautiful woman. You wanna bouncy bouncy?

(Josh extends his hand)

Josh Bernstein: Josh... Josh Bernstein. Yeah... I'm the Josh Bernstein.

Trevor Philips: Yeah, I've never heard of you.

Josh Bernstein: Oh, well I used to be a big deal once in real estate. So, I had my licence taken away. My meal ticket.

Trevor Philips: Where is the chick?

Josh Bernstein: I'll get to that, I'll get to that. You see it's not really, it's not really money that I'm after here. It's just it's a little something more awkward than that. Now... Lenny Avery. He... he was my best friend. And now, he has taken all of my clients. All of 'em. Do you think that you could take out all of his for sale signs?

Trevor Philips: Sounds easy.

Josh Bernstein: She's worth it, man. I love ya.

(Josh walks back inside the gate and begins to close it)

Josh Bernstein: I love ya. I love ya... Lenny Avery.