Fast-Forward In Vehicle Audio

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The logo, circa 1984.

Fast-Forward In Vehicle Audio is a business in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Apparently in 1986, the company does not exist anymore, due to newer audio formats. Their possible flagship store is in The Vice Point Mall.


  • Male VO: Here at Fast Forward In-Vehicle Audio car we accompany music in the future! For some time now have the intellectual music-loving motorists realized that the future of music is the AUDIO CASSETTE.


  • Male VO: Fast-Forward rewinds again and again.


  • Male VO: It's the Fast Forward promise and will apply from today. No cash, full credit, just a 3.55 percent annual percentage rate! Especially for people who want high-quality mix tapes, which really have a message. We were the first company, the hi-fi chrome cassettes metal has offered. It will never skip or scratch, tear, or melt! A unique small price brings you the future today.


  • Male VO: Fast-Forward! The future belongs to you, if you can afford it. Come today to Fast-Forward In-Vehicle Audio!