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The following is a script of the mission "Final Destination" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


(Niko and Dimitri enter Perestroika)

Women: Hi, Dimitri.

Russian: Hey, Dimitri, I took care of that thing for you.

Dimitri: Very good. I'm proud of you. Good.

(The two continue walking)

Russian: Dimitri, thank you for take care of that thing for me.

Dimitri: No problem.

Russian: Dimitri, Dimitri, hey, hey, uh... meet my girl, Natasha.

Dimitri: Oh, my pleasure.

Natasha: So nice to meet you.

(Niko and Dimitri join Faustin who is sitting with two women)

Mikhail: Little delicious, my little knish...

Dimitri: Mikhail.

Mikhail: Hey! My brother, and Niko. Good. Have a drink.

Katerina/Vera: Oh, baby...

Mikhail: Move up ladies. Move up.

Dimitri: Um.... Mikhail, we've got something we need to talk about.

Mikhail: Okay, you can have Vera, I take Katerina, come on, no big deal.

Dimitri: Not that, in private? Girls, can you give us a minute, huh? Please?

Mikhail: Okay. Get out of here. Keep it warm. I won't be too long. So. What is it?

Dimitri: We've got police trouble. The feds, or someone are all over us. Sergei told me that a friend of his in the courts told him they've been authorized to tap our phones and they know about the pot we stole.

Mikhail: Shit. Who is the rat?

Dimitri: It's no one. It's just the way we have been behaving. Making too much noise. This was inevitable. We're going to have to calm things right down for a while.

Mikhail: It's that fucking guy, yeah, I know it is. I saw it in his eyes... you know? That guy. That guy, who bought the coke... but he didn't buy the pot.

Dimitri: That's Lenny. He's my cousin's boyfriend. It's not him. Yes, he's a moron, yes, but he's okay.

Mikhail: I don't trust him.

Dimitri: What? I just told you...

Mikhail: He knows too much. You, kill him.

Niko: Are you sure?

Mikhail: Sure? No, I am not. Right now, I am wondering if it's him or you. It could be you.

Dimitri: Think for a second. This has been going on for months.

Mikhail: Think? Look where your thinking has got us. You were in charge of security. Good job. Well done, Dimitri. You pathetic idiot. You, prove you're loyal. Go, and kill the guy.

Niko: Don't question my loyalty.

Mikhail: Then don't question my orders. He lives on Guantanamo Avenue in Bohan. Head up there, and call me, me personally, when you get there.

Dimitri: Mikhail, please, don't do this.

Mikhail: Shut up. Shut the fuck up.

Dimitri: I... I'm begging you... please.

Mikhail: I said shut the fuck up.

Dimitri: Don't do this.

Mikhail: Go.

Dimitri: You want to play games?

Mikhail: Why don't you listen?

Dimitri: This is not a game.

Mikhail: Hey, give me break.

Dimitri: You have to play by the rules

Mikhail: Stop. I said stop.


(Niko arrives at the subway station and calls Faustin)

Niko: Mr. Faustin, do you want to call this off?

Faustin: No, I never change my mind. I've heard he's at the Guantanamo Avenue station. Go to the platform and get rid of that rat. Shut up Dimitri, for the last time...

(Niko can also call Dimitri)

Niko: Dimitri, should I do this? Should I kill this boy for Mr. Faustin?

Dimitri: Just one second, Mikhail. It's nobody. I cannot talk just now. Do what you have to do.

(Niko finds Lenny on the platform)

Niko: Hey, Lenny. Mikhail Faustin don't like you no more. It's nothing personal.

Lenny: Faustin ain't nobody. Fuck off.

Niko: He's enough of a somebody to get you killed.

Lenny: Do what my papa pays you to do. Shit.

(Lenny flees)

Lenny: You and Mikhail will be killed if anything happens to me.

Lenny: Kenny Petrovic - don't that mean anything to you?

Lenny: You're signing your death warrant, asshole.

Lenny: Haven't you heard of my father, Kenny Petrovic.

Lenny: You shouldn't be fucking with my father.

Lenny: You and Faustin have gotta be crazy.

Lenny: Faustin's out of control.

Lenny: This isn't meant to be happening.

Lenny: Stay away from me.

Lenny: My father's Kenny Petrovic.

Alternate dialogue

(If Lenny is approached from the opposite set of stairs)

Niko: Hey, Lenny. Mr. Faustin thinks you're a rat. He ain't taking no risks.

Lenny: I'm into more shit than Mikhail could even imagine. Why would I rat?

Niko: The decision has been made.

Lenny: My dad pays you to ice crazy bitches like this guy.

Bodyguard: Hold on a second.

Post mission phone call

Dimitri: Niko, do you know what you have done?

Niko: I have followed Mr. Faustin's orders, not much more.

Dimitri: The boy you killed was the son of Kenny Petrovic. This is a very dangerous man. He will not take kindly to this.

Niko: How was I to know?

Dimitri: You weren't. This is Mikhail's craziness. I will speak to people and see what I can do.

Post mission text message

Niko - come see me at the depot. There is someone I want you to meet. Rom

Failing the mission

Lenny escapes

Niko: Ah... Lenny, got away. Maybe this is a sign?

Faustin: You let him go? You disobeyed me? Maybe it is you I should have killed. You and Dimitri.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Faustin: I'm sorry Niko. Thank you. At least you are loyal. We will work together again, come to see me at my house.

Niko: Lenny, the boy, he's dead.

Faustin: Shut up Dimitri, I don't care who he is. It is too late anyway. Niko has killed him. Stop your whining.

Faustin: You would still be in a fucking Gulag if it wasn't for me. You'd be drilling for oil in the tundra.