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The following is a script of the mission "Flatline" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Pegorino: Not you as well. Tell me it ain't you as well, you Slavic fuck!

Niko: What are you talking about?

Pegorino: Speak, you Balkan piece of shit - I'm done with you, done with everyone. I'll go, but I ain't going quietly.

Niko: Mr. Pegorino, I don't know what you're talking about. I came as quickly as I could.

Pegorino: Fucking Anthony!

Niko: What about Anthony?

Pegorino: He was wearing a fucking wire!

Niko: That is a problem.

Pegorino: My personal bodyguard wearing a wire! I raised that kid like he was my own. I beat him like he was my own son! When my son killed himself, Anthony became my son. Now this? The world is a cunt!

Niko: Where is Anthony?

Pegorino: I heard he's wearing a wire, so I freak out... I call him up... he's such a moron, he leaves his cell phone on, so we speak. After he's gone state's of course... I mean, Jesus, what a chump. He freaks out on the phone, and I put the fear of God in him. I think maybe I've talked him out of it... then he has a Goddamn heart attack on the phone. I'm thinking problem solved - he's dying right in front of my ears. But the asshole lived and now he's in the Leftwood hospital under heavy guard.

Niko: Okay, okay.

Pegorino: Of course, he's got you on the fuckin' tape too.

Niko: Of course.

Pegorino: So you'll do this for me?

Niko: So you want me to talk to him?

Pegorino: I want you to whack him. And after that I want you to kill all the other rats I surround myself with...

Niko: Okay, okay. Don't worry.


(If Niko enters the hospital and talks with the nurse)

Nurse: Any inquiries, try the ER reception.

(Niko walks past the receptionist)

Receptionist: You're not like the other surgeons here. You don't have that, you know, God complex thingy.

John: I guess it's my bedside manner.

Receptionist: John, you're terrible.

Dr. Rosem: Anyone flatlines from here in, it's someone else's problem.

Receptionist: Have a good night Dr. Rosem.

(If Niko goes into the bathroom with the doctor)

Doctor: Stay away from the burns ward. It's not a pretty sight.


Doctor: Do I know you? I've seen so many green doctors, patients and cadavers, I don't recognize anyone anymore.

(Niko walks past the receptionist)

Female Doctor: Cops act all nice when they get shot but it's Mr. Toughguy now that they're down the hall with a witness.

Receptionist: Hey, watch out for those cops. They're down the hall acting like they own the place.

(If Niko ventures too close to Anthony's room in normal clothing)

LCPD: Hey, you can't go past here.


LCPD: This is private back here.

(If Niko alerts the cops)

LCPD: Protect the witness.


LCPD: Keep this fucker away from the witness.

LCPD: He may be a scumbag, but we need him for trial.

(If the LCPD see Niko in normal clothing and gets too close with doctor's clothing)

LCPD: You think that coat's gonna fool me? You ain't a doctor.


LCPD: Hey, I saw you a second ago. If you're a doctor I'm the pope.

(If Niko wears doctor's clothing and ventures towards Anthony's room)

LCPD: Patient's back there, Doc. Look after him.


LCPD: He's not looking too good, Doc.

(Niko enters the room)

Niko: I need a little doctor patient confidentiality.


Niko: Can I have some time alone with my patient?

FIB Agent: You can have one minute.


FIB Agent: I wanted to stretch my legs anyways.

Anthony: Boss... Peg, is that you? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Shit, Niko. You here to see the boss? He's just this way. Wait, isn't the boss in jail? What're you here for? Oh shit, I didn't have a choice. They was gonna put me away for some hard time. I never thought it'd be me that turned rat.

(If Niko euthanizes Anthony)

Niko: Oh, it looks like I messed something up. Sorry about that, Anthony.


Niko: Go to sleep, Anthony. You look tired.

Anthony: Argh... my arm... Peg... Peg...


Anthony: Tell Peg I'm sorry.

(If Niko runs out of the room)

LCPD: The witness is down. Stop that Doctor.

(If Niko uses a weapon to kill Anthony)

Niko: You should have kept your fat mouth shut.


Niko: Stupid rat.

Niko: No one likes a rat.

Post mission phone call

Niko: I don't think you'll be seeing Anthony on the witness stand.

Pegorino: I better not be seeing you up there neither. Or anybody else I know for that matter. Fucking feds. Turning everybody into rats. See ya round, Niko.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Female Doctor: Didn't I just?

Female Doctor: It's only hospital staff beyond this point sir.

Female Doctor: Visiting hours are over.

No sound files:

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