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Stubbs: Nice place you've got here, Johnny - not quite sure I meet the dress code, but I think I like the smoking policy.

Johnny: What the fuck do you want?

Stubbs: Now, is that any way to treat a friend?

Johnny: Are we friends?

Stubbs: I think so. You've certainly seen me naked. You want a cigar?

Johnny: Do you wanna go fuck yourself?

Stubbs: Whoa, not particularly. But listen, your friend, Ray. Don't worry about him.

Johnny: Why not?

Stubbs: Apparently he and a lot of his associates are under some serious observation. And in the process of imploding. They'll either be dead or inside within a month or so. Best thing you can do - stay away from him.

Johnny: What about Billy Grey?

Stubbs: Yes. Well you've got a bit of a problem there sport. He's been talking inside. Thinks he can help pin a major drug dealing ring on you and your buddy in the chair. Thinks he's going into the Witness Protection Program, and if he collars you, you'll do fifteen years and he'll live in a condo in Arizona.

Johnny: Well I don't doubt that, Mr. Stubbs. But he's on the inside.

Stubbs: I know.

Johnny: And there's currently very large walls and armed guards between me and him.

Stubbs: Yeah, well. You're a smart guy, you'll figure something out. If you get into trouble, you call me when you get there, I might have something to help you with it.

Johnny: Good, I'll need it. Hey one more thing Stubbs... why you doing this?

Stubbs: I told you I was good for a favor.


(Johnny goes to the Alderney State Correctional Facility)

Prisoner: You're getting outta here, man? Aww haven't you enjoyed your time in the State's care?

Billy: What a fucking pleasure!

(Johnny calls Terry)

Johnny: Terry, man, we got to pay our friend Billy a visit. He's been talking. Bring Clay, bring all the fucking firepower you got, and meet me at the Alderney State Correctional. I'm waiting.

(Terry arrives with other members of The Lost)

Johnny: My brothers, this is the last time.


Johnny: The final run, boys.

Johnny: One last job, guys.

(Terry opens up his van)

Johnny: We ain't paying for this stuff, Terry. It's being used for the Club.

Johnny: You're gonna have to comp these weapons. They're needed.

Johnny: You're not getting cash for these weapons, man. Blame Billy.

(The Lost approach the gate)

Johnny: I'm about to introduce a pipe bomb to that gate. I hope you're all ready.

Johnny: I'm cracking the gate with a grenade, keep back boys.

Johnny: I'm gonna use this rocket launcher to blow the gate. Get ready!

Johnny: You boys ready? I'm about to bust this open with the rocket launcher.

Johnny: Stay away from the gate, brothers. I'm about to blow it open with a grenade launcher.

Johnny: Get in position. I'm cracking the door with the grenade launcher.

(Johnny destroys the gate and The Lost begin fighting the guards)

Johnny: Terry, Clay, come with me. You boys hold the gate.


Johnny: Brothers, don't let anyone in or out. Terry, Clay, we're going in.

Johnny: You brothers hold this position. Me, Terry, and Clay are gonna go get this asshole.

Johnny: Billy Grey, here we come!


Johnny: Let's go get Billy!

Johnny: Let's find our so called leader.

(The Lost move into the first area)

Johnny: We got to clear these screws outta here or they'll take us from behind.


Johnny: Get these guards.

Johnny: Take out these screws.

Johnny: Clear this area. It's the first of many.

(The Lost kill the guards in the first area)

Johnny: Time to move into this place. Come on.


Johnny: Let's get in there, boys. Move. Move.

Johnny: Come on, let's head in.

(The Lost move into the second area)

Johnny: You screws are gonna die in this shithole.


Johnny: How many of you assholes are on the take, huh?

Johnny: Get the fuck out of here, you sadistic pricks.

Johnny: Tell the Warden this prison's gonna burn.

Johnny: This ain't a prison break.

Johnny: Bad luck. You guards are standing between me and a sonofabitch I wanna kill.

(The Lost move through the prison and find a guard positioned on a roof)

Johnny: Heads down! There's a sniper on the roof.


Johnny: We got a sniper up by that water tower. Watch out!

Johnny: Sniper on the roof, boys. Be careful.

(The Lost clear out the second area)

Johnny: Let's move in deeper. Come on.


Johnny: Come on. Time to move.

Johnny: Let's go. We gotta find Billy.

(The three get close to the recreation yard)

Johnny: These screws are in our way.

Johnny: Brothers. Rush these bitches.

Johnny: Clear the fucking area.

Johnny: Sack these fucks. Move in.

Johnny: Take out these asshole guards.

Johnny: We need to get past these fucks.

Johnny: Rush them, you fearless motherfuckers. Come on.

Johnny: Terry, Clay. Push in.

Johnny: Terry, Clay. Go. Go. Go.

Johnny: Brothers. Move in. Come on.

(NOOSE arrive at the prison)

Johnny: If these assholes kill me, promise you'll get Billy, okay?

Johnny: Clay, man. You're a good brother.

Johnny: Terry. Clay. Stay cool.

Johnny: Lost MC, yeah. I'm glad I got you two with me.

Johnny: There's a chance we might make it outta here boys. Let's fuckin' do it.

Johnny: Keep your heads, boys. We might just survive this.

Johnny: Jim would tear through these bitches in a second.

Johnny: Shit, if only Jim was with us now.

Johnny: You're a dead man, Billy Grey.

Johnny: You ain't talking your way outta this, Billy.

Johnny: You gonna roll on your brothers, Billy?

Johnny: Billy Grey sure does have a way of making mayhem.

Johnny: Your brothers are here, William. Come and say 'hi'.

Johnny: Billy! We're coming for you.

Johnny: We're here to stop you talking William.

Johnny: Where the fuck is Billy Grey?

Johnny: I don't care what happens to me as long as we get Billy. Come on.

Johnny: Stay the fuck away. I just wanna kill Billy Grey.

(The three kill the NOOSE)

Johnny: I'm gonna take out Billy. Bring the bikes around so we can get outta here.


Johnny: I'll go find Billy, boys. You get the bikes.

Johnny: Hey, you two get the bikes. I'll finish things with Billy.

(Johnny finds Billy)

Johnny: Well here you are, you fork-tongued bastard. I've been looking for you.


Johnny: There's no sanctuary here William. The rules don't apply to your kind.

Johnny: You won't find salvation here, my friend. It's too late for that.

Billy: Hey Johnny, what are you in for?

Billy: Jonathan Klebitz, my brother.

Billy: I'm not gonna ask how you got in here, brother.

Billy: Johnny the Jew. Come on, man.

Billy: Johnny, man. What the fuck?

Billy: You here to kick a brother while he's down?

(Johnny prepares to kill Billy)

Billy: Check mate, dude. Come on. Get it over with. Do it.

Johnny: I'm doing it.

Billy: What? You waiting for a speech or something? Come on!

(Billy lunges at Johnny with a knife but Johnny shoots him. Johnny then leads The Lost back to the clubhouse)

Johnny: Billy may have helped to build our club, but he sure as shit ripped it apart. I'll forgive him the insults and injuries, but I can't forgive him that. Treacherous fucking bastard. He went insane. Terry, Clay. Thanks for rolling with me. This gang is fucked all to hell right now, but I'll love you brothers until I die. Man, I miss Jim. He was one princely son of a bitch. The best thing this gang ever had. That shit needed to be done. Billy needed to be shut up. Funny thing is, five years ago he woulda lead the charge into Alderney State himself. Drugs sent that fuck insane. What the fuck is left of our chapter, boys? Dead bodies, burnt out brothers, and a clubhouse like a mausoleum. Fuck if I want it standing. It stands for bullshit, nothing more.

(The Lost arrive back at the clubhouse and see it trashed and ransacked)

Terry: Johnny.

Johnny: Hey.

Angus: Hey. We had fun here.

Johnny: Yeah, we did. But it's over.

Terry: Yeah is it. How the fuck did that happen?

Angus: You know how it happens, it's that fucked up part of people which means good is never good enough. I mean it wasn't enough we had to be drug dealers, we also had to be outlaws, to be maniacs, to be psychos and to be greedy. You know...

Terry: That combination of greed and fucked up stupidity that works well in the government, not so good if you're a fucking crook.

Johnny: Ain't that the truth. Go ahead... let's put this place out of it's misery.

Angus: Yeah, do what you gotta do.

Johnny: Come on man let's get outta here.

(Terry pours gasoline all over the clubhouse as the other three leave. Terry also leaves and the four watch the clubhouse burn)

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