Grand Theft Wiki:Abuse Filter

Grand Theft Wiki has adopted an abuse filter that detects certain actions on the site, and automatically reacts to them.


The abuse filters are largely used to detect spam, and will automatically block any user who triggers the filter and prevent the edit from being saved.

We cannot reveal the exact triggers for these spam filters, as that would enable spam bots to easily find a way to bypass them.


Abuse filters are also used to warn members of mistakes, problems or of detected abuse. Most of these warnings still allow you to save the page if you're sure, but will still notify staff to check there is no abuse. These filters include:

  • Adding swear words into a page
  • Removing all content from a page
  • Marking an edit as minor, but making a significant change to a page

What if I am Affected?

If you are unable to perform an edit that you know is correct, constructive, relevant and positive, you should mention it here.

If you are banned by an automatic filter, and unable to edit the wiki, please be patient. A staff member reviews ALL automatic bans, and will un-ban you if it turns out there has been an error. This may take a few days, so please be patient.