Grand Theft Wiki:Enforcement

This policy covers the actions that staff can take in order to protect the interests of the wiki.

Administrators are tasked with the responsibility to keep this wiki running smoothly. This is their primary objective.

In order to achieve this, administrators are entrusted with rights, authority and tools - many of which other users do not have access to. Some of these rights and tools are related to content, some to the operation of the wiki, and others relating to users.

Interpretation of policy

Administrators are trusted to interpret policy, whilst bearing in mind the spirit of the policy, other decisions/guidance, and the best interests of the wiki.

In the event of any problem, question or dispute, administrators can take action based on their interpretation of the policy, bearing in mind the above.

If an Administrator's decision is challenged, a Manager can step in and arbitrate. As per Grand Theft Wiki: Policy and the disputes policy, the Executive Manager (founder) can make a final decision.

Enforcement against users

Where a user causes problems on this wiki - whether they breach policy, cause problems or anything else - the administrators can take action to keep this wiki running smoothly.

This action can include:

  • Speaking to users to advise of problems or offer guidance
  • Issuing instructions to users, such as to improve behaviour, follow a certain policy/guideline, or not to do a certain thing
  • Issue final warnings and ultimatums to demand improvement or compliance
  • Block users from editing the wiki - temporarily or permanently

Administrators are trusted to make a judgement as to what action to take based on the severity of the issue, the user's history and the best interests of the wiki. If a user has a history of rule breaches or ignoring staff, then the administrator can choose to impose a more significant penalty or issue final warnings.

Specific guidance to administrators on what action to take in what situation is a staff issue and does not form part of the publicly-accessible policy of this wiki.

Enforcement on pages

Administrators also have other tools at their disposal to keep the wiki running smoothly. These can be used instead of (or in addition to) action against users.

Administrators can:

  • Edit any page - including other users' pages and system messages
  • Issue advise or instructions on a talk page
  • Protect pages from being edited
  • Move or delete pages

For example, if a very popular page is repeatedly being vandalised or inappropriately edited, a staff member may choose to protect it for a month to prevent further problems. This may be instead of or in addition to any action taken against the users.

Likewise, administrators can delete or edit pages in order to clean up vandalism or correct inappropriate edits.

Staff enforcement

In the situation of any disputes involving or between staff members, a Manager may take any action deemed necessary to resolve the situation in the best interests of the wiki. This action includes all of the above, plus the ability to demote staff (temporarily or permanently) or adjust their role, rights or authority. This is a matter between staff and will not ordinarily be discussed amongst ordinary users. As above, the Executive Manager can make a final decision.