Grand Theft Wiki:Licence Termination

If a person, user, web site, or organisation breach the CC-BY-SA licence, such as by copying content without attribution, then the CC-BY-SA licence is automatically terminated. Full copyright law and restrictions automatically apply, with all rights reserved. This applies to all of Grand Theft Wiki's content.

This is clear in the full text of the licence:

7. Termination

This License and the rights granted hereunder will terminate automatically upon any breach by You of the terms of this License

If you breach the licence, or are made aware of a breach or other licence termination, you must immediately cease from copying any content from Grand Theft Wiki, and cease to publish any previously-copied materials. The only exception is if you have permission from the licensor above, as per normal full copyright rules. This applies to ALL content copied from Grand Theft Wiki onto the site, domain, subdomains or other publications from the same person or organisation.

Please remember, it is a privilege that our users allow others to reuse the content they write, research, collate or edit. If you abuse this privilege, it will be withdrawn. Repeated or severe breaches will be followed up with legal action.

Terminated licences

The following people, users, sites or organisations have breached the CC-BY-SA licence, which has thusly been terminated. They have been notified of the breach, and that full copyright rules apply with all rights reserved.

  • Wikia Inc,, subdomains and Wikia-owned sites
  • User:WikisEditor (from Wikia)

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