Grand Theft Wiki:Staff/Roles

This page is for staff to pick their own roles and areas of responsibility for this wiki.

Please can all staff fill in their relevant boxes with what they would like, and we'll sort out the overlaps afterwards.


  • Article types - which areas of the wiki are you most interested in, eg vehicles, characters, old GTA games, modding etc
  • Content activities - which article cleanup activities do you like to participate in, eg rewriting text, article structure, categories, spelling/grammar, broken redirects, image licences, adding galleries, making templates/infoboxes etc
  • Management & community activities - are there any management-style tasks you like doing (or would like to do), such as greeting new users, dealing with problem reports, patrolling, writing policy, answering questions
  • Availability - please specify whether you'll be here every day, a couple of times a week, or less often. Also point out if you're likely to be more or less active over the holiday period.

Please be honest, this isn't about showing off who does the most! At the end of this process, we'll assign out some of these to each staff member as an area of personal responsibility, so if there's something you don't want to do, don't list it. Likewise if there's something you would like to have more input in, or be in charge of, list it.

Username Rank Article types Content activities Management & community activities Availability
Gboyers Executive Manager
  • Wiki-related pages
  • Games, vehicles, locations
  • Rewriting crappy articles
  • Rethinking category structures
  • Making templates
  • Technical site admin
  • Policy writing
  • Staff team leadership
On daily, but not always available for lots of edits. Availability will be fairly consistent over Winter.
JFletcher Manager

Often focused on GTA IV

  • Missions
  • Articles about relatively minor in-game details
  • GTW/Community/MW namespaces
  • Rewriting articles, often to change perspective and/or to fix spelling/grammar or simply improve readability
  • Broken/Double Redirects
  • Renaming categories
  • I usually do some patrolling a couple of times a day
  • Helping users (answering questions/contributing to discussions/etc.)
  • Would like to become more involved in creating/maintaining policy
  • On the wiki and available for discussion every day, edit most days
  • For approximately the next three months, I will be available more often than usual
A-Dust Administrator
  • Characters, gangs and missions
  • Create templates
  • Improve articles
  • Implement layout structure
  • Create article layout structure
  • Improve category structure
  • Create additional categories
On daily throughout the year, particularly evenings (British time).
Spaceeinstein Administrator General articles related to games I have access to
  • Maintain technical accuracy
  • Improve confusing articles
General management activities Unpredictably random
ZS Administrator
  • Predominantly vehicles and settings.
  • May extend to any aspect of the GTA series that is poorly covered, like gameplay and top-down games.
  • Predominantly involved in image management (uploading, renaming, and thumbnail and gallery arrangements).
  • Selective article creation and improvement.
  • Categorization, page redirects and template tweaks.
Concentrated on article patrols. Usually available once or more a week these days.
Paperworktemple Administrator
  • Mission pages (mainly GTA III Era, though I can venture out to others)
  • Districts/areas
  • Fixing links to disambig pages
  • Alphabetizing to categories when needed
  • Other random article improvements
  • Concentrate on mission pages and pages on watchlist
  • Occasional (probably once - thrice a week, considering horrible and hectic schedule).
Gta-mysteries Administrator
  • Secrets/glitches
  • Anything I see in the recent changes
  • Removing irrelevant additions/adding pictures wherever needed.
  • Categorization
Management activities Monday-Thursday, Sunday available from 2:00 p.m.
Chimpso Administrator
  • Speculation and Unreleased Information
  • Making sure speculation is not totally opininated.
  • Re-writing many trouble articles and making sure the GTA 5 Wishlist is kept tidy.
  • User Managment (eg. resolving edit wars, keeping an eye on arguments/troublesome users, page protection)
  • Cleaning up Spam and Vandalism
  • Writing Improved policy for speculation.
  • Well, I do go to school. So this means that most days it's an early start and an early finish. Weekends and holidays are an exeption however. My intrests may constantly wane however and my work on this wiki may suffer as a result. I always check if I have messages though.
GuildKnight Administrator
  • Content articles
    (GTA III and later)
  • Occasionally images
  • Large-scale rewrites/rewording
  • Merging
  • Splitting
  • Organizing untidy articles
  • Occasional deletions
  • Occasional moves
  • Sporadically