Grass Roots - The drag/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Grass Roots - The drag", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Franklin arrives at a car full of marijuana located at Roger's Salvage & Scrap in La Puerta and gets inside but the car will not start)

Franklin Clinton: Fucking stoner.

(Franklin tries to start the car two more times but, when unsuccessful, phones Barry)

Barry: Whoa, who changed my ringtone?

Franklin Clinton: Hey, look man, that car in La Puerta is a fuckin' hooptie. The engine's fucking shot, man. I'm gonna grab the stash and get the fuck outta here.

Barry: No, no! It could be a trap and I need that car! The movement depends on it! You'll have to push it or something.

Franklin Clinton: Are you out of your damn mind?

Barry: (Hey) Do it for your state! Do it for freedom! Do it for nature! Ignite the fight!

Franklin Clinton: You been igniting the fight too motherfucking much, dog.

(Franklin, using a Towtruck, delivers the car to Barry's apartment on Bay City Ave and calls Barry)

Barry: Mom, I've said all there is to say.

Franklin Clinton: What? Man, get your ass down here. I'm outside with this junker you made me drag across town.

Barry: Look, just leave it there. I can't come out now... the satellites. They're scanning our brains and tracking our heartbeats through the internet. Go now, while you still can.

Franklin Clinton: Man, I'm wastin' my fucking time.

Barry: No! You're a hero, a green warrior! We're changing lives!