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Perseus logo in GTA IV.
Appearances: Grand Theft Auto IV
The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Name: Perseus
Owner: Marcus
Type of Business: Clothing shop
Location: Middle Park East and The Exchange, Algonquin, Liberty City

Perseus is a clothing store in Grand Theft Auto IV that sells expensive suits and flashy clothes. It is one of only three clothing chains where the player can purchase clothes in GTA IV, the other two being the Russian Shop and Modo, but is the most upscale clothing store available to the player in the game.

The stores are not normally accessible in The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, or Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


There are two Perseus shops in Liberty City, both in Algonquin; one is in Middle Park East and the other is in The Exchange. Regardless of location, the clothes remain the same. There is no cash register and there is a guard who, if Niko is holding a weapon, says to "use it or put it away". Certain missions, such as Final Interview, Three Leaf Clover, Undertaker, and Mr and Mrs Bellic require the player to be wearing clothing from Perseus. Marcus (the store attendant and customer assistant of Perseus, whose name is only known in The Ballad of Gay Tony) often compliments Niko if he is wearing clothes from Perseus.

The player can download a Perseus theme for Niko's phone via The player also gets a text message from Brucie Kibbutz soon after unlocking Algonquin, telling him to "look VIP" and buy some clothes from Perseus.


The interior of the Exchange's Perseus outlet in GTA IV, with Marcus in view.

Being a top-of-the-line business, Perseus has an elegant appearance inside and out. Inside is Marcus, who serves as the attendant cashier, and one security guard. The guard will yell at Niko should he be holding a weapon. There are two rows of clothing and some additional clothing hanging on the wall.

Marcus' attitude towards the player depends on how the player is dressed. He remarks favorably towards any article of clothing that the player wears that has been purchased from Perseus, while generally commenting negatively towards other forms of clothing. For example, should the player wear a Perseus suit with boots from the Russian Shop, Marcus may praise the suit, but recommends changing the footwear to one from Perseus.

In relation to his seemingly effeminate behavior, Marcus can be scared off easily and has a high-pitched voice. If Niko harms him, he runs off and the security guard pounces onto Niko, starting a fight.


Unlike those from the Russian Shop and Modo, available suits are sold with both a pants and a top (jacket and shirt/turtleneck, with an occasional tie). However, certain slacks and footwear are still sold separately.

Note that certain articles of Perseus clothing differ between the console and PC versions. These include the "turtleneck" suits, which are replaced in the PC version by three-button jacket and vest suits; the generic three-piece suit, the jacket of which is unbuttoned in the console versions, but buttoned up in the PC version; and the loafers and suede bucks, which are replaced in the PC version by oxfords and suede wingtips, respectively. Their colors remain generally consistent.

For a comprehensive list of clothing available from the Perseus in GTA IV, see /Clothing in GTA IV.


  • The name "Perseus" refers to either the mythological character Perseus, or the Estonian "Perse uss", which means "assworm". It can also be suggested that the word "Perseus" sounds very upper-class.
  • Strangely, if the player in GTA IV is involved in a fight with the guard at Perseus and the police see him attacking the player, they will fire at the bodyguard, not even attempting to arrest the player.
  • The model for the guard in Perseus is reused as the man outside the LC Fight Club, and Abdul Amir's personal bodyguard during "Caught with your Pants Down".
  • When the player purchases a full suit at Perseus in GTA IV (a suit that includes both a jacket and trousers) the game automatically changes his previous separate clothing items (both tops and bottoms) to those of the full suit. However, parts of the full suits can still be combined with clothes from Modo or the Russian Shop. This can be done by purchasing clothes from either shop while wearing the Perseus suit, which replaces part of the suit with the purchased clothing, but leaves the other part behind. This can be also accomplished in the wardrobe, by selecting a full suit and accepting to wear it, then re-entering the wardrobe and navigating through other purchased clothing (when navigating through the Wardrobe, search through the clothing to the right, this will avoid re-selecting a full suit. If you do select another full suit by accident, leave the Wardrobe and re-enter it again).
  • A Perseus store is a very good place to start a massacre and achieve the "One Man Army" achievement. To do this, the player has to kill lots of people (outside and inside the Perseus store) and once you've reached 6 stars, hide inside the store. If cops come inside, just kill them. You should have a new achievement. Also, once the achievement has been obtained, the player can simply flee to the Middle Park East Safehouse or Playboy X's Penthouse (provided the player spares Dwayne Forge in the mission The Holland Play) and save the game, restoring the player's health and eliminating the wanted level.
    • The same method above can be used to earn lots of money, weapons and ammunition if the player wishes or needs to, except that once the player runs out of people to murder, or their health runs low, they must immediately flee and lose the wanted level or they risk getting Wasted or Busted (and lose the money that they worked hard to earn, and, in the case of being busted, weapons, armour and ammunition).