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Elizabeta: Hey. Man, this is getting out of control. The police are all over me. I can feel them.

Niko: So?

Elizabeta: So? So? So... so I'm going to go to prison, for a long time! So, my life is over! All this work... for nothing, man. Being touch in a man's world... I guess I wasn't so tough, huh? Jorge turned state's... everyone's a rat!

Niko: Not me.

Elizabeta: Whatever.

(Manny knocks on the door)

Manny: Open up, man.

Elizabeta: Who is it?

Manny: It's the streets, man.

Elizabeta: Okay. Hold on.

(Niko opens the door and lets Manny and Jay in)

Manny: Alright, man. This is what Manny's all about, man.

Jay: Manny... Manny, Manny, Manny.

Manny: Now, word up, bitch, you betta stop slinging that shit on my streets, yo. We don't want it anymore.

Jay: Rolling, rolling.

Elizabeta: What is this Manny? For fuck's sake.

Manny: The streets have spoken. Now leave my people alone! Yo, Niko, what are you doing here?

(Manny turns to Niko, then Elizabeta takes a pistol and shoots Manny and Jay)

Elizabeta: I am not in the mood for this right now.

Niko: Well he said he was going to bust a dealer...

Elizabeta: Can you help me clean this mess up? There's a doctor in Broker who can help. Come on, let's put 'em in my car.


(If Niko closes the trunk after it opens)

Niko: Oops, we nearly lost you two.

Niko: I wouldn't want the cops seeing you guys.

Niko: Shit, were you guys trying to make a break for it?

Niko: Well, at least you'll live on through your documentary.

Niko: Hey, aren't you that guy from the TV?

Niko: I can't believe I've got a genuine celebrity in the back of my car.

(As Niko drives to the doctor, Jacob will call him)

Little Jacob: Wha'gwan me brother, it's me, Jacob. Wanna get some food?

Niko: Shit, Jacob, I'm sorry. I'm already hanging out with two friends. Ive kind of got my hands full looking after them. We should do something soon though.

(Niko delivers the bodies to the Doctor)

Niko: I've got some bodies in here. I've heard you'll take care of them?

Doctor: Natural causes?

Niko: Of course, seems like a bullet in the head is as natural as it gets in this town.

Doctor: They weren't sick, were they?

Niko: No.

Doctor: Had a few problems with sick bodies. No one wants a liver if it's riddled with tumors, huh? Know what I mean?

Niko: No.

Doctor: Shit... looks like the bullet went right through this one's eye. And the price of eyes is through the roof at the moment.

Niko: Fine. Can I leave you with these or what?

Doctor: Sure. I'll have these organs out on the street in no time. They're gonna help a lot of folks.

Niko: He'd been trying to help the streets his whole life... maybe he'll actually be doing it now.

Post mission phone calls

Car delivered to the Doctor

Niko: The doctor has that stuff.

Elizabeta: Good, one less thing to bother me. The heat is closing in, Niko. This particular party is ending.

Dumping/destroying the car

Niko: I couldn't get those things to the doctor.

Elizabeta: I got enough on my plate to be worrying about this as well. You just missed out on a payday.

Failing the mission

Car is destroyed near Elizabeta's apartment

Niko: Elizabeta, something happened. The mess didn't get cleaned up. I have had to leave it pretty close to your apartment.

Elizabeta: Shit, what are you doing? This ain't good. Come back to see me, yah?

Post mission phone call (if Call and Collect is complete)

Patrick: Niko, it's Patrick McReary. You and me did some work for Elizabeta Torres together.

Niko: You mean I saved your ass?

Patrick: Well, if I'd a known it was such a big deal to you, I would asked you to let them kill me. Anyway, if you're in need of extra funds I'm in need of a good man. Come over to me Ma's on Savannah Avenue in Meadows Park.

Niko: I'm always in need of money. See you there.